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									Welcome to the Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y!
                     Corporate DNA
F irst, People First
A ll About The Customers, Always
M aking It Work Better, Everyday
I nnovation And Entrepreneurship
L ive Sustainability
Y ou And Me!
1871   Founded in Osnabrueck by Carl Heinrich Hellmann

1949   Opening of the office in Hamburg

1953   Opening of the office in Bremen

1981   First high rack warehouse in Osnabrueck opens

1982   Opening of Hong Kong – later branches in China,
       Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam

1987   Opening of Sydney and later further branches in
       Australia and New Zealand
1988   The first US branch in Long Beach in California was
       opened, further expansion in the USA, Canada,
       Mexico, South America and UK

2004   Induction of a new terminal in Shanghai

2006   Opening of branches in Sri Lanka, Japan and later
       in India and Pakistan

2007   Implementation of the European Logistic Centre for

2008   New building in Osnabrueck wins the ‚Best Office
Facts and Figures 2011
 10,003 employees worldwide

 Turnover 2.58 billion Euro

 More than 15 million shipments per year,
  60,401 shipments per day

 221 own branches in 54 countries

 Network: 19,300 employees in 443 branches in 157
The Hellmann Network

 443 branches in 157 countries
                                    Main Board

Jost Hellmann, Manfred Fischer, Mark Hellmann, Carsten Fuhlendorf, Karl Engelhard & Klaus Hellmann
                     International Executive Board

Jens Tarnowski, Mark Hellmann, Klaus Hellmann, Manfred Fischer, James Gootee, Jost Hellmann, Roger Haeussler
                                      not in the picture: Carsten Fuhlendorf
                                 European Board

              Jost Hellmann Klaus Hellmann               Karl Engelhard         Manfred Fischer

Hartmut Krehenbrink   Stefan Wimmer          Juergen Burger       Felix Scherberich     Carsten Fuhlendorf
    Products and Services & Industry Solutions


National     Courier-,     Supply       Airfreight   Direct      IT-
and          Express-,     Chain        Seafreight   Load        Solutions
European     Parcel        Manage-      Sea-Air      Rail
Groupage     Service       ment         Customs      Solutions               Business
                                        brokerage                            Develop-

                            Industry Solutions:
           Automotive  Electronics  Fashion  Healthcare
            Perishable Logistics  Public Private Partnership
Products and Services
System Alliance
 Cooperation of medium-sized forwarding companies
 24/48 hours delivery service nationwide
 Premium Services: 8 h, 10 h, 12 h, Fix, Next Day
 Thermo
 Collection orders
 Immediate returns
 Deliveries on saturdays
 Recall
 Delivery note data transfer
 Quick-COD
Camera Monitoring
 Process optimization, increase in quality and security
 Gateway documentation by photo per MDC (photo
  handheld) if certain variations are recognized
 Innovative camera monitoring system with the ability to
  locate radio scanners
 Camera Monitoring System in all part-load traffic handling
  centers throughout Germany
European Groupage
 European-wide network with own branches and chosen,
  high-performing partners
 Member of the general cargo cooperation System Alliance
 Defined departure schedules with coordinated transit times
  established through direct and gateway traffic
 Traffics in 35 countries with more than 100 outbound and
  inbound routes
East Europe
 Your specialist for the former states of the sowjet union
 Hellmann East Europe Distributor is specialized in
  guarantee handling and spare parts handling
 Consulting
 Overland traffic / FTL, LTL
 Rail & intermodal transports
 Air & Seafreight
 Project & special transports
 Warehousing
 Automated Tariff and Local Customs Settlement System
 Since 2009 consignments with a value of more than
  €1,000 will not be cleared at the border to third countries
  without an electronic export declaration
 Quick and competent support in drawing up the export
  declarations from our experts
 This service is not bound to transports with Hellmann
Courier Services
 The fastest and most reliable way of transportation
 Individual and optimal solution for every shipment
 National & international
 Direct transports
 Without quantity and weight restrictions
 Specialized experts take care of your shipments
Express System
 The fast transport system using a worldwide express
 Documents, single packages or consignments of several
 Door-to-door transport incl. customs brokerage
 Integrated tracking & tracing
 Worldwide imports, procurement solution
 Competent local contact person in every office
Parcel Distribution
 System partner of Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD)
 Germany and Europe
 Online tracking & tracing
 P.O.D. in digital archives
 HPD parcels collection via Hellmann truck
 Shipment return and cash on delivery
Night Star Express
 Network for night time deliveries
 Delivery of shipments before 8 o‘clock during the night
 On request delivery before 7 o‘clock during the night (e.g.
  for technicians)
 Delivery with IOD (electronic delivery scan in T&T system)
 Delivery to predefined depots only
 International: BE, NL, LU, DK, AU, CH, SI, HU, CZ –
  other countries on request
 Pan-european Road-Express-Network for 22 European
 Strong logistic service provider in each country
 Network with premium IT-services and high quality
 Daily lines across Europe
 Fixed transit times door-to-door
 Tracking & tracing (on parcel & shipment level)
 Return shipments, procurement and third party collection &
 Time delivery services in Europe
 Dangerous goods and cash on delivery service
 Consolidated customs brokerage (CH, N)
Direct Load
 National & international part and full load
 Door-to-door-transport
 Fixed contact persons
 Flexible solutions
 Shipment consignment with HIT
 Customs handling
 Insurance payments
 Procurement logistics
 Project management
Rail Solutions
Alternative to the road:

