; Things to Consider Before Buying Boxes for Moving
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Things to Consider Before Buying Boxes for Moving


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									 Things to Consider Before Buying Boxes for Moving
  Significantly cut costs with these tips for buying moving boxes

Moving is not only stressful, but may also be costly. However, you
can significantly cut costs by shopping around for moving boxes.
New York moving and rental companies sell boxes of every shape
and size available, but you might be surprised when you see their
steep price tags. With a little research and planning, you can get
hold of high quality boxes for a fraction of the cost, some even
free of charge. Whether you’re planning to buy new or used
moving boxes, NYC has the largest selection of cheap moving
supplies to protect your belongings.

Before you start, here are the things you’ll need:
Written estimates from moving and truck rental companies
A checklist of the household items you need to move

Estimate the number of boxes you’ll need by using a moving
calculator. Moving calculators are available all over the Internet,
free of charge.

Get estimates from three, or more, moving companies, if you’re
planning to hire one. The estimates should be detailed, with a
breakdown on services. You’ll easily make a distinction between
the cost of the boxes separately from the things like transportation
and packing. Always remember that you are not obliged to buy
moving boxes from the company that does the moving for you.

If you’re planning to rent a truck and move your things on your
own, get the latest prices on moving boxes from the rental
company. In most cases, their prices are significantly lower than
those of a moving company.

Search online for moving boxes. NYC has a lot of local online
shops that sell cheap moving supplies. Most companies will
usually ship boxes directly to your home at prices much lower
than those of hardware stores or moving companies. Moving kits,
which includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers, can also
be purchased online.

Browse the “used box” section of online companies, and check
the prices. Some of these boxes are technically new, as they are
equivalent to “factory overruns”. Other boxes in these sections
have only been used once. Before you make a purchase, be sure
that the company guarantees you that the boxes are in perfect

You may also check for freebies in classified ads on your local
newspaper, Craigslist.com or other similar websites. Some boxes
are given away free of charge by many people who have recently
Save and properly store your boxes when you’ve arrived at your
destination. Don't leave valuable cardboard boxes lying around
just anywhere. Properly stored moving supplies can still be used
next time you have to move.

Tips & Warnings
*Research on what boxes you’ll need for your belongings.
Wardrobe boxes can be used to hang clothing, while special
boxes are used to protect glassware and dishes.

*As much as possible, avoid using free boxes from a
supermarket. Some of these boxes are not so sturdy and could
contain bugs.

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