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Campus Council Election Results


									          University of Ulster Students’ Union Magazine


Campus Council
Election Results

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                                 University of Ulster Students’ Union Magazine

All University of
Ulster students
are automatically
a member of the
Students’ Union.
Students should
not hesitate in                           CONTENTS

student officers in
                                 4       Volunteering Centre                     34   When the mirror lies
the Union if they
                                                                                      • SIP Student
have any problems                5      Societies @ Ulster                            information point
or queries whilst at                    • Academic
University.                             Representation                           36   RAG Raise & Give 2011
                                        & Research Officer

                                                                                 37   Class Reps
                                 6-9     Student Officers

                                                                                 40    Portrush goes dotty
                                 10      Financial Advice

                                                                                 42-45 Entertainments
                                 11     Keep it safe,
                                        keep it locked                           46-47 Oxjam 2011
YOUR                             13      Study in China                          48   Sun, Sea & San Miguel
VOICE                            14-18 Societies @ Ulster                        50   Real Fashion
Ufouria, the student                                                                  • Mencap volunteers
magazine is distributed          19     A helping hand                                on track for New York
                                        for people who are                            marathon challenge
over the four campuses.
                                        homeless this winter
We are looking for
                                        • Would you like a                       52-56 The Ambivalent
students to cover student
                                        helping hand on                               Third Dimension
and mainstream issues.                  the Coleraine campus?
You can write feature                                                            57    Freshers Fayre 2011
articles, interview local        21      Ulster student hobbies                       Jordanstown Campus
celebs, report on the latest                                                          • Ulster students warned
scoop or try your hand           22     (NOT) The Northern                            that they are high risk
at some investigative                   Ireland Music Awards                          to identity fraud
journalism. We also                                                                   • Soccer Season Set
want film reviews, book          24     Depression never                              in Motion…
reviews, letters to the                 lets you take a break!
editor etc.                                                                      58   Chinese Students
                                 26-27 University                                     experience Gaelic
Remember Ufouria is your               course places                                  Games
magazine and needs your                                                               • Coleraine
                                 28-29 Take a step                                    International students
                                       for Fairtrade                                  give Hurling a go!
If you wish to write regularly
for the magazine please
contact                          30     Steve Jobs                               59   Get Involved Day!
Email:                 • For once its                                • Freshers Fayre 2011
Next Copy Deadline                      wasn’t us!                                    Coleraine Campus
15th February 2012
                                 32     Stand out                                61   Coleraine Canoe Club
                                        from the crowd                                (UUCCC)

                                 33     SU Campus Council                        62   Jordanstown
                                        election results                              Gaelic Club
                                                                                      • Jordanstown Gymnastics
                                                                                      • Magee Soccer Team
A student led and inclusive Students’ Union providing
high quality representation, membership and commercial
services to enhance the student experience at the
University of Ulster.

                    University of Ulster Students’ Union

                    Volunteering Centre
The University of Ulster Students’ Union
has developed a NEW online Student
Volunteer Centre. This will improve the
volunteering services for students in
each of the four campuses.
Want to know all about volunteering and keep up to date
with the latest news? All the latest news is updated on our
website and Facebook page so you can be the first to know
about new opportunities, training and exciting events we are

