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					 Stop Payments,
 Cancel Advices
Return Resolution
   Central Payroll Bank Account Flow

   Stop Payments

   Cancel Advices

   Return Resolution Reports
   Requesting Copies of Checks

   Handwritten Checks

   C/O/H Screens
          030                              Central Payroll Bank Account
             020                                                                                                   Bank Account Activity Generated
        Bank Account
              College’s                                                                                            Transfer Local Funds from college account to central payroll account
            Bank Account                                                                                           (effective on the check date):
                                                                                                                   27                   Transfer from College Account          $
                                                                                                                   22                   Transfer To Central Payroll Account <$>
                                 1. Total Local Funds for the payroll are
                                 transferred from the college’s bank account to                                    Transfer Vendor Payment amounts back to college account
                                 the central payroll bank account on the check                                     Total Gross + Employer Cost - Net Pay (effective one day
                                 date.                                                                             after the check date):
                                                                                                                   22                  To College Account                   <$>
                                                                                                                   27                  From Central Payroll Account         $
                                              Central Payroll Account
                                                    (US Bank)                                                      EFT Vendor Payments such as TIAA/CREF, WESCU (effective on
                                                                                                                   the date defined by the vendor payment date table):
                                                                                                                   27                  From College 010’s Bank Account $
                                                                                                                   27                  From College 020’s Bank Account $
2. The total State Funds for the                                                                                   22                  To Vendor’s Bank Account        <Total$>
payroll are manually EFT’ed from the                               3. Total Vendor Payments
State Treasurer into the central payroll                           (Total Gross Payroll Amount +                   Employee Direct Deposits (effective on the check date):
account (the person reconciling the                                Employer Costs - Total Net Pay)                 22                Net Pay To Employee’s Checking Acct <$>
payroll initiates this process). At this                           are deposited back into the                     32                Net Pay To Employee’s Savings Acct <$>
point in time, 100% of the dollars to                              college’s bank account (effective on            27                From Central Payroll Account          Total $
cover the payroll are in the central                               the check date + 1 banking date).                                 (or Eastern & Evergreen’s bank account)
payroll account.

        010 thru 290
        State Funds                                         030
   (from State Treasurer)                                College’s
                                                               020                                                 Vendor Numbers in EFT Vendor File (EFT-VNDR-TBL-M in TBL5
                                                        BankCollege’s                                              on PRO99) are coded as follows:
                                                                   010                                                               Pxxx = Central Payroll Account
                                                          Bank Account
                                                                College’s                                                            VXX = College’s Payroll Bank Account
                                                              Bank Account                                                           xxxx = Vendor Bank Accounts

                                                                                                 Vendor Checks &
                                                                                                 EFT Vendor
Stop Payments
         When to place a stop
   Check is stolen, or

   Overpayment has been determined, or

 Check is lost, and
 Signed/notarized affidavit has been
    When NOT to place a stop

   You have possession of check, or

   Signed/notarized affidavit has not been
    completed and the check is “lost”
Have the following information

 Check #
 NET amount
 Date issued
 Last name, First name, MI
    Why cancel the check in the
         PPMS system?
   Since the check is cancelled, it becomes a
    non-negotiable item
   If the check is not cancelled in the PPMS
    system, the income will still be recorded on
    the employees W-2
   Not canceling the check produces an
    outstanding item on the bank reconciliation

Account #______________             Today’s Date: ________________

Person placing stop pmt: _________________ Con Seq: ______________

College: _____________________________________________________

Check #: ________ Net amt of check: ______ Date issued: ___________

Payee: _____________________ ____________________ ____________
             Last                    First            MI

( ) Checked last bank statement? Which one: _____________________
            Cancel Advices
   Canceling advices can be done until the
    second day after cut-off before 10:00am.
    For example, if cut-off processed on a
    Wednesday, the deadline for canceling an
    advice would be Friday morning at
   If it is found that an advice must be
    canceled after the 10:00am deadline has
    passed, call SBCTC. SBCTC will call US
    Bank and the bank will determine if there is
    a possibility that the reverse can be
    processed successfully. All the steps
    remain the same (see below), except the
    waiting period is extended to 5 (five) days
    instead of 3 (three) days after payday.
 Once it has been determined
  that canceling an advice is
necessary, complete the steps
     in the following order:

1.   Complete the “US Bank ACH Services
     Fax Adjustment Request” form
2.   Call SBCTC at (360) 586-1939 to request
     the advice to be “reversed”. The required
     information the SBCTC needs is:
     (a) college name
     (b) employee’s name
     (c) the net amount of the advice.

