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And so                                    Linda Ellerbee
                                          to serve as
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                                          Annual Awards
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                                               And so it goes

                                              Annual Awards Luncheon
                                              Arlington - 2008

              Summer 2008     A DFWHC publication
THE prESIDEnT'S COLumn                                                                            This Issue
                                                                                                  president's Column
                                                                                                  Lessons Learned on rACs

 Summer activities                                                                                Linda Ellerbee
                                                                                                  Form 990
                                                                                                  GroupOne Best practice Tips

 continue to increase
                                                                                                  Employee of the Year Luncheon
                                                                                                  Customer Satisfaction Survey
                                                                                                  DFWHC map

                                                                                                  DFWHC member Directory

                 any of you are working diligently on 2009 business plans and budgets in
                 addition to your normal healthcare job duties. The summer activities continue    Advertising
                 to increase as we begin work on Medicare Wage Index analysis, prepare            The Interlocutor reaches
                 for Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), review changes in the reporting            more than 1,000 healthcare
 requirements for Form 990 and anticipate the federal and state regulatory changes impacting      professionals in north Texas.
                                                                                                  It is published four times a year.
 clinical processes and governmental reimbursement.
                                              The Recovery Audit Contractors (permanent           Full Page Four Issues:
                                      RAC’s) will be named on July 31, 2008. Even though          Color Inside Cover   $2,500
                                      Texas is scheduled for recovery audits beginning October    Color Inside pages   $2,000
                                      1, 2008; that time frame will probably be delayed until     B&W Inside pages     $1,500

                                      2009. They will also most likely need some lead time        Full Page One Issue:
                                      for audit planning before they can begin actual hospital    Color Inside Cover   $950
                                      audits. We have planned a working session for August        Color Inside pages   $850
                                      26, 2008 where we will have the opportunity to hear         B&W Inside pages     $750
                                      from a Florida Hospital Association representative
                                                                                                  Contact: Chris Wilson @
                                      regarding “lessons learned” from recent RAC audits
                                      at Florida hospitals. Additionally, we will focus on
                                      suggested internal committees, hospital procedures and
                                      expectations regarding the upcoming recovery audits.        Published
                                                                                                  Interlocutor is published by
                                      On July 11, 2008 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
                                                                                                  the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital
                                      Services (CMS) released a revised report on the three
                                                                                                  Council as a membership
                                      (3) year recovery audit demonstration project indicating    benefit providing information
        Steve Love                    significant overpayments to hospitals. Thirty-two (32)      on healthcare issues and
            president/CEO             South Carolina hospitals and health systems have filed      Council activities. material may
           Dallas-Fort Worth
                                      suit against the Department of Health and Human             be reprinted without permission,
            Hospital Council
                                      Services and CMS for illegal recoupment during the          provided acknowledgement is
                                      demonstration project.                                      given. Articles, news items and
      On September 11, 2008 we will discuss accounting and legal implications from the            opinions are appreciated.
 Form 990 changes for 2008 and 2009. We will focus on interpretation of the new tax               Send to: Chris Wilson,
 regulations and potential narrative discussion points related to the Schedule H worksheet.
 We will have tax experts and attorneys involved in this very important discussion.
      Please mark your calendars for October 30, 2008, the date of our Annual Awards              Interlocutor:
 Luncheon. This year our keynote speaker will be Linda Ellerbee, a journalist, award-             1: one who takes part in
 winning television producer and best-selling author who has worked at CBS, NBC, ABC,             dialogue or conversation
 PBS and produced primetime specials. She is a breast cancer survivor, a mom, grandmother
                                                                                                  2: a man in the middle of
 and a most sought-after speaker. October is breast cancer awareness month and this event
                                                                                                  the line who questions
 should provide an environment for promoting that important theme.                                the end men and acts as
      Fall will be here soon and we continue our efforts related to data initiatives, workforce   a leader
 strategies and plans for the upcoming legislative session. This year we will work closely
 with the Texas Hospital Association to ensure a very collaborative effort regarding
 advocacy. Finally in early fall, the member hospitals will vote on newly nominated Board         Cover
                                                                                                  Journalist and best-selling
 of Trustee candidates as our trustee members serve staggered terms.
                                                                                                  author Linda Ellerbee.
      Thank you for your continued support and please let us know of any additional items
                                                                                                  photograph by Gordon munro.
 you deem an important focus for the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council.
The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council presents


Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors

 August 26, 2008
 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
 Las Colinas Country Club
 W. Stephen Love of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
 with special guests
 Kathy Reep of the Florida Hospital Association
 Manie Campbell of CampbellWilson, LLp
 please join us for this informative opportunity to learn about rACs.
 Authorized by Congress in 2003, the rAC program was created as a way to
                                                                               Sponsored by
 identify improper medicare payments. The initial programs began in Florida,
 California and new York. The Center for medicare and medicaid Services
 plans to roll out a permanent, nationwide rAC program by 2010.

 This event is free to attendees and snacks will be provided.

 To register, contact michelle raczynski at
 You must pre-register to attend.

                                                                               “Excellence Through Collaboration” 3
And so it goes
                               October 30, 2008 at the Arlington Convention Center
Annual Awards Luncheon
Arlington - 2008

      a survivor
    Linda Ellerbee to discuss her
    battle with breast cancer at the
    2008 Annual Awards Luncheon
    L          inda Ellerbee, an outspoken
               journalist, award-winning
               television producer, best-
               selling author and breast
    cancer survivor, will serve as the
                                             her career at CBS, and then moved to
                                             NBC News where, after years covering
                                             national politics, she pioneered the
                                             late-night news program NBC News
                                             Overnight. Overnight was cited by
                                                                                        year giving inspirational speeches.
                                                                                            “We were interested in her
                                                                                        observations in not only her survival
                                                                                        of breast cancer, but her experiences
                                                                                        with the healthcare profession,” said
    keynote speaker at the Dallas-Fort       the duPont Columbia Awards as "the         W. Stephen Love, president/CEO of
    Worth Hospital Council’s (DFWHC)         best written and most intelligent news     DFWHC. “We hope her comments
    2008 Annual Awards Luncheon.             program ever." In 1986, Ellerbee moved     will inspire our membership and
    The event will take place Oct. 30 at     to ABC News to anchor and write Our        meeting attendees. I have respected her
    the Arlington Convention Center,         World, a weekly primetime historical       television work for years and we are
    with a reception beginning at 11:00      series. Her work on Our World won an       honored to have her participate in this
    a.m. followed by the luncheon and        Emmy.                                      year’s luncheon.”
    presentation from 12:00-2:00 p.m.             As a breast cancer survivor,              Ellerbee continues a storied
        A Texas native, Ellerbee began       Ellerbee travels thousands of miles each   Annual Awards Luncheon tradition

   4 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
                                           TV Land, among others. Ellerbee was
of prominent journalists serving as
speakers at the event. Past keynotes       honored with an Emmy for her series,
                                                                                       An outspoken
have included David Brinkley, George       When I Was a Girl, which aired on WE:
Will, Jack Anderson, Hugh Downs and        Women’s Entertainment network.              journalist,
John Stossel.                                  Both of Ellerbee’s previous
     In 1987, Ellerbee and Rolfe
Tessem, her partner, quit network news
                                           books—And So It Goes, a humorous
                                           look at television news, and Move On,
to start Lucky Duck Productions, first     stories about being a working single
producing documentaries for PBS. In        mother, a child of the ‘60s and a woman     producer
1991, Lucky Duck began producing           trying to find balance in her life—have
Nick News for Nickelodeon with             been national best sellers. Ellerbee’s      and best-selling
Ellerbee writing and hosting. Seventeen    newest book, also a best seller, Take
years later, Nick News is watched by
more children than all other television
                                           Big Bites, is a humorous account of her
                                           love of travel, talking to strangers and,
news shows put together. Known for         according to Ellerbee, “just making
the respectful way it speaks to children   trouble in general.”
about important issues of our time,            Tickets and sponsorships to the
Nick News has collected three Peabody      Luncheon will go on sale in July.
Awards, a duPont Columbia Award and        Award recipients will be announced in
five Emmys.                                September. Stewart Stimmel, LLP will
     These days, Ellerbee and her work     serve as this year's Presenting Sponsor
can be seen all over the television        while GroupOne Services, Inc. will
universe. Lucky Duck continues to          be a Platinum Sponsor. For ticket
produce primetime specials for ABC,        and sponsorship information, please
CBS, HBO, PBS, Lifetime, MTV and           contact DFWHC at 972-719-4900.