Why Volunteer?
• Gain a certificate find out your strengths and weaknesses
• develop friendships
• strengthen your C.V
• get the job you want!                 contact
Follow us on Facebook:       Kirsty McMurray
UUSU Volunteering            Volunteering & Societies Co-ordinator
                             Tel 028 90 366040
4                                UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
Socie@ Ulster
Are you looking for a way                                         Representation
to meet new friends or
simply improve your student                                       and Research
experience here at Ulster?
Joining a society could provide a platform to help you
                                                                  Co-ordinator Rachel Mullan
achieve this.
                                                                  Hi Everyone!
Societies at Ulster cover a range of interests from               I’m Rachel and I’m a newly recruited staff
political parties to recreational activities. Joining a society
guarantees meeting new people with that all important
                                                                  member for UUSU – Academic Representation &
common interest that may provide the basis for new                Research Coordinator! Previously a sabbatical for
friendships and an active social life throughout your years       Magee campus 2010-2011, I have officially been
at university.                                                    bitten by the Students’ Union bug and came back
Your Student Union provides a wealth of information
                                                                  for more as part of the Students’ Union Student
with regards to joining existing societies across all our         Engagement Team.
campuses but we can also help you set up your very own
society. If you have any particular interests then it is likely   I’m here this year as a source of contact for
that there is a number of other students out there within
your university who have the very same interests, so why
                                                                  students who seek advice on any issues which
not set up a new society?                                         concern your academic performance. Please see
                                                                  our website at
Joining an Existing Society
The societies on each campus will be presenting
themselves to the student population at the Freshers              and click on the academic advice section for a
Fayres across all four campuses. Each society will provide        selection of issues perhaps concerning you which
information on how to sign up at this event, alternatively        you can get guidance on!
you can contact your VP Academic & Student Affairs who
can point you in the right direction and provide contacts
and information for any society which may catch your eye.
                                                                  Any burning queries about class representation                                                      or if you are a class rep already then please feel
                                                                  free to contact me at any time!
Starting a New Society
If you are interested in starting a new society, we at the        Looking for someone to contact about ways
students union will help you drum up support and find
other students who are also interested in the content of          in which you can enhance your CV and
your society.                                                     employability chances? Give us a shout! I’m sure
                                                                  we will find something of interest to you!
In order to constitute your society within the students
union and therefore receive funding to help you run it,
the chairperson must present the following items to the           Your Students’ Union are providing you with lots
site societies committee which is held at regular intervals       more opportunities this year such as becoming a
throughout each semester:                                         faculty representative, a volunteer for our Student
                                                                  Information Point and involvement awareness
• a list of 15 student members
including student ID numbers
                                                                  projects such as assessment & feedback,
                                                                  module surveys and the National Student Survey
and                                                               throughout your time here at Ulster!

• a society specific constitution – the student union
supplies a standard form to which additional information
                                                                  I am based in Coleraine but work across 4
may be added in relation to the society’s actions and             campuses. For anything you need just give me a
activities.                                                       shout on and I’ll make sure I
                                                                  get back to you.
The items above must be authorised by the Site VP prior
to the site societies meeting.
                                                                  Best of luck for the forthcoming academic year!
The Students Union is looking forward to hearing your
ideas for new societies and we will provide all the help you      Rachel Mullan
need to ensure these are successful and prosperous.               Tel: 028 70 124319
Join a society, make the most of your students union and
walk away with a top class student experience.
                                            UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                               5
                            Student Officers
     Claire Flanagan                                                                                    Overall
Hi Everyone,                                have the potential to impact on our         the Class Reps to contribute to the
I hope you are all keeping well and         student body, this involves students        revalidation process, making
settling into student life here at the      being involved in the running of the        your course more effective and
University of Ulster.                       Students Union through the various          relevant and essentially better,
                                            Campus and Student Councils. We             ensuring the students voice is heard
With the new semester in full swing,        have now recruited student members          at all point within this process.
we here in the Students’ Union have         for each of our Campus Councils and
been out and about engaging with you        through engaging with these student         The Students’ Union also offers a wide
all and offering the many services and      members we aim to encourage                 range of volunteering opportunities
opportunities we can provide for you        participation in all union activities and   to students with the introduction of
during your time as a student at Ulster.    policy making.                              our new Volunteer Centre, although
                                                                                        the volunteer office is based at
Some of you may be aware that we            Now that you have all become familiar       Jordanstown this is a University wide
have adopted a new democratic               with your studies in the new academic       initiative and we encourage you all to
structure as result of the governance       year we here in the Students’               take part in extra-curricular activities
review carried out last year. Basically     Union have actively sought Class            throughout your time at University. This
we have had a slight reshuffle in           Representatives to come forward and         can boost your personal development
student officers and staff within           ensure their class is represented on a      and ultimately your employability,
the Union in order to make the              number of levels. This may be an issue      helping you all make the most of your
organisation more efficient and student     which can be resolved informally            University experience.
focused. As you will already know           or by sitting on student staff
your Students’ Union is a democratic        consultative committees, bringing forth     Email:
organisation which is here to represent     outstanding issues or requests              Tel: 028 90 366050
you all on a wide range of issues which     by the students. We also encourage

                                            Vice President Academic
                                            & Student Affairs

