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					Siebel CRM – Loan Origination
Siebel CRM –Loan Origination enables financial institutions to successfully manage
customer relationship throughout the entire consumer loan origination process across all
communication channels. It measures, manages, and improves customer acquisition,
retention, and satisfaction. It guides and assists users throughout every step of the
consumer loan origination process, including:

             Lead generation

                                                      Opportunity management

             Need analysis

                                                      Product recommendation

             Product catalog

                                                      Application processing

             Customer correspondence

                                                      Loan closing

Why LOS ?

   Business Pain Point

           Customer Inquires about
           his mortgage application

                                                    Business Pain Points
           Sales agent is not able to               Manual and lengthy application processing
           provide an update status                 results in customer losing interest and lost

                                                    Financial institutions receive a large number
           Customer abandons                        of incomplete and inaccurate applications.
           his application                          Customer and Agents frustrated by investing
                                                    time in applications which are later declined.

                                                    Customers and sales agents do not have
                                                    visibility on application status during the lengthy
                                                    processing period.

 Business Best Practice

        Customer completes a
        mortgage application

                                                Best Practice
        Agent provides periodic update
        during the processing period            Straight through processing reduces time-to-
                                                close and keeps customers engaged.

                                                System supported data validation and
        The application is approved             business logic ensures quality data capture
                                                with little training.
        and closed on time
                                                Pre-screen applicants to eliminate unqualified
                                                applicants up front and reduce processing costs.

                                                Provide clear expectations and action plans
                                                to both sales reps and customers.

Siebel Loan Origination Modules

    Opportunity and Pipeline Management

    Siebel Opportunity and Pipeline Management enables user to manage all aspects
    of loan opportunities with up to the minute data from the sales team members
    about customer, product interest, decision issues, pricing, and historical activity.

A manager can benefit from immediate access to comprehensive loan pipeline
analysis and comparison against sales quota and benchmarked objectives.

Activity and Time Management

With Siebel Activity Management, a user can log and track action items, delegate
tasks to other team members, and ensure that customer expectations are met in a
timely manner. Siebel Calendar offers complete time management tools with broad
access to contact, calendar, and activity information. Users can view and schedule
appointments for themselves and others in daily, weekly, or monthly formats and
also set alarms.

Contact Management

Siebel Contact Management provides detailed profiling, complete activity tracking,
and critical relationship tracking for each customer contact. Unlike simple contact
managers that merely a name contact, Siebel Contact Management allows user to
focus on high value prospects and understand each contact through extensive
profiling capabilities. It provides 360-degree view of customer relationship with

Sales Process Assistance

Siebel Sales Assistant supports popular sales methodologies and best practices by
enabling users to work quickly and efficiently through the entire loan origination
cycle. Siebel Sales Assistant suggests designated action proven to move origination
process forward. By using Siebel Sales Assistant, organizations can ensure consistent,
repeatable origination process across organizations and provide real time coaching
for new users. With suggested Assessments, organizations can improve the
qualification process and improve the closing ratios.

Proposals and Presentations

With Siebel Proposals and Presentations, users can press a single button and build
high quality, customized, compelling sales proposals and presentations designated
to win business. Proposals and presentations automatically are tailored to customer
specific requirements based on customer’s product interest, the competitive
landscape, and the customer’s decision criteria. Proposals can include a cover letter,
proposal body, price quotations, sales tools, and literature, etc. the same tools can
also be used to produce a standard closing documents with information pre-filled
from Siebel. Siebel Proposals and Presentations reduce the time spent creating
consistent proposals and presentation.

Interactive Product Recommendation

Siebel eAdvisor provides instant, expert guidance to match customer needs with
the ideal loan products or services. With Siebel eAdvisor, users do not need prior
product knowledge or well-developed searching skills to find the ideal solution.
Customers are presented with a series of interactive questions that allow ‘what if’
scenarios, choices, and instant feedback, similar to a conversation with a company’s
best sales or service professional. Every customer’s answer returns an immediate,
customer specific response. This user-friendly environment engages customers,
improving customer acquisition and retention.

Application Management
Once a customer agrees with a particular loan product, Siebel CRM Loan Origination
guides the customer through the application process. It pulls relevant information
from the customer’s record and fills in as much of the application for the loan
product as possible. Siebel Loan Origination supports all major lending products
including instant credit, direct installment, indirect loan, home equity, and small
business loans. Siebel Loan Origination can help you streamline the loan process
– from data gathering through booking. At any point in the process, users can find
the current status of an application and intelligently provide that information to
the customer.
Communication Fulfillment
Users can automatically send addressed invitations, thank you notes, closing
documents, and other correspondence to one or more contacts through the use of
centralized or regional fulfillment centers. Additionally, Siebel Loan Origination
is integrated with popular MAPI-compliant email and fax software, thus throughout
the origination process, users rapidly can send information, product literature, and
correspondence to customers via email or fax. Users can author their own notes
or use pre-written templates. It saves users time that can be used for up selling
and cross-selling and reduce the cost associated with literature handling and
Workflow Management
To originate loans effectively means making sure that the process flows to the right
individuals, action items move easily through the organization, and loan officers
and management can make decisions on up to the minute information. Siebel
Workflow Manager allows business managers to automate specific business policies
and procedures that improve the origination processes. It can level workloads
across departments and geographies and automatically escalate issues to
management when required through the complete integration of email and paging
systems, sales representatives and managers are notified of pending items requiring
their attentions through their preferred communications channels.

Management Tools

With Siebel Loan Origination you have the tools to increase your span of control
while decreasing redundancy in the workforce. All of the data you need is at your
fingertips, and important information stands out so that you know where to focus
and what specific actions to take. With a built in report writer, more than 100
predefined reports and charts, and the ability to use Query by Example to generate
ad hoc report, Siebel Loan Origination provides complete access to critical customer
and product information. Additionally, Siebel Loan Origination also provides
information in graphical/ chart format to show emerging trends and potential
problems areas while providing complete loan pipeline and funnel analysis.


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