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					SIGDOC Program Review 2010

              Brad Mehlenbacher
              SIGDOC Chair


              March 8, 2010
           Financial/Membership health
                of ACM SIGDOC
•   Healthy with a fund balance            •   Membership — currently 211
    that has ranged between ~40K           •   Membership has decreased
    (500 members) and ~75K (211                since 2004 (primarily among
    members) since the mid 1990s               affiliate members)
       Fund balance increase since 2004          June 2003 = 350 members
       Small surplus generated in all            June 2004 = 284 members
        conferences since 2000 (<5K)
                                                  June 2005 = 245 members
       Expenses limited to conference
                                                  June 2006 = 259 members
        organizer and board
        travel/expenses                           June 2007 = 233 members
       Minor investment in 500 print             June 2008 = 237 members
        brochures                                 June 2009 = 211 members
       Investigating delivering           •   Evaluation of member needs
        proceedings digitally at                  Member-to-member interaction
                                                  Regional activities desired
           SIG Goals and Engagement
•   Goals since 2008 review                      •   International development
       Encourage greater graduate                   goals since 2004
        student/campus involvement                      SIGDOC conferences result in
       Establish international collaborations           small surpluses (~5K)
        and membership                                  Two European conferences since
       Strengthen message with new                      2005 (Coventry, UK, and Lisbon,
        name/audience                                    Portugal)
       Reach out to broader community of               SIGDOC 2010 being held in Sao
        writers, information engineers,                  Carlos, Brazil, September 26-29
        technical communicators, and IT                 Conference planning for Boston
        professionals working with information           (2011), Paris (2012), Seattle (2013)
•   Communication, Website,                      •   Engagement with European
    newsletter, journal proposed                     and South American
     being redesigned              colleagues
       Members-only quarterly newsletter            •   European SIGDOC chapter being
        developed by student team at Old                 established
        Dominion University)
    Volunteers, Representation, Presence

•   Volunteer growth                         •   Reputation as high-level
       Full slate for SIG election              technical society for writers
       Added Information Director-                 Versus STC, PCS, ATTW, CPTSC
        Webmaster                                   Co-operating with DocEng
       Added three new Members-at-Large            Goal to co-operate with other ACM SIGs
•   Representation balanced                  •   Recognition (awards sponsored)
       5 academics/4 industry on board             Rigo (individual contributions, e.g., Ramey,
       Increase in student membership               U of Washington)
•   Diversity of professional                       Diana (institutional contributions, e.g.,
                                                    Graduate Competition (e.g., U of Waterloo
       Writer-designers, academic
        researcher-teachers, managers, and
        students                             •   Presence via social networking
       Increase in student members (via         established for communication
        development of student chapters)         design community
    Membership/Chapter Creation
•   Sponsored conferences to increase graduate student
      Locating conferences on campuses and seeking
       sponsorship from schools/colleges for special student
       registration and membership opportunities
      ACM SIGDOC’08 (Lisbon) sponsored by ISCTE and
       ACM SIGDOC’09 (Bloomington) sponsored by the IU
       School of Informatics, the Kelley School of Business, and
       Old Dominion U
      31 students attended (and volunteered) for SIGDOC’09
      European chapter being finalized
      Student Chapter formed at Old Dominion U and in the
       process of forming an NC State U chapter (“welcome
       meeting” this month) and ECU chapter
Outreach and Community Building
•   Information distribution: promoting presence of
    communicator-designers in computer science and beyond
      Targeted distribution of new ACM SIGDOC brochure
      Quarterly newsletter managed by Old Dominion team
      Working on proposal for Communication Design Journal
      Half-dozen books on technical communication published
       since 2002 by ACM SIGDOC members
      Investigating strategies for facilitating
       member/nonmember communication, collaboration, and
      Established active social networking presence via
       Wikipedia (viewed >250 times/month since 2009), Twitter
       (75 followers, LinkedIn (85 members), Facebook (66
       members), Ning (19 members, mostly board members),
       and Slideshare (2 members, 6 from SIGDOC 2009)

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