      Stuart Cannell

Hi Everyone,                                A key task for this year is helping         Finally the Campus Council has
I hope everyone has got settled             develop the Students’ Union                 been selected. If you have any
into their courses already. The             engagement with the arts. This is           issues facing yourself, your class or
year seems to have gotten off to a          being undertaken in several different       just in general, it can be dealt with
brilliant start, with a great vibe in the   ways. With the development of an            in more of a robust way look out for
Belfast Campus.                             Art College magazine, an open               more information about the activities
                                            submission regarding mental health          surrounding this.
This year has seen the start of our         and the possibility of a yearly
new nights out at Love and Death            Students’ Union show – this year is         See you all around campus,
Inc. They have been brilliant, and          going to be the starting year for an        Stuart
I hope everyone can get down to             unbelievable future.
at least one of the nights. We are                                                      Stay in touch with me over
going to start to show muted video          We have finally got a way of                Facebook: Vpbelfast
installation artwork if anyone is           obtaining cash on campus! You are
interested in submitting (Just come         now able to receive cash-back in
find me to find out more).                  The Streat, but don’t worry, an ATM
                                            is on it’s way if everything goes
                                            according to plan!

6                                           UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                          Vice President Academic
                                          & Student Affairs
     Emma Thompson                                                                                   Jordanstown
Hi folks                                  Don’t forget we are here to help in          check it out online or call into the office
With semester one well underway I         the SU you can contact me with any           in the SU foyer.
hope you have all settled in or back      problems you encounter and I will do
into university life.                     my best to help you out. Just call up        You have been letting us know what
                                          to the SU offices, drop me an email or       you think through our Student Shout
These first few weeks have kept           stop me if I’m out and about.                campaigns. Issues raised so far mainly
me busy; visiting as many induction                                                    relate to the LRC and car parking.
classes as possible as well as            There are a range of societies and           Please make your voice heard and fill
University meetings and planning for      clubs to suit all at Jordanstown, if you     in a comment card if you see us along
the weeks ahead. There was also           haven’t joined a society or club it’s not    the Mall or email me with anything
freshers fayre which was a great day      too late – contact details can be found      you would like to see changed in your
with lots of goodies up for grabs and     online at                           University and Students’ Union.
plenty of craic to be had with the body
zorbs and sky jumpers. Other things       . If you are interested in starting a new    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you
that have been going on include the       society it’s not difficult! Please contact   need some help or even just to say
sexual health campaign and the ‘Get       me at                hello. Best of luck for the rest of the
Involved’ fayre as well as regular                                                     semester.
student shout campaigns.                  There are also opportunities not to
                                          be missed in the volunteering centre         Email:
                                                                                       Tel: 028 90 366055

                                          Vice President Academic
                                          & Student Affairs

           Niall Robb
                                          involved and joining all clubs and           Engagement Manager and Rachel
Hello Everyone,                           societies.                                   Mullan, Academic representation and
Well I hope everyone has settled in to                                                 research co-coordinator , we have
the swing of things here at UUC. I’m      With the help of my brand                    started a S.I.P (student information
sure most of yous know me by now          ambassadors we have run a few                point) were all students can call into
but if you don’t feel free to call down   student shouts and I am very grateful        a drop in office and get advice on
for a chat or stop me in university if    of your input and what ideas you want        various issues facing students.
you need something.                       to bring forward to the students union.
                                                                                       I have also been sitting on various
The first weeks of term have been         We have run a successful sexual              meetings which have been
hard but also great fun at UUC and        health campaign along side the               informative and I have represented
all the students have been keeping        university nurses which I hope has got       the student voice on all matters.
me busy.                                  the message out to you the student.
                                                                                       So that’s what I’ve been up to and I
I’m sure you are wondering what has       Our campus council has been                  hope you all have been enjoying your
been going on and what I’ve been          promoted across the campus and               time here and if you need anything
up to.                                    I hope to have a good council set            don’t forget you can drop in at
                                          up and running by the time you are           anytime or send me an email.
Well as you know the freshers fayre       reading this.
was a big success and was enjoyed                                                      Email:
by all (I hope). Plenty of freebees and   With help from Avril Honan, Student          Tel: 028 70 124323
I hope everyone has been getting

