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Wee Scot 2010


									Wee Scot 2010


"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang
except the best." - Henry Van Dyke

Music was alive and thriving in the daily experiences of ALL Preparatory School boys in

In Year 2 the String and Recorder program was expanded to include cellos, thanks to the
generosity of the Performing Arts Association and the Women’s Association. Under the
guidance of Mrs Judy Hellmers, Miss Ezmi Pepper and Miss Rebecca Lowe, the boys were
introduced to music reading and performance in a practical, hands on experience. The boys
truly dazzled parents, peers and teachers with beautiful sounds and entertaining music!

In Year 3, the boys have explored music through performance, creating and listening each
week. Some of the topic areas covered by Year 3 in music this year included ostinatoes and
rhythmic patterns, musical concepts in famous works, and creating music. Many of the Year
3 boys also continued the violin from the previous year or picked up a band instrument and
became involved with co-curricular music.

Year 4 did a lot of creating this year, in small groups and as whole classes through a range
of topics. They have particularly developed their creating skills in improvising and
composing soundscapes, patterns and arrangements. It has been fantastic to see the boys
use their own instruments as well as classroom percussion to create musical ideas!

Working with Mr Andrew Small in their music classes, the boys in Year 5 utilised their Macs
and explored technology in music. They organised sound and created music using programs
such as Garage Band and IMovie – the boys were really able to make the most of their new
Macs in music this year!

The standout event for Year 6 in music was the performance of “Seussical” in term 3.
Integrating the skills they have developed in music, dance and drama, the boys sang,
danced and acted in a musical based on the words and rhymes of Dr Seuss. This show was
certainly the most demanding to date and the Year 6s rose to the challenge in their
interpretations of crazy characters, which included the mischievous Cat in the Hat, the
lovable Horton the Elephant and the bad tempered Sour Kangaroo! All the boys wowed the
audience with their spectacular costumes, melodious singing and dynamic dance moves.

Boys involved in co-curricular music continued to develop their skills and impress us with
their achievements. Many boys in Years 2-6 learn an instrument with one of the College’s
tutors on a range of instruments. These boys have shown us their talents by performing in
music examinations, weekly assemblies and Family Concerts.

Musical ensembles also continued to flourish in a variety of performance opportunities in
2010. Senior Concert Band (directed by Mr Phil Molloy) attained their first GOLD ranking in
the Yamaha Band Festival. Well done boys – a terrific achievement! The String Ensembles
evolved into an Orchestra this year due to the opportunity for boys from different age
groups to rehearse together while on the same campus. Meanwhile, our Senior String
players enjoyed String Day at Abbotsleigh where they got to play some very enjoyable
music with talented players from numerous other Independent Schools.

Members of the Junior Choir and the 5/6 Vocal Ensemble, as well as some boys in the
Chapel Choir, participated in the Primary Schools Choral Festival (organised by the Royal
School of Church Music Australia) for the first time this year. Another highlight for our
singers was the involvement of mums in an inaugural event at the Performing Arts dinner –
a Mother Son Choir Item displaying the amazing talents of some our mums, as well as our

There were certainly some wonderful events and performance opportunities for the boys in
2010; also including some other annual favourites like the Charity Concert, Open Morning,
Grandparents and Godparents Day, 2-5 Song and Dance Evening, and, the Preparatory
School Speech Night.

Thank you to all the tutors, conductors, accompanists and parents who have encouraged
and assisted the boys in their musical pursuits this year – your support is invaluable. And, a
very hearty congratulations is given to all the boys who have utilized their musical talents in
2010; your commitment and dedication to making music is noteworthy!
Miss Rebecca Lowe
Music Coordinator

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