    Innovative
    Trendsetting
    Economic
    Ecological

With six trains rail solutions connects important industrial
and commercial centers in Northern and Southern Germany
every day – five times a week
Supply Chain Management
Development and implementation of tailor-made logistics
solutions along the supply chain:

    Inbound logistics
    Warehousing & value added services
    Distribution
    After sales services
    Reverse logistics
    EDI und E-Commerce
    Specialist for Retail, Fashion/Textile, Consumer
     Electronics, Industrial
 IATA direct loading
 Daily consolidation
 Direct transport
 Full and partial charters
 Customs brokerage
 Import, export and trans-shipment
 Handling heavy and/or dangerous goods
 Assembly and distribution
 Packaging, crating and short-term warehousing
 Palletizing cargo
 Strategic gateways
 On-board courier services
 In-house NVOCC consolidation services
 Full project co-ordination
 Door-to-door service for LCL and FCL
 Multi country/Buyer‘s consolidation
 Cartage and inland freight by truck or rail
 Warehousing and storage
 Rail and inland waterway craft
 Export packaging and crating
 On-pier cargo inspection
 Full and partial charters
 Efficient customs brokerage at destination
 Complete documentation services
 Consular work
 Project cargo service
 Intermodal transport system
 Combination of the advantages of air and seafreight:
  deadlines will be held and freight rates decreased
 Our experts will offer the best routes between the point of
  departure and destination
 Available on all main routes from Asia to Europe or US via
  the HUB in Dubai or Vancouver
 Co-operation with selected carriers
Industry Solutions & Other Services
Automotive Logistics
Individual solutions for procurement, production and
distribution logistics
     Monitoring of delivery schedules
     Consolidation
     Transports by overland/air/sea
     Warehousing and short-term storage
     Sequencing
     Optimized packaging
     Delivery directly to the assembly lines
     Empties management
     Return management
     Quality management following VDA 6.2
     Industrial know-how
Fashion Logistics
 Long-lasting know-how in the fashion logistics sector
 Handling of wrapped and hanging goods
 Integrative, tailormade IT-tools
 Value Added Services (Preparation of goods, pick & pack,
  warehousing, quality control, distribution to POS)
 E-Commerce & integrated fulfillment solutions by H&H