Thank you to this year's sponsors:

DFWHC does not endorse any entity.

                                                                                        “Excellence Through Collaboration” 5
   The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
                    and Stewart Stimmel LLP present

         and other
       September 11, 2008
       1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
       Las Colinas Country Club
       W. Stephen Love of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
       with special guests
       Deloitte Tax, LLP
       Stewart Stimmel, LLP
       please join us for this educational opportunity to learn about changes
       in the Form 990. Additional topics include recommended internal
       hospital procedures and a check list of other current hot legal

       This event is free to attendees and snacks will be provided.

       To register, contact michelle raczynski at
       You must pre-register to attend.

6 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
       Best Practice tips from
      GroupOne Services

                         Eric Scott
                         Vice president
                         GroupOne Services

          everal hospital groups have urged GroupOne         •   Application forms should clarify that "criminal
          Services, Inc. to assist them in refining              convictions are not automatic grounds for rejection."
          their Human Resource Department’s “best                Automatic disqualification is a violation of state and
          practices.” Items being incorporated include:          federal laws. Employers may deny employment if they
                                                                 establish business-related reasons for the refusal to hire
•   Require all applicants to list their full legal name
    (including middle name and suffix). Verify spelling      •   Require the applicant or contractor to attest that they
    with HR staff. Confirm via their Social Security             do not have federal or state government bans, sanctions,
    card. Question discrepancies and note them                   exclusions (OIG/HHS/Medicare, GSA, or Texas
                                                                 Medicaid), nor are they on any federal watch lists
•   Require applicants to list former names used in the          (Terror, OFAC or Nuclear Regulatory)
    past under which they worked, earned a college
    degree or may have been arrested                         •   If they have a license and/or degree, verify what
                                                                 name they used when those items were earned or
•   List all counties of residence for the last 7-10 years       issued (it often differs from their present name)

•   The consent portion on a release form for                •   Note that all criminal charges are filed by defendant’s
    background checks should indicate the release is             name and date of birth (DOB), not by their Social
    "valid for future screening for retention, promotion         Security Number. Some states redact DOB
    or reassignment"
                                                             •   Provide accurate names of colleges and employers with
•   Zip codes are far more valuable than county names.           as much information as possible
    If an applicant has zip codes for prior addresses,
    that is all you need. Use of zip codes will reduce       •   While the FCRA provides a solid umbrella of
    unnecessary charges for county criminal research             liability protection, it can be negated by something
                                                                 as basic as sharing your user name and password with
•   There should be the broadest possible language               another employee. It takes little effort and far less than
    when asking about convictions and criminal cases.            one day to get a properly obtained user name and
    Avoid forcing applicants to reveal information               password. If key staffers are available, it can be as
    about themselves they are not legally entitled               little as 5-10 minutes in emergencies
    to disclose (i.e. expunged records). Employers
    can be sued for "defamation by compelled self-           •   Remove outdated access rights through the facilities’
    publication" in some states                                  certification audit link.

                                                                                           “Excellence Through Collaboration” 7

                 Sharon Cox (center), of Parkland Health & Hospital System, stands with co-workers and
                 Parkland COO John Haupert (right) after receiving the Employee of the Year Luncheon Award
                 for Hospitals with more than 500 beds.

