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					                                                        LOW COST HOUSING ALTERNATIVES

Although it is recommended that you stay in University Housing for your first year, below are
housing estimates and links for low-cost housing options for UC Berkeley students. If you have
financial constraints, living at one of the following residences (all walking distance from
campus) might be a good alternative. Contact the respective sites for more information.

Student Co-operative Housing: Rochdale and Fenwick Weaver’s Village
The apartments (Rochdale and Fenwick) don’t come with meals, so they cost less than the
cooperative houses. You should be aware that it is very unlikely to be assigned to an apartment
for your first semester as a Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) member although being
assigned for summer housing is common. The apartments’ rent differs depending on how many
bedrooms the apartment has, as well as the apartment complex.

Rates are Per Person. Fall 10/Spring 11 Costs
Rochdale Village                    Monthly           Total for Semester
Studio                              $699              $2796
Two-bedroom                         $608              $2433
Three-bedroom                       $523              $2091
Four-bedroom                        $467              $1869

Fenwick Weavers Village               Monthly                 Total for Semester
1-bedroom shared 2, 3, or 4           $626                    $2505
                                      $887                    $3549
One-bedroom alone

Tables courtesy of Student Co-operative website.
The Board is currently working on budget for next year and expects a rise in costs that will not
surpass more than 5%.

AB540 students and EOP Sponsored students receive priority on the waiting list. For more info
contact 510-642-7224 or visit 119 Cesar Chavez Student Center.

Casa Joaquin Murieta
Multi-ethnic theme cooperative committed to fostering academic success and cross-racial

Estimated Fees for academic year 2010/2011 (Fall and Spring semesters):

Single $7875

Double $7350

Triple $6825

Small Double $6300

Application for housing

Other Housing Resources
       Cal Dream House
       For more information contact:

       Cal Rentals
       Cal Rentals has information about the rental market, advice for conducting a housing
       search, rental listings and much more for Students, Faculty and Staff. All types of listings
       are available online for viewing 24/7, at your convenience. Students pay only $20 for 3
       months of listing access.

       Search for apartments or shared rooms within your price range:


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