                                          UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                             7
                            Student Officers
                                               Vice President Academic
                                               & Student Affairs
    Johanna Gallagher                                                                                       Magee
Hey Magee Students,                            lovely Trad music?? I’m so grateful for    The 1st point is, get involved in as
So I hope you have all settled back in         having such a great team, including our    many things as possible from clubs
and hopefully by this stage new comers         brand ambassadors and all societies        and societies to looking into taking an
have found their feet. I know it takes a       that are so passionate, we have already    Erasmus year or a year in the USA to
while for 1st years to get into the way        accumulated a few wins and so early        volunteering in the community.
of university learning and researching         in the year…. Those of you living in
your own material, as well as learning         Duncreggan Student village are now         The 2nd point is be a good neighbour,
how to cook for yourselves. Being the          enjoying a comfortable trip to and from    the most vital thing to know in life and
young prodigies that you are it shouldn’t      the Students’ Union for FREE every         the hardest thing to learn some times is
have been a problem. But if ever you           Monday and Tuesday on the new Taxi         respect, because we learn by example.
do encounter a problem no matter how           Company Shuttle bus. Another great
big or small, don’t sit waiting on it to fix   night now is to be had on our Fridays,     And the 3rd and not least is balance,
itself or hid from it – come to me, your       were we are proud to hold our 1st          understanding the need for rest as
Welfare Officer.                               LGBT night in years. We also have a        well as study, and if at any stage
                                               Sexual Health Clinic on Mondays at         the pressure gets too much use the
So the 1st couple of weeks of term             12 till 2pm. Already I have a few wee      facilities that are available to you, there
have went fantastically, with the new          ideas up my sleeve.                        is a free counsellor on campus in the
SU structure clicking just as it should                                                   Student Support office, a nurse, Frank
and the ball rolling for campaigns and          So before you drag out your winter        Dunleavy the Union Student Financial
ideas for the year ahead. The Freshers         clothes and see what kind of summer        Advisor, and myself your welfare officer.
balls were a great success with plenty         fun the moths had, please make sure to
of freebies and information about clubs        remember these three things about how      Anyone ever have any questions please
and societies. In case you missed that         to improve your learning socially and      don’t hesitate to call in to my office or
there was another Get Involved fair            academically and over all enhance your     contact me through email or FB.
on the 11th Oct, maybe you heard the           University life and succeed:               Email:
                                                                                          Tel: 028 71 675290

                                               Vice President Campaigns
                                               & Communications
                                               Feedback and Assessment Campaign           Keep up to date with all that is
                                               and organising a Community Campaign        happening within YOUR Students
      Ciara McCann                             over Halloween on all four campuses.       Union on Facebook by liking our
                                               I hope you are seeing the Students         ‘University of Ulster Students Union’
Hi Everyone,
                                               Union team and helpers on your             page, follow us on Twitter @UlsterSu
Semester one is well underway already,
                                               campus promoting the Student Shout         and check out my regular blogs on the
I hope all is going well for you and you
                                               Campaign. This campaign is run every       SU website
are coping alright with this busy time of
                                               week and gives you a chance to tell us
year. If you are getting it tight and feel
                                               how you feel on the hot topics of the      Things to look out for are; Fair Trade
the pressure, please don’t be afraid
                                               week. We will monitor your comments        campaign, Mental Health campaign,
to come and speak to your Students
                                               and try our best to achieve what you       Exam stress campaign, Student Shouts
Union representatives at any time, our
                                               want and communicate our outcomes          and hopefully a student led campaign
doors are always open.
                                               right back to you.                         run by YOU students!
                                                                                          Good Luck for the rest of the Semester.
Campaigns and Communication wise I
                                               Don’t forget you have a voice! Please
have been a busy bee, helping out with
                                               let me know if there is any campaign       All the best Ciara
the Freshers Fayres, running a social
                                               you would like to see run on your
media awareness campaign promoting
                                               campus. If you see me around your          Email:
the Union, organising a Sexual Health
                                               campus please don’t be afraid to say Hi.   Tel: 028 71 675348
awareness campaign, assisting with the

