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The Dutch medical care system might be different from               Dr. W. v.d. Bosch, Dr. A. Serrarens, Dr. H. Schers and Dr.
your system at home. Therefore, if you are in need of               F. van de Laar, Schoolstraat 25, 6663 CP Lent.
medical treatment please follow the instructions below:             Call for an appointment between 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. or from
                                                                    10.30 a.m. - 12 noon, tel. 024-3221029.
Family doctor (general practitioner/huisarts)
If you need medical treatment, you can visit a general              For emergencies during the day please call: tel. 024-
practitioner (huisarts). You will have to make an                   3241478. For emergencies after 5 p.m. and during
appointment by telephone to consult the doctor at his or her        weekends, call: tel. 0900-8880.
practice. Foreigners who come to the Netherlands are often
surprised by the manner in which medical treatment is               The general practitioner may prescribe medication, which
provided here. To avoid confusion or frustration, the               can be obtained from a pharmacy (apotheek). He or she
following information may be useful: in the Netherlands,            may also refer you to a specialist at the hospital. If
your general practitioner will be your main source for              necessary, the specialist will arrange hospitalisation for
medical care. The extent of responsibility and treatment of         further treatment. Every time you visit your general
the general practitioner goes further than in many other            practitioner or the pharmacy, bring your EU Health
countries. This means they seldom give recommendations              Insurance Card or any other kind of proof of health
for treatment from a specialist and instead treat the               insurance with you. General practitioners charge about
problem themselves. Furthermore, there is often the                 €25 for a visit.
impression that Dutch general practitioners under-medicate
their patients in comparison to many other countries. For           Only in case of an emergency which requires acute
example, when calling for an appointment to see your                medical care other than the care provided by a general
doctor it is not unusual to be told by the assistant that you       practitioner on call, you can go to the First Aid Department
should wait several more days to see if your symptoms go            of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (Eerste
away spontaneously. When they do not, you will be granted           Hulp), Geert Grooteplein Zuid 12, also open nights and
an appointment to see the general practitioner. When                Sundays, or dial 112, which is the national emergency
visiting the general practitioner, you may hear again that          number.
you will need to wait before any medication is prescribed.
This is sometimes a point of frustration for foreigners when        Dentist
visiting their general practitioner in the Netherlands, but it is   If you want to make an appointment with a dentist
common practice here and experience shows it works out              (tandarts) in Nijmegen you can call:
well.                                                               Tandartspraktijk E. Maenen, Bijleveldsingel 74, Nijmegen,
                                                                    tel. 024 - 3221430, from 8.30 a.m.- 12.30 p.m. and from
For students/guests living in Nijmegen:                             1.30 p.m. - 5 p.m. After 5 p.m. and during the weekend, the
You can visit the following general practitioner’s practice in      message on the answering machine (message in Dutch)
Nijmegen:                                                           will inform you about which (other) dentist is on duty (for
Dr. W. Bijleveld, dr. Bakker, dr. Blom, St. Jacobslaan 343,         acute cases).
6533 VD Nijmegen.
Call for an appointment between 8.30 a.m. - 12 noon and             If you need to consult a dentist elsewhere you can look in
12.30 p.m. - 1.30 p.m., tel. 024-3550810.                           the Yellow Pages or the telephone book for ‘Tandarts(en)’
                                                                    or contact the International Office. Dentists often demand
For emergencies during the day, until 5 p.m. please call:           immediate payment in cash, so it would be wise to ask in
tel. 024-3567940. For emergencies after 5 p.m. and during           advance for an estimate of the costs. Please note that
weekends please call: tel. 0900-8880.                               dental treatment is not always covered by medical
For students/guests living in Lent:
You can visit the following general practitioners in the
Health Centre in Lent:

You are required to have appropriate health insurance         Liability insurance
when staying in the Netherlands. It is recommended that       Please check with your (health) insurance company at
you have appropriate liability insurance as well.             home whether you have valid liability insurance for the
Health Insurance
If you are a citizen of a European Union country who will     In the Netherlands, you are legally liable if someone suffers
stay temporarily, you only need to apply for the EU Health    damage through a mistake or accident caused by you. That
Insurance Card in your own country. This card provides        means you must compensate the other person for the
you with the same health insurance rights and benefits as     damage suffered. Personal liability insurance
Dutch citizens.                                               (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering/AVP) protects you against
EU Health Insurance Card
Representative in the Netherlands                             AVP covers almost all damage for which you, as a private
                 RINGEN                                       individual, can be held liable, regardless of how the incident
Afdeling Buitenland                                           occurred. Damage caused by motor vehicles, e.g. through
Postbus 1725                                                  a collision, is not covered by the AVP. For this, you must
3800 BS Amersfoort                                            take out third-party insurance (WA-verzekering).
tel. 033 - 4456870
fax 033 - 4455354                                             For a comparison of insurances and prices in the
                                                              Netherlands, please see the list of insurance companies
When you want to claim the medical costs (consultation        you can find on
family doctor, dentist, etcetera) that you have made during
your stay here, please contact AGIS Verzekeringen.            aars (unfortunately this information is only available in
The insurance company will always demand an original
proof of payment / invoice and a copy of your EU Health       International Insurance Passport for Students (IPS)
Insurance Card in order to process your claim. Always         If your health or liability insurance does not cover your
make copies of all the documents you send them.               temporary stay in the Netherlands, it is recommended to
Please also keep in mind that the exact coverage of costs     obtain an International Insurance Passport for Students
will be determined by the specific terms and conditions of    (IPS), which is intended for foreign students as well as
the insurance.                                                foreign staff coming to the Netherlands for a temporary
                                                              stay. This insurance covers medical expenses, emergency
Note: this insurance only covers medical insurance, not       dental expenses, extraordinary costs, legal aid, accidents,
liability.                                                    liability, baggage cover, and household goods in the event
                                                              of physical injury. Students from all countries pay €36.50
                                                              per month. The policy fee is €3.50 per
                                                              application/renewal. When you buy the IPS insurance
                                                              through the IPS website before your departure date, travel
                                                              insurance will also be included. You will have to pay the
                                                              premium before your trip abroad commences or no later
                                                              than 10 days after your arrival in the Netherlands.

                                                              A claimform can be obtained at the desk of the
                                                              International Office. Please make sure you make copies of
                                                              all the documents you send them.

                                                              For more information: (choose
                                                              English) or tel. +31-70-3028598.

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