                                                Reception,           Debitoren&
        E-Shop    E-Shop
                             Online  Customer    sorting & Packaging Retouren
        setup & operations,                                & dispatch mgmt.,    Logistics
                            marketing service      ware-
       consulting Content
                                                  housing               Etc.
Perishable Logistics
 Food- & Non Food transports
 Management of the entire cooling chain
 Cooled warehouses
 Cool transports via overland, air & sea
 Customs brokerage services
 Stock management
 Re-icing
 Re-packing
 Warehousing, labeling und precooling
 IT services
Marine Solutions
A highly specialized product designed to meet the time
sensitive needs of the maritime industry
    24/7 availability
    Personal delivery
    On-line inventory/stock report
    Replacement parts stockpiling
    Express service
    Charter service
Hospital Management
 Consulting and project services in healthcare
     Strategy consulting
     Restructuring and organizational development
     Process design / reengineering
 Management services
     Provision of executive manager
     Change management
     Interim management
 Joint ventures
     with Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
     and Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
ELC - European
Logistics Center
ELC Munich and ELC Paris
Europeanwide supply of spare parts
for 800 branches of MAN:

 Two warehouses with an overall area of approx. 24.000 m²
 Approx. 14.000 orderlines each day
 Approx. 400 customers to be delivered daily
 120 commercial staff
 25 mercantile staff
LH Bundeswehr Bekleidung
Public Private Partnership between Lion Apparel, Hellmann
and the German Army

    Management of garments
    Procurement
    Transport / storage
    Disposal to the soldiers
    Washing / cleaning
    Servicing
    Reducing the stock
    Optimizing the processes of the fashion industry
Wine Logistics
Your competent contact for all questions about national and
international wine logistics

    Wine-hotline region Wittlich:
     +49 6571 918-235
    Wine-hotline region Polch:
     +49 2654 9488-12
    E-Mail: weinhotline@de.hellmann.net
Personnel development based on the competence model:

      Assessment days for trainees and aspirants
      Training/studies at the BA
      Regular ratings and interviews of staff
      Training and transfer workshops
      Programs for development with classification and
       potential days
      Regular 270 degrees ratings for managers
      Management trainings
      Mentor programm
      Extra occupational studies
      Talent management
      Succession planning etc.
 Own insurance service located in Osnabrueck
 Insurances for transports, objects and persons
 Quick and simple processing of recourses
 Proactive capture of claims
 Instand regulation of claims
 Active risk management
 Consulting (Germany & Europa)
    WEEE / RoHS / REACh / CE / EuP
 Reverse Logistics
    Individual reverse logistics solutions
 Remarketing
    Buy and sale of used computer hardware
    Accredited data deletion
 Recycling
    Certified by EfB/ElektroG
    Individual disposal solutions
    Electric and electronic used devices
    Production overstocking
    Ionisation smoke detector
pco Personal Computer
Design IT-Processes … for the benefit of your business!

    Development and transcription of technology- and
     process-oriented IT concepts
    Backoffice consolidation and high-end service
    RFID and Barcode solutions
    Consultion and service concepts
    Data Center-solutions and service
The fulfillment solutions from one source
    eShop and consulting
    Content management
    Risk management
    Debitors management, demand notes and collection
    Customer service
    Online marketing
    Photo studio and texting
    Logistics and individual industry solutions
    Distribution and return shipment management
    Integral IT services
Hellmann Connect
The electronic dispatch handling for our customers

 solution for ...
     Collection bookings
     Recording consignments
     Recording collection orders
     Order management
     Creation of barcode labels
     Creation of freight lists
     Data transfer
HIT - Information Tool
Your individual information access!
 Roadfreight:
     Calculation of charges
     Consignments booking
     Tracking & tracing
     Watchlist (Exception Reporting)
 Air & Seafreight:
     Tracking & tracing
     Purchase order management
     Interactive reporting
 Contract Logistics:
     Search for delivery notes
     Stock monitoring
 DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 since 1996
  as the first logistics company in Germany
 Quality Management – DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 since 1992
  in Germany, today at 136 locations worldwide
 Additional Certificates:
  VDA 6.2 – Standard for the automotive industry
  HACCP – for the food production industry
 Corporate Social Responsibilty
Thank you for your attention!

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