8                                              UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                       Sports Union
        Fintan Woods                                                                          Overall
Hi Everyone,                           students on the Belfast campus          purchased in the each of our sports
I hope you have all settled in well,   interested in sport to come             centres.
went to at least some of your          along and join the clubs on the
classes and haven’t blown all of       Jordanstown campus. The facilities      I would like to wish everyone the
your student loans just yet!           and clubs are there for your use so     best of luck for the rest of the
                                       make I welcome to you to make use       semester both on and of the sports
We have had four very successful       of them.                                fields and don’t be afraid to contact
Freshers Fayres and I would like to                                            the Sports Development Assistants
thank everyone who helped in any       The closing date for the Sports         or myself if you have any sporting
way to make them such a success.       Union raffle is the 31st November.      queries!
If you missed out on the fun don’t     This is a great opportunity for clubs
worry you can still sign up to the     to pump money into their budgets        Email:
sports clubs and societies. Club       and for students, staff and anyone      Tel: 028 90 366057
details are available on the Sports    else to get their hands on some
Union website and check out our        great prizes ranging from £1000 to a    Sports Development Assistants:
Facebook pages for updates.            home cinema!                            Coleraine David Flynn
We now have Sports Development         Finally, just to remind everyone that
Assistants based on three of our       you CANNOT train or play with any       Magee Kevin McCoppin
campuses, three days a week to         sports club unless you have taken       Email:
help our clubs and I would advise      out your Sports Union membership.
them to make the most of this          This costs just £25 and £3 for          Jordanstown Frances Campbell
resource! I would encourage any        any additional club and can be          Email:

                                       Students’ Union
                                       Financial Advisor

                                       Never hesitate to contact Frank
                                       for advice/assistance with your
                                       finances. He will be available
                                       regularly on campus but you should
                                       contact him in the first instance by
      Frank Dunleavy                   Tel: 028 90 366056

                                       The Students’ Union secretary or
                                       the VP Academic & Student Affairs
                                       will also be able to put you intouch
                                       with Frank.

                                       UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                   9
                                                                                   Seek he e
                                                                                   or a

It is never Too late !              If, having drawn up your           out – you should be aware
Most of you will by now have        budget you feel that there         that there are likely to be
begun to realise that the           will be difficulties ahead – do    implications for your funding –
seemingly ‘large’ sum of            something about them NOW           always check it out
money that you got at the start     ! Come and see our Student
of term is perhaps not as ‘large’   Financial Advisor who will help    There is help available so don’t
as you might have thought or        you explore your options.          wait until you are in trouble. Try
might have hoped.                   The important thing is that you    to anticipate any difficulties and
                                    know realistically where you       minimise the stress by talking to
If you have not already drawn       stand and that you take action     someone about it.
up a weekly budget for yourself     at an early stage.
– do yourself a big favour and      A change in your course or in      See Frank’s contact details on
start now! Far better late than     your circumstances.                the Students’ Union Website at
never! Putting a budget down                                 
on paper may not actually give      Please make sure that if for
you more money but it will put      any reason you are making a
you more in control and help        ‘change’ such as leaving your
take some of the worry and          course or changing to another
stress out of never knowing         course or another university or,
where you stand.                    for some reason, taking time

10                                  UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
Keep it safe,
Keep it locked
  By Stuart Cannell, VP Belfast

Members of the Musgrave Neighbourhood Policing Team visit the University of Ulster Belfast Campus to promote Bike Security, with students from
left, Fionnula O’Neill, Malachy McCrudden, Neil Hamilton, and VP Academic & Student Affairs, Stuart Cannell

The Police contacted me                          Here are a few tips on                            • Remove smaller parts and
before the start of the                          good practice:                                    accessories that can’t be
semester about coming                                                                              secured
                                                 • Do not leave cycles in isolated
onto campus to deliver                           places                                            • Security mark your property
information to students
                                                                                                   • Use a good quality D-Lock
regarding the safety                             • Park cycles safely and                          (Already many bicycles have
of personal belongings                           considerately
                                                                                                   been stolen on the Belfast
– especially bicycles. I                                                                           campus due to £1 and old locks
                                                 • Always lock a cycle when
was speechless with the                                                                            – Invest in security your bike!)
                                                 leaving it, even if it’s only for a
figures they gave me in
                                                 few minutes
reference to the amount                                                                            If you bike is stolen inform
of bicycles stolen in the                                                                          the PSNI. If you bike is stolen
                                                 • Secure bikes to proper cycle
Greater Belfast Area.                                                                              on campus, please contact
                                                 stands or robust furniture
                                                                                                   both the PSNI and also the
                                                 • Lock cycles through the frame                   University’s Security team. I
                                                                                                   hope everyone takes this on
                                                 • Secure or remove wheels                         board and they do not let their
                                                                                                   personal belongings get stolen.

