4 YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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					4 YouTube Marketing Tips for Small
By: Dale Leonard

                                                             Why Use YouTube For Marketing?

                                                          There are a number of benefits to using
                                                          YouTube for business marketing. To begin
                                                          with, YouTube is the second most popular
                                                          social media site on the Internet.
                                                          Additionally, creating marketing videos for
                                                          YouTube is far less expensive than the
                                                          majority of other advertising venues,
                                                          especially TV. If you run a small business, on
                                                          the Internet and sites like YouTube, you have
                                                          a level playing field with larger corporations
                                                          and businesses. While marketing with
YouTube has the potential to bring you a lot of new customers and develop your brand name, it can be
difficult to know where to start.

Online video marketing may sound intimidating, but it is actually rather similar to marketing a website.
You will still need to create interesting content and drive traffic to your videos. There are a few basic tips
that can help even a novice to Internet marketing increase the number of people who watch their
business' YouTube videos. To help you develop a successful online video marketing strategy you will
need to create the right kinds of videos, employ search engine optimization tactics, use social media
sites and make use of online advertising.

Determine What Type of Videos Are Best For Your Business

Before you can begin an online video marketing campaign, you need to know what types of videos to
create. To begin with, the majority of the advertising videos are unsuccessful. While there are some
advertising videos that do go viral, the majority do not get a lot of attention. That is not to say that you
should not advertise your business in your videos.

Instead of creating videos that are obviously just ads, you should consider how-to, lifestyle or
demonstration videos. These are the types of videos that most people are interested in and will watch.
Many businesses have had a lot of success by creating videos that show people innovative ways to use
their products or tutorial videos.

One of the best ways to figure out the right type of videos for your YouTube page is to spend time on
the website looking at successful and popular videos. It is especially helpful to look at videos from
businesses that are similar to yours and see which received the most and least number of views. While
you do not want to copy your competitors, you can still get a feel for what to emulate and what to avoid
when creating your own videos.

Use SEO Tactics

Once you have created a video and are ready to publish it online, you will want to make sure that when
you upload it to YouTube that you set up your video landing page correctly. The way that you set it up
will determine not only your YouTube ranking, but if it is set up properly, it will improve your Google
search ranking as well. It is important that you select a title that uses keywords but is still specific to your

If you make your title too vague you run the risk of being at the bottom of search engine results. For
example, if your business sells plants, you do not want to name your video "How to Plant a Garden"
because there are already thousands of videos with that title. However, if you name your video "How to
Plant Roses In Your Garden" your video is less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

You should also make sure that you use keywords and describe your video properly. Keep in mind that
keyword spamming can count against your search ranking, so stick to using a keyword no more than two
or three times. The most important things to put in your description are your business name, your
product name and one or two keywords relating to or describing the product in your video.

Incorporate Social Media

Another successful YouTube strategy is to use social networking sites to link to and promote your
videos. The majority of social media sites allow you to link to or embed YouTube videos with ease, and
there are a number of reasons to do this. To begin with, it lets visitors to your social media profiles know
that you have online videos available.

Additionally, the more links that Google sees to your video, the higher your Google and YouTube ranking
will be. Google has also recently stated that social media "likes" and re-posts improve search result
rankings as they denote a high quality website or video. This is why you should also ask people to "Like"
and share your video if they enjoyed it because doing so can represent a boost in traffic and improved
Google and YouTube rankings.

You should also post your YouTube videos to your web site, preferably on a blog if you have one. It is
important that you put keyword content around your video because it will help Google tell what the
subject and content of your video is, making it easier for the search engine to index it.

Using Online Advertising

If you have a relatively new website or are having problems increasing traffic your videos, one way to
get more get more YouTube views is to pay for online advertising. While the cost of online advertising
can add up over time, it is a relatively inexpensive way to get traffic to your videos when you first start
out or as a supplement to other traffic.

YouTube advertising is only about a third of the cost of AdSense advertising, and you have the ability to
control how many ads you pay for per day. Further, you only pay for ads from people click on to view
your video, not the impressions. Again, this is not a long-term solution and certainly not your only
solution, but it can help you develop a viewership.