Local Area Agreements and Cultural Services Engage by alicejenny


									            28 April 2009:
     The Local Area Agreement in

Sue Grace: Head of Customer & Cultural Services
• We, the County Council and its partners, are
  currently at the end of year 1 of the second Local
  Area Agreement.
• Outcome under Stronger Communities theme
  “increasing participation in culture, sport and
  physical activity”
• Of the 35 national indicators – Ni8: Adult
  participation in sport was selected by partners it
  is supported by:
   – NI11: engagement in arts
   – NI9 – use of public libraries
Participation in culture, sport and
physical activity

 – Key question, how to increase
   participation and deliver the LAA
 – So, Creating Connections: A Strategy for
   Culture and Sport in Northamptonshire
Creating Connections - 4 Themes:

• Development of the physical
• Development of capacity within the
  cultural sector
• Cultural offer for the residents of the
• Contribution of culture to the profile of
  the county
Why a strategy?

• To demonstrate how we can deliver this outcome
• To maximise the benefit for the county of the
  2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and the
  Cultural Olympiad
• Strategy is a framework for a set of Delivery
  Plans – geographic, sector & organisation
  Arts Delivery Plan 2009/10
• To deliver to the four themes
• Agreed by the Northants Arts Partnership and
  Creative Northants Board (the latter is a means
  of linking the arts sector to other key partners,
  HE, LDVs, sub-regional economic partnership
• Currently in draft to be agreed by end April
• Partnership strategy – what we can do better by
  working together
Other LAA Targets

• How can we make a wider contribution to
  the LAA?
   – Stronger, empowered and more cohesive
  – Improved life chances for children and young
  – Improved adult health and well being
Opportunity – to position the arts
within this framework
  • No specific additional funding but helps draw
    down funding, supports case for increased
    funding and may help draw funding from
    other sources
  • Helps improve the profile of the arts
  • Very hard to access services with
    commissioning funds eg. social care and
    children’s services – start of a journey
  • Examples of projects.....

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