                                               UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                                     11
In China
  By Elaine Carroll

The Study China Programme was without a doubt
the most amazing experience of my life. The chaos
started immediately with almost missing the flight and
then losing all of our luggage, but we weren’t going to
let a little thing like that stop us from enjoying what
was going to be the biggest adventure of our lives.
When we eventually arrived in China after a 15hour
flight we were met by an enthusiastic gang of Chinese
volunteers and any sign of jet lag was soon washed
Our accommodation was a guest house            Shanghai is such a magical place and at          Above: Chinese Music Lessons
on the universities ground and I shared        night the whole city comes alive with lights
an apartment with three others and we          twinkling as far as the eye could see. From
each had our own double bedroom and            the city you can see Pudong which is the
shared a large living room. This was a lot     business district and includes the World
more than we expected. The programme           Financial Centre, the world’s second
was so well organised and there was so         tallest building at 101 floors high and also
much already paid for e.g. deposit on          the infamous Oriental Pearl Tower. This
hotel, Chinese SIM cards, breakfast every      could all be seen by walking up The Bund
morning, t-shirts, buses to and from all       along the Huangpu River.
the organised trips and Chinese language
lessons.                                       Having a chance to go to China was
                                               amazing and it very much exceeded my
Our day was very much like a university        expectations. The people and culture are
day. We had language classes in                so completely different to ours. I intend to
the morning for 3 hours, then after a          continue learning the Chinese language           Above: At Traditional Chinese Gardens
lunch break we had various activities          and although it is a very difficult language
including Tai Chi, Chinese music lessons,      to learn due to the different tones used it is
Calligraphy, culture classes and Chinese       a very beautiful language. As a pharmacy
business lectures. Most evenings we            student I feel this will help me in the future
were free to do whatever we wanted and         especially in the pharmacy industry as a
we always had the Chinese volunteers to        lot of the big pharmaceutical companies
help us navigate around Shanghai which         have factories and laboratories in China.
is a massive city of over 19million people.    I have made some very good friends and
The Chinese volunteers came with us and        will be staying in contact with them all.
helped us with our shopping and ordering       In conclusion my time in China although
food when we ate out. This was very            limited has been amazing and no amount
helpful as we could have been ordering         of words can express how much I enjoyed
just about anything off the menu.              this trip.

                                                                                                Above: Along the Bud

                                              UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                               13
Drama and                               DUP                                     DJ
Musical Society                         Society                                 Society
Drama and Musical Society comin         University of Ulster DUP is the         Our aim is, to promote a sense of
at ya Coleraine, prepare to get         University association belonging        community and enterprise through
dramatic!                               Northern Irelands largest political     cultural production and musical
                                        party, the Democratic Unionist Party.   appreciation within Coleraine
The drama and musical society           We are active at all campuses of        Campus. This society is obviously
will meet up once a week, arrange       UU, and have been at the forefront      not exclusively for DJ’s. we are
nights out all together, produce        of promoting and encouraging more       interested in learning/teaching about
variety shows as well as bigger         Unionist participation in political     all styles/genres of music and are
productions and maybe the odd           discussion, debate and involvement      currently in the process of recruiting
flash-mob ;)                            within the University. We regularly     musicians/ people interested in
                                        meet and have guest speakers such       learning about music from the
We meet up every Wednesday in           as local MPs/MLAs and MEP’s. As         campus. We hope to be recruiting
the octagon balcony at 3.15 - 5.15,     an association, we also hold many       local talent for various events,
so anybody with an interest in the      different informal and formal social    ranging widely from a workshop
arts, singing, dancing, drama, stage,   events throughout the year.             on understanding everything
costume, sound, lighting, music,                                                from the studio equipment to the
script writing etc should definitely    We have taken part in and/              typical stage setup from guitars, to
get involved, everyone’s welcome        or helped at number of youth            pedals, to the actual p.a system.
and no experience is needed!            conferences, election campaigns         we are also aiming to hold several
                                        and political events throughout         events around the university, both
Remember “all the world’s a stage”      Northern Ireland, and each year,        collaborating with dj’s and also
and all that jazzzz :D                  we visit governmental buildings at      events such as a battle of the
                                        Stormont, Westminster and at local      bands, open mic night, and various
                                        council level.                          other gigs.

