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									                                Minutes of the Student Health Advisory Committee
                                                 January 19, 2012

Present: Michele Volz, Buchi Akpeh, Aaron Elias, Rachel Drake, Lauren Beach, Kathy Nelson, Ashley
Artmann, Jewon Woo, Devyn Coveyou, Reece Quesnel, Megan McMurray, and Oluleye Oludamilola.
Guests: Dave Golden, Carl Anderson, Ferd Schlapper, Sue Jackson, Julie Sanem and Tom Bilder

   Minutes of the December 2 meeting were approved as submitted

Tobacco Free Campus:
  The coalition did not meet over the break but will schedule a meeting in the next couple of weeks.
  Kathy reported that she spoke with a DAILY reporter regarding the focus groups. Rachel and Ferd will be
    the contacts for further inquiries.
  Carl attended the Benefits Advisory Committee which President Kahler was also in attendance.
    Representatives from coordinate campuses asked him about the status of the Smoke Free Campus request.
    He stated that this issue is ongoing and encouraged continued work to develop support behind it. His
    comments will help us to focus our communications and education.
  Reviewed the letter from the Chair of the Benefits Advisory Committee sent to President Kahler.
  Former President Mark Yudof is currently the Chancellor of the largest group of colleges in the country
    which is targeted to go smoke free by the end of 2013 for all colleges in California. UC Berkley is also
    part of this system. New York colleges are also targeted to be smoke free by the end of 2013.
  Dave distributed some enforcement comments that he obtained from a college health list serve that he
    subscribes to. This might be useful information for the Coalition to address directly.

Student Services Fees Request Update:
  Off-year fees request needs to be submitted by Monday, January 23.
  Carl distributed a draft copy of the off-year fees request which needs to be submitted by Monday, January
    23. The off-year report is basically an overview of what we do. The fees committee wants information on
    student engagement. The last page of the report shows how we collect data that we share with the Office
    of Student Affairs in terms of services rendered. This gives a sense of the scope of our practice. He
    reviewed the dashboard indicators. This overview gives the Fees Committee a sense of who we are and
    what we do.
  Reviewed the Fees Committee rationale on the Mental Health Co-pay discussion and how it relates to what
    has transpired since the fees request. We continue to see a huge increase in demand for mental health
    services at an average of .5% increase a year. To keep capacity to demand, we added resources and
    staffing. Discussions internally have taken place whether to press hard in this off- year to eliminate the $10
    copay in Mental Health. Implementation of the copay goes back to 1994. After discussion, the decision
    was made to wait until next year.
  The report will include the Gopher Chauffeur utilization update. Currently, we are up about 1,000 rides
    compared to last year.
    -Julie submitted a graph showing call and pick up times. High volume of calls come between 10 & 10:30
    pm. At this time not recommending a change in the existing hours. As long as the call comes in by 2 pm,
    students will get a safe ride home.
    -Considering the possibility of running one van on Thursday evenings.
  Carl has not yet heard from the Fees Committee regarding dates for the one-hour presentation. He will
    contact the committee when he gets confirmation on the dates.

Focus Groups Updates:
  GAPSA, COGS and Boynton are sponsoring focus groups on health care for graduate and professional
    students. Three moderators from the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute will run the focus groups and
    do the analysis. They will run the groups, do the data analysis, and write the report. A list of 8 standard
    questions will be asked of all participants.
   The groups start today (1/19) and run through January. There are 4 women’s groups and 2 men’s groups.
    There are breakouts for International and domestic in both men and women’s groups.
   They are scheduled to present the data at a Continuing Medical Education Lecture at Boynton in April.
   Mass emails were sent to professional and graduate student list serves. An additional email was sent out by

SHAC General Awareness:
 Boynton Student Peer Educators will be hosting an open house on Wednesday, January 25. Would
  welcome a SHAC representative at this event. Aaron Elias is also a health advocate and would be happy
  to represent SHAC.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Uchal

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