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					                            CLiMB- iT CLUB
                                        TERM 2 2009
                   Whats UP for Climb-it Club this term?? As usual each session will
                     include some warm-up activities, bouldering & of course, rock
                   climbing! In addition we have some special rock climbing themes
                                  & activities scheduled each week…

Week 1            Welcome Back… Meet new members and your Instructors. Find out
April 21/23/25    what’s happening with Climb-it Club this term. Review of belaying,
                  harness’s, bouldering and roped climbs.
Week 2            Climbing Goals… Set individual climbing goals & discuss how we go
April 28/30/May 2 about achieving these goals. Develop individual term plans.
Week 3            Stretching… Learn the importance of stretching & practice some
May 5/7/9         different stretches to help improve your flexibility for climbing.
Week 4            Technique... Learn about basic footwork & practice new techniques
May 12/14/16      to help improve your climbing.
Week 5            Strength & Power… What does this mean in term of climbing and
May 19/21/23      how to we get it?
Week 6            SMALL WALL ABSEIL…
May 26/28/30      Learn how to abseil or refresh your skills on our small indoor wall.
Week 7            Endurance... Pick some long routes downstairs & practice sticking it
June 2/4/6        out to the top. Laps are also good for endurance work.
Week 8            BIG WALL ABSEIL…
June 9/11/13      Put your abseiling skills to the test on our big outdoor wall.
Week 9            Outdoor Climbing… Discuss the differences between indoor and
June 16/18/20     outdoor rock climbing. Work on projects.
                  OUTDOOR TRIP – Saturday 20th of June
Week 10           SCARY CAVE…
June 23/25        The ROCKs famous indoor caving adventure!

 At The ROCK we want our Climb-it Club sessions to be as fun, enjoyable & educational as
                                 possible, but most of all, SAFE!
In order to achieve this we need to ensure that all Climb-it Club participants are listening to
  all our instructions & following the safety procedures in place. Any children who are not
 listening, or playing up, will be asked to sit out for the remainder of that session. In some
instances where children are repeatedly mis-behaving we may ask for parental supervision
 during the sessions to re-enforce safety issues & enable us to focus on rock climbing with
                                       the rest of the group.
  We thank you for your understanding & co-operation & look forward to a safe, exciting &
                             fun-filled term of rock climbing ahead!

Richard Lodge
The Rock Adventure Centre

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