                                        Our existence at UU as the largest
                                        Unionist grouping has proven that       UUC DJ Music Society
                                        Unionists now have a strong and         Search for us on facebook
                                        united voice at the University and      new members welcome!
                                        within their Students Union. Since
                                        our association formation, more
                                        students have got actively involved
                                        at UU and within local politics. This
                                        is a trend that we hope continues.

                                        We encourage students to get
                                        involved as it not only encourages
                                        participation at the University, it
                                        becomes an important part of the
                                        University experience for many.
                                        Joining Ulster DUP also provides an
                                        opportunity to get good experience,
                                        and acts as platform to speak to the
                                        countries main decision makers on
                                        a regular basis.


14                                      UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
The Accounting Society is about
changing the common ‘boring’
perception of accountants.

The message is simple - get
INVOLVED and making your uni
experience unforgettable!!                Law                                       Jordanstown
Every year we host mystery tours,         Society                                   Elite Marketing
themed nights out, host sports
events every week and supply              The Law Society leaves a lot of
personalised accounting hoodies for       people wondering what we are and          Society (JEMS)
you to get branded!!                      what it is that we actually do. We
                                          are not as some people believe a          Jordanstown Elite Marketing Society
We are also your voice to make the        glorified drinking club! Well … we        (JEMS) was set up in September
department listen. It’s free to join...   do organise fun nights out which,         2010. The society has 3 main aims:
so why not??                              in the past, have included mystery
                                          tours and of course the end of year       1. To help Bsc (Hons) Marketing
For updates on events - follow us         formal but that is only half of what      students from all the different
on Facebook by searching UUJ              the Law Society is about. We also         year groups interact and form a
Accounting Society.                       run academic activities like moots        cohort.
                                          (which look great on your C.V.),
UUJ Accounting Society Chair              debates and talks from revered            2. To enhance the reputation of the
Aidan Rush                                professionals such as Mr Justice          student affiliation by
                                          Weir and Justice Minister David           organising and raising money
                                          Ford to name but a few. And you           through charitable events.
                                          don’t have to do law to join! If any of
                                          the above has sparked your interest,      3. To organise an annual formal
                                          whether you are a law student or          event.
                                          not, and would like to contact us
                                                                                    The society itself is student led and
                                          Email:         provides great experience
                                                                                    for future CVs as well as an
                                                                                    opportunity to meet new people. All
                Full List of Societies                                              marketing students are welcome,
                  @                                                    and we hope to see more new
                                                                                    members in September.

                                          UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                     15

The LGBT Society at Magee is here to offer support, help and guidance to any LGBT Student or any
students needing help with an LGBT family member or friend. Also we have started our own LGBT
night on a Friday in the Students’ Union called “Revival.” Although dormant for the last few years
we hope to gain support throughout the year and work together with such groups as ‘The Rainbow
Project’ and ‘Foyle Pride’ to integrate the society into the larger LGBT community. If you have any
inquiries or need some confidential advice contact the society:

                Revival      IN ASSOCIATION WITH LGBT SOCIETY
                 Every Friday Night
                                                                                         kindly sponsored by

18                               UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
A Helping Hand
for People
who are Homeless
this Winter
Simon Community NI is calling for
volunteers and fundraisers this

Simon Community NI is                From the organisation’s                • Client Representative (In
a voluntary organisation             beginnings in 1971, they have          development)
which provides emergency             recognised that addressing             • Homelessness Prevention
accommodation, advice and            homelessness is more than              Programme
community support for people         providing a roof.                      • Freephone- a 24 hour/ 7 days
who are homeless or those                                                   a week helpline to provide
who are at risk of becoming          With this in mind, they                advice and support to those
homeless.                            developed a range of                   who are homeless or at risk of
                                     services to meet other                 becoming homeless.
If you are interested in helping     needs associated with being
to raise money over the winter       homeless-                              To stay updated with what the
months contact one of the            • Services for Families                organisation are doing and for
fundraising team on                  • Services for Young People            up and coming events, click
90 232 882.                          • Rent and Deposit Bond      
                                     scheme                                 or search ‘Simon Community
                                     • Harm Reduction Service               Northern Ireland’ on Facebook.

