Make Affiliate Commissions With YouTube Marketing

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					Make Affiliate Commissions with
YouTube Marketing
By: Dale Leonard

                                     Most people are concerned with bringing people to their website
                                     with YouTube marketing, but did you know that you can merge
                                     affiliate marketing and YouTube videos together? It’s possible to
                                     make some big affiliate earnings, and you just need to use a simple
                                     video to make it happen. These videos are easy to make, and you
                                     can typically finish one within a few minutes.

                                     Choose a Product

                                      The first step to YouTube affiliate marketing is to choose a product.
Find a product on one of the many affiliate hubs that is selling. Make sure the market isn’t saturated, as
this will make it harder to get ranked.

You should also perform some research so that you know what the product does, and why it is better
than similar products on the market. This will be essential when you make the video.

Make a Short Script

Most YouTube videos dedicated to affiliate marketing are about one minute long. A short video is
perfect, but you need to fit all the information you can within that minute.

Write a short script that includes the benefits of the product, its features and anything that would make
people want to buy it. For example, if the product is about offline marketing, then bring up the problems
that this product solves, and why marketers will benefit from having it. The script should be very simple
and direct.

Make the Video

There are many ways of making a YouTube video for affiliate marketing. You can use a screen capture
program and you can show what the product looks like when it is used. You could also use a slideshow
program to make a video, or you could use a free video creation service online.
It is typically best to add graphics and music to the video because these can help sway people to click
your affiliate link. They are not required, but they can dramatically improve your click-through rate.

Post the Affiliate Link

Posting an affiliate link on YouTube is easy. Just put it in the video’s description. It is also a good idea to
place the link in the video. If people embed the video on their website, then they will still use your
affiliate link.

There are two types of affiliate links you can put in your video description. You can either make a
redirected URL that is based on your own domain, or you can use a URL shortening service to mask the
affiliate link. The former is better for branding purposes, but the latter is cheaper because you don’t
need a domain.

Market the Video

The last thing to do is some YouTube marketing. People need to see your video before they click the
affiliate link. Just post the video on your blog, do some guest posting that points to the video or leverage
social media to get YouTube views.


There are many people using YouTube and affiliate marketing together, but it isn’t a saturated market
just yet. Start making some videos, and you might make a lot of money with YouTube and affiliate