Exceptional hospital workers
  honored at annual gala
           nd the winner is" were familiar words at the                coordinator at Texas Health Harris Methodist Azle.
           Employee of the Year Luncheon, held May 22 at                   The Community Service Award recipient was Paula
           the Marriott Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. Presented        McMahan, a registered nurse at Methodist Mansfield Medical
by the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and                Center. Receiving the Rex McRae Student Scholarship
Research Foundation (DFWHC ERF) Workforce Center, the                  was Tiffany Brown of Brookhaven College, while Texas
12th annual event marked the beginning of a new tradition              Christian University student Christie Buesking accepted the
where recipients were announced at the luncheon for the                Ardis Martin Scholarship.
first time. The new format was created in order to salute all              “The Employee of the Year Luncheon has become
nominees and give them their moment in the spotlight.                  a unique opportunity to honor the North Texas hospital
     Employee of the Year recipients were Terry Pothier,               workforce,” said Sally Williams, the Workforce Center
a registered nurse at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake              director at DFWHC ERF. “This event offers employees a
(hospital with under 250 beds), Sue Adams, human resources             chance to be recognized for their dedicated work, celebrating
representative at Texas Health Arlington Memorial (hospital            their positive spirit and their efforts to make a difference in
with between 250-500 beds) and Sharon Cox, registered                  our hospitals.”
dietician at Parkland Health & Hospital System (hospital                   Serving as the Keynote Speaker was Jim Champy,
with more than 500 beds).                                              Chairman of Perot System’s consulting practice.
     Receiving the Special Recognition honor were Mavis                    In addition to the award recipients, nominees were Janine
Little, health information management tech at Medical Center           Rooney of Baylor All Saints Medical Center Fort Worth, Paz
of Plano; Sonya Thompson, admissions specialist at Texas               McDonald of Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, Madonna
Health Presbyterian Dallas; Sharon Overath, oncology nurse             Sisson of Baylor Medical Center of Waxahachie, Albert Snell
at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless-Bedford;                 of Baylor Specialty Hospital, Keely Helton of Centennial
Hermelinda Diaz, housekeeper at Plaza Medical Center of                Medical Center, Vincent Laison of Children’s Medical
Fort Worth; and Carole Dufresne, electronic health record              Center of Dallas, Dana Harrison of Cook Children’s Medical
8 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
                                                                                         Stewart Stimmel LLP


                                                                                         GroupOne Services, Inc.
                                                       Terry Pothier (left) of Doctors
                                                       Hospital at White Rock Lake,
                                                  receives her Employee of the Year      media
                                                 Award for hospitals with under 250
                                                 beds. Standing with her is Doctors
                                                                                         Nurses' Lounge
                                                   Hospital's CEO Mitch Edgeworth.
                                                                                         Balfour Beatty Construction

                                                                                         Concorde Career Institute
                                                                                         El Centro College
                                                                                         Joe Denton - HR Benefits

                                                                                         Hospital platinum
                                                                                         Plaza Medical Center of
                                                                                          Fort Worth
                                                                                         Texas Health Resources
                                                                                         Children's Medical Center
 Sue Adams (right), of Texas
                                                                                         Cook Children's Medical
 Health Arlington Memorial,                                                               Center
 receives the Employee of the
 Year Award for hospitals with
                                                                                         JPS Health Network
 between 250-500 beds. With
 her is Arlington Memorial                                                               Hospital Gold
 President Kirk King.
                                                                                         Medical City Dallas
                                                                                         Presbyterian Hospital of
Center, Angela Jones of Ennis Regional Medical Center, Albert McKinnon of JPS             Denton
Health Network, Fay Stout of Lake Pointe Medical Center, Patricia Campbell               Methodist Health System
of Medical Center of Lewisville, Rob Tarver of Medical City Dallas Hospital,             North Hills Hospital
Delfina McLemore of Methodist Charlton Medical Center, Christina Zevallos of             UT Southwestern Medical
Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Michelle Braden of North Hills Hospital, Saeed           Center
Malik of Presbyterian Hospital of Denton, Debbie Otwell of Presbyterian Hospital
of Greenville, Grace Harrison of Texas Health Harris Methodist Continued Care,           Hospital Silver
Cynthia Hartt of Texas Health Harris Methodist Cleburne, Paulette Golden of              Tenet Healthcare
Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Sheila Campbell of Texas Health Harris
                                                               Continued on next page

