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RASS Minutes 30-Apr-2010


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									NCLA RASS Executive Board Minutes
Friday, April 30, 2010
Jackson Library, UNCG

Present: Mark Sanders, Kris Benshoff, Carol Keck, Donna Windish, Amy Harris, Ted
Labosky, Lynda Kellam, John Raynor, and Mary Lane

Minutes: The minutes of our January 29, 2010 meeting were approved.

NCLA Report: Mark Sanders discussed the NCLA Board Meeting:

  1. The board emphasized again that it is every section’s responsibility to bring in
     new members.
  2. In the last 12 months, membership fell 24%.
  3. There was a 33% decrease in most groups.
  4. RASS declined from 145 to 102.
  5. The option to join NCLA and ALA at a reduced rate is still available.
  6. It was suggested that NCLA remind people to renew their membership.

Distance Education Section:
   1. The College and University Section started a Distance Education interest group.

Venues for 2011 NCLA Conference:
   1. Winston-Salem, Concord, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Hickory, and
      Wilmington are possible choices.
   2. The NCLA Board is still considering the venue.

Leadership Institute:
   1. There has been no interest in a Leadership Institute this year.
   2. The Leadership Institute has been cancelled for 2010.
   3. There may be one in 2012.

Old Business:

New Business:

RASS Fall 2010 Workshop:
  1. Cameron Village Regional Library and Greensboro Public Library are possible
  2. After discussion, Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC was chosen.
  3. Many section conferences are in October.
  4. The RASS board chose Friday, September 24, 2010.
  5. The Maryland Model will be the Keynote presentation.

   6. There will be concurrent sessions in the afternoon.
   7. Five programs have been confirmed so far.
   8. Amy will ask her supervisor about e-books.
   9. Mark will confirm Cameron Village as the location.
   10. We will have a boxed lunch.
   11. RASS will ask presenters to share PowerPoint presentations.
   12. Cost was considered. RASS wants to make it a great value for librarians.
   13. The Keynote will be a double session in the morning.
   14. RASS would like to give gift cards to the speakers.
   15. Speakers do not have to pay for registration.
   16. Speakers who are RASS members do have to pay.

Some Topics include:
    Maryland Model
    NCLive
    Google Wave
    Technology Petting Zoo
    Library H3lp

  Sharing with Other Members
  1. The RASS board considered a live blog for people who could not attend.
  2. Posting the session later was also discussed.
  3. RASS would like to advertise to
          a. Public Library Directors
          b. Community College Directors
          c. All library schools
          d. BLINC
  4. RASS would attach a flyer that the Directors and others could post around their
  5. Information will be shared two months in advance, and one month before
  6. A “save-the-date” email will be sent to NCLA.
  7. Information will also be published to our Facebook page.
  Government Resources Section might co-sponsor the workshop. Lynda will find out.

RASS Technology:
  1. Mark and the entire RASS board thanked and congratulated John Raynor for his
     work on the Google group page for RASS, as well as other technological work for
     the section.
  2. John hopes to emulate BLINC on our web page. BLINC also has a Google group.
  3. RASS will include by-laws on both the page and on Google

   4. A reminder to renew one’s NCLA RASS membership will be added to our web page.
   5. RASS needs to keep up a steady stream of content for our technological venues:
      NCLA web page, Google group, Facebook, etc.
   6. An email will be sent to everyone in RASS that we have a Facebook page.

Action Items:

   1. Mark will confirm workshop location.
   2. A boxed lunch will be ordered close to conference time. Donna and Janie agreed
       to take charge of this.
   3. The Treasurer will purchase gift cards as honorariums for the presenters.
   4. Appropriate RASS board members will confirm sessions, and ask presenters to
       provide PowerPoint presentations for after the session.
   5. Everyone should contribute ideas and actions to publicize the event through
       email, listservs, flyers, etc.
   6. Lynda will consult with the Government Resources Section about co-sponsorship.
   7. John will add by-laws to web page and Google group if they are not already
   8. All members will strive to keep content on web page, Facebook, and web page
   9. Workshop presentations will be posted on the Google group afterwards, if
       provided by the presenters.
   10. John will notify NCLA RASS that we have a Facebook page.
   11. John will add a reminder to renew NCLA and RASS membership on our web
       page at

Next Meeting:

Friday, July 30th from 11:00 – 12:30 at UNC-Greensboro

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

                                                         Secretary - Carol Keck


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