3. Complete the “US Bank ACH Services
   Fax Adjustment Request” form
    Return Resolution Reports

   Zero Balance Report

   Balance Report
Requesting Copies of Checks
When requesting copies of negotiated payroll
checks, have the following information
 College
 Check Number (always 8 digits long)
 Net amount of check
 Date issued
 Last name, first name, MI
     Handwritten Checks

When inputting a handdrawn check into the
PPMS system, always have the first two
digits be your college number. This will
place the hand drawn check with the other
unpaid checks for your college.
               Allow you to:
   Cancel a payroll check or advice issued in
   Enter the return of overpaid funds

   Record the gross-to-net activity of a
    handdrawn payroll check
    These screens are used to:
   Cancel a payroll check or advice

   Reverse all transactions originally
    processed into Payroll History
    They generate transactions
   Decrease expenditures to the payroll
    accounts previously charged
   As well as the vendor payments affected
   Reimburse accounts payable
    A cancellation of an advice:
   Reduces the net pay that is deposited into
    the central payroll account
   Transfers it back to the local payroll
    clearing account
Then the gross-to-net activity:

   Credits the vendor payments

   Transfers the gross pay back into the
    individual’s job account code(s)
If you do not stop the deposit from
   going to the employee’s bank
 account, the advice is considered
    If you cancel an advice that
    has already been deposited,
              you’ll be:
   Taking funds out of the central payroll
    account for a second time
   Not replacing any funds
Automatic Check Cancellation
     Screen - PS1005
   Starts the process

   Retrieves the information from payroll
   Only valid for the period of time that the
    payroll history is available on-line
    If the check or advice is no
           longer in history
   You will get error: “CK-AD-Num must be
    in Payroll History”
   Sometimes you need to cancel a check twice

   When you need to reverse a cancellation

   Then press enter again, and the transaction
    will be accepted
    When cancellations entered
    on PS1005, transactions are
     automatically entered on:

   C/O/H Header Screen, PS1006

   C/O/H Distribution Screen, PS1007

   C/O/H Bonds Screen, PS1008, if applicable
You can make changes and
may need to for the following
   Account code is no longer valid
   To remove the savings bond transactions
    because the savings bond has already been
   Change to a reversal
Handdrawn Header Screen -
   Cancel checks or advices not in the on-line
    payroll history
   Overpayment recoveries
   Recoveries of Direct Deposits issued in
    error that can’t be stopped
   Payroll checks that have been handwritten
    and processed through Accounts Payable
Ensure the check number starts with
         your college code.
     When manually inputting,
           you need:
   The original amounts

   The deduction source coding that was
    automatically generated when the payroll
    check was originally issued

   The Payroll Audit (PS1315) is good source
    for this information
     You can delete these
transactions using the PS1006

   Only if the transaction hasn’t processed (if
    the payroll has not run in final)
   Even if entered on Auto Screen PS1005
   Cancellations and Overpayments are
    normally negative transactions

   The system will reduce the appropriate
    gross balances and deduction vendor
    amounts automatically
   You don’t need to enter the minus sign (-)
    unless they were originally negative
    Minus signs usually are for:
   Reductions to the gross

   A refunded deduction
    When to use the Reverse?
   If the transaction was originally entered

   If the action was canceled and the entries
    posted need to be reversed (Entered as
    handdraw and it should have been a
     When entering a Reverse
 Enter the reversal exactly as originally
 Do NOT type minus signs, unless they
  originally were negative amounts
   Enter the reversal on the current payroll
   Any correction entries need to be on next
    C/O/H Distributions Screen -
   Process the payroll account distribution for
    the expenses
   The Cancellation/Overpayment/Handdrawn
    Header Screen, PS1006, must be filled out
   The account code must be valid and active
    in FMS

   The job class must be on Job Class Table.
    The job is not edited.

   The earn type must be active on Earn Type
    Table. The job is not edited.
Handdrawn Bonds Screen -
This screen is used to process savings bond
transactions by:
 Bond number
 Amount
 In order to distribute the deduction amount
   accurately over one or more bond numbers
If a bond deduction is entered on PS1006
and there is no bond number distribution on
PS1008, you will receive a fatal error on the
Payroll Transaction Edit Report (PS1115A).

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