                                                                                         “Excellence Through Collaboration” 9
Methodist Southwest Fort Worth, Joell
Kohr of Texas Health Harris Methodist
Stephenville, Felita Parks of Texas
Health Presbyterian Allen, Patricia
Jackson of Texas Health Presbyterian
Kaufman, Jackie McCourt of Texas
Health Presbyterian Plano, Juanita
Greer of Texas Health Presbyterian
Winnsboro, Casmir Masega of
Trinity Medical Center and Catherine
Fitzsimmons of UT Southwestern
Medical Center.
      DFWHC ERF's Employee of the
Year Luncheon pays tribute to non-
management       employees,      nurses,
technicians, educators and numerous
professionals working “in the trenches”
of hospitals across North Texas. The
luncheon was created as an opportunity
to highlight the vital role dedicated
workers play in the success of hospitals.
It is an occasion where hard work and
community spirit are acknowledged and
     Recipients were selected behind
closed doors in April when Board
Members of the Dallas-Fort Worth
Healthcare       Human        Resources
Association judged the nominations.
Individual names and hospitals were
removed in advance and their selection
was based on the facts presented.
     Stewart Stimmel LLP served as the
Presenting Sponsor, while GroupOne
Services, Inc. was a Non-Hospital
Platinum Sponsor and PerotSystems
was the Speaker Sponsor.

      If you could not attend the

  Employee of the Year Luncheon,

   but would like to hear Keynote

   Speaker Jim Champy discuss
                                            Employee of the Year Special Recognition recipients and their executives included Carole
        "How to Do What Your                Dufresne (top row left, standing right) of Texas Health Harris Methodist Azle, pictured with
                                            President Winjie Tang Miao; Sonya Thompson (top row right, standing right) of Texas Health
   Competitors Can't," visit www.           Presbyterian Dallas, shown with Vice President Matt Troup; Sharon Overath (middle row left,
                                            standing right) of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless-Bedford, pictured with Nursing                Manager Lori Krogman; Mavis Little (middle row right, standing left) of Medical Center of Plano,
                                            shown with Chief Operating Officer Winston Borland; and Hermelinda Diaz (bottom row left,
      to listen to his comments.            standing right) of Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth, pictured with President/CEO Troy Villarreal.
                                            Receiving the Community Service Award was Paula McMahan (bottom row right, standing left) of
                                            Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, shown with President Laura Irvine.

10 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
                                                           Partnering with
                                                           Market Research

           he Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital
           Council (DFWHC) is excited
           to announce a partnership with
           Metromark Market Research.
Metromark and Dr. Emerson Smith,
Medical Sociologist for Metromark,
will be working together with DFWHC,
the Education and Research Foundation
and GroupOne Services, Inc. on its next
Customer Satisfaction Survey.                 in Spring of 2009. By partnering with    environment of the medical/healthcare
    Each year, DFWHC asks its members         Metromark, DFWHC hopes to continue       community and is a national speaker for
for assistance in better serving them         to build on the success of its current   the American Hospital Association.
through the survey process. The survey        survey while providing outside, third-       “Metromark works on issues such as
includes customer satisfaction questions      party objectivity.                       hospital marketing and public relations,"
to help identify issues. Questions are also       Metromark is an Associate Member     said Dr. Emerson. "We're also involved
asked about DFWHC's service products          of DFWHC and has worked with             in improving patient safety, product
and how they can be improved.                 more than 30 hospitals in North Texas.   development, feasibility studies and
    The survey will move to an                Most recently, Metromark's work          medical staff development."
every-other-year time frame in order          has involved unassigned calls in the         DFWHC        looks    forward      to
to better gauge changes and product           Emergency Department and medical         working with Metromark and asks for
impact throughout DFWHC. The next             error reduction.                         membership's continued support of the
Customer Satisfaction Survey will be              Dr. Emerson understands the          survey.

