War of the Patents: Samsung Versus Apple; and RIM in Between by DeniseHamilton1


									War of the Patents: Samsung Versus Apple; and
RIM in Between
by Francis T. on 2012-09-05

People from all over the world have been involved in the war between
smartphone giants. Others consider the moment to be a catalyst in the
industry. If one is in it to win it, one should be as aggressive as one can to
dominate the market. Presently, Samsung is the biggest smartphone
provider in the world with about 26% of the total shares, followed by Apple
at around 19%. You might be shocked by the court’s decision favoring
Apple for the six patent infringements “willfully” done by Samsung. Thus,
Samsung units sold online increased by around 50%. Out of all the hustle
and bustle of this technological war, where does RIM stand? Is it time to
sell your BlackBerry?
RIM has been a key player in the smartphone industry. They introduced
BlackBerry that enabled communication take a leap forward. With the
BlackBerry, everyone could communicate everywhere at any time of the
day. It shook large markets like the US and Europe. Phone sales rocketed
and the BlackBerry eventually became a must-have phone. They even
called BlackBerry the ‘CrackBerry’ because of its opium-like effects in the
US. However, as BlackBerry dominates the smartphone industry,
companies like Apple and Samsung have been very aggressive
promoting and improving their products. The release of updated phone
units and accessible software and applications made BlackBerry hobble
away into the black pits. Apple and Samsung became smartphone

As history would chronicle, NTP Inc. accused RIM of “willfully” infringing on
their patents in 2000. NTP Inc. asked for $33 million in damages Apparently,
RIM defends the originality of their BlackBerry phones. After a lengthy
court trial, the judge decided that RIM willfully infringed on NTP Inc. in
2006. Many people were to sell used BlackBerry at that time. This certainly
was a bash on RIM’s reputation and the experience is not worth reliving.

With the most recent twists, Samsung is declining. However, Apple is not
yet content. It wants to ban Samsung products in the US; apparently a big
loss for Samsung. Currently, Samsung is pursuing a court appeal and bring
the patent infringement to South Korea. Now, where is RIM in all this mess?

RIM is known for its reputation of innovating unique phones and software.
How BlackBerry looks and feels like is unlike any other. It has been original
and distinct throughout the competition. So, RIM has nothing to worry
about releasing the BlackBerry 10. Currently, RIM is polishing details on its
new BlackBerry 10. A new phone and a smartphone giant clash put RIM
at an advantage, as analysts would dub it. RIM promises a unique phone
operated by a system that will not falter. Although it is not available in the
market, many have been anticipating its planned release in 2013.

RIM is in the game again. With the mess Apple and Samsung are
swimming in, RIM made this an opportunity to rise up and play the game
once more. In this messy clash between smartphone giants, is it time to sell
your BlackBerry? It certainly is. With the declining demand of Samsung
products and a new BlackBerry phone coming to the market, it is the
perfect opportunity to get as much cash as you can.


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