                                                                                              “Excellence Through Collaboration” 11
                                             coming soon
                                                   n 2006, for the first time in more than a decade, the Dallas-
                                                   Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) produced a regional
                                                   map detailing all of its member hospitals and their locations
                                                   in North Texas. This summer, DFWHC is updating the map
                                        and will release it to hospitals by the end of the year.
                                             The map pinpoints each hospital’s location and includes a graph
                                        listing hospital services, addresses and phone numbers. An informational
                                        tool, the map is utilized extensively by hospital staffs, paramedics,
                                        chambers of commerce, healthcare businesses, colleges, realtors and
                                        area residents.
                                             All DFWHC members will receive complimentary copies by mail.
                                             "We've had so many requests for this map that we decided it was a
                                        good idea to update this document as soon as possible," said W. Stephen
                                        Love, President/CEO of DFWHC. "We understand this is an important
                                        service for not only our members, but the community."
                                             The map will be updated every two years. Several versions of the
                                        map were produced prior to 2006, but the new version is expected to be
                                        one of the most detailed in history.
                                             "This is something we're going to do on a regular basis," Love
                                        said. "The map becomes dated after a certain amount of time and the
                                        community and our membership needs this brochure to have accurate
                                             After complimentary maps are distributed, additional copies will
                                        be available to members for $2 each and non-members for $5 each.
                                        Discounts are available when purchasing the maps in bulk.
                                             Advertising space on the map is available. For information, contact
                                        Michelle Raczynski at or Chris Wilson at
                               You can also call DFWHC at 972-719-4900.

12 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
   Like a

due in August
           handy guide for hospital              The directory will be available in    phone numbers.
           employees across the North       both a hard copy book format and an            Pages of this year’s directory will
           Texas region, the Dallas-Fort    electronic .pdf document which can be      also give a brief overview of contributing
           Worth Hospital Council's         e-mailed to members instantly.             DFWHC sponsors. In addition, the
(DFWHC) Membership Directory has                 The popular reference guide serves    directory includes helpful statewide
been a popular tool for more than 26        as an informational rolodex for members    telephone numbers and DFWHC staff
years. The 2008 version will be available   interested in communicating with area      members.
in August.                                  healthcare employees. The DFWHC                Complimentary copies will be sent
    DFWHC's staff will be contacting        Membership Directory is a 120-page         to members in August. For information
membership over the next several weeks      resource guide listing member hospitals,   on how to obtain a copy, please contact
to obtain updated information.              staffs, business addresses, websites and   DFWHC at 972-719-4900.

                                                                                             “Excellence Through Collaboration” 13
                                        the cure for your
     reaching more than 75 hospitals
     located throughout north Texas                       972-719-4900

14 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
             DFWHC’s 2008 Board of Trustees

          Chris Durovich            John Haupert        Kirk King              Phil Wentworth         Steven Newton
          Chairman                  Past Chairman       Chairman-Elect         Trustee                Trustee
          Children's Medical        Parkland Health &   Arlington Memorial     Presbyterian           Baylor All Saints
          Center Dallas             Hospital System     Hospital               Hospital of Plano      Medical Center of FW

                     Sharon Riley             Stan Morton          Ronald Boring           Troy Villarreal
                     Trustee                  Trustee              Trustee                 Trustee
                     UT Southwestern          Presbyterian         Richardson Regional     Medical Center
                     University Hospital      Hospital of Denton   Medical Center          of Plano

                                    Ernest Lynch, III    Laura Irvine            Patrick L. Wallace
                                    Trustee              Trustee                 Ex-Officio
                                    Medical Center       Methodist Mansfield     East Texas Medical
                                    of McKinney          Medical Center          Center - Athens

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
250 Decker Drive                                                                                                 prsrt Std
Irving, TX 75062                                                                                               u S postage

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