Would you like a helping hand
on the Coleraine campus?
My name is Jackie Cairns,             quality of enjoyment and ability to   the staff who help support their
and some of you may have              complete assignments could be         needs. It should meet regularly -
seen me roaming around                hampered if you aren’t aware of       perhaps four times per academic
Coleraine Campus with my              the support available. You may        year - to discuss accessibility
Specialist Campus Assistant,          not even realise you require extra    issues of buildings, textbooks,
Bernie. I am totally blind,           support until you get going, so       venues and even educating staff
and Bernie gives me all the           it’s just as well that the Helping    to be more aware and empathetic.
support I require while I am
                                      Hand group, in conjunction with
on campus undertaking my
                                      Student Support Services, could       So if you are interested in
part-time BA Honours degree
                                      assist you.                           joining Helping Hand, please
in Journalism with English.
                                                                            contact me via Student Support
Studying at university is
                                      I want to set up Helping Hand so      Services, and let’s see if we can
challenging, but a worthwhile and
                                      that a student with any kind of       make the University of Ulster a
rewarding partnership between
                                      disability, no matter how minor       happier, more accessible place
staff and student. But if you have
                                      or impairing, can ask for support.    for everyone who wants to study
a disability, or any minor problem
                                      The group should be represented       here.
that impairs you, then your
                                      by students with disabilities and

                                     UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                              19
                        • Magee
Coleraine • Jordanstown

Monday 12th Dec 2011

Monday 12th Dec 2011

Thursday 15th Dec 2011
                              Kindly sponsored by
By Michelle Crawford

I am currently studying                 dance carried out by the
for a PhD with the                      women of the tribes mostly at
diabetes research group                 times of celebration. The “poi”
at the University of Ulster             orignally were rocks tethered
Coleraine Campus and I                  to handles by rope which
have an unusual hobby I                 were beaten off the bodies of
would like to share with                warriers as training to keep
you - I play with fire.                 them fit, poi for dancing now is
                                        normally leather sacks on cord -
Most people see fire dancers            a lot less dangerous.
when they are off exploring
Thailand, Malaysia or some              The poi dancing in New
hippy dotted beach in Bali, not         Zealand is a lot different to the
for me. My first encounter with         dancing I do. I use props
the hypnotic dance was in 2001          similar to the Maori ones
at a festival in the exotic island      only made from kevlar which
of the north coast known as             enables them to be soaked in
“Rathlin”.                              fuel and burnt

It wasn’t until 2005 when I             I concentrate on making
finally picked up my first set of       patterns and shapes with the
“poi”- in a rural village called        flames as I dance about. Is it
Sillimae close to the Estonian          dangerous? Well yes- as with
border with Russia. I was hear          everything if you don’t take due
on a youth exchange program             care :)
which taught people from all
over Europe to communicate              I also play with fire hula hoops,
without using language- circus          staffs and fans! I would really
skills and clowning! When I             love to meet other people on
arrived back in Northern Ireland        the Coleraine campus who
I ordered my first set of “fire poi”    would be interested in learning
from New Zeland and waited              the basics of hoop or poi:
patiently for them to arrive. 

Why New Zealand? Well “poi    
dancing”is actually a Maori   

                                       UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011               21
 (NOT) The
 Northern Ireland
 Music Awards
  By Chris Wright

There is increasing frustration amongst Northern Ireland’s musicians at the
announcement of the Northern Ireland Music Awards by AU magazine and Oh
Yeah. This act alone was enough to start a war of words on the internet as the
Trolls hit sites like Fast Fude and Twitter to complain at the lack of accountability
or impartiality of a body and a magazine that are so heavily Government funded.
These protesters feel strongly that             I also asked some other local artists to          Just look at the prestigious host for the
these two companies do not represent            see what they thought:                            evening, Rigsy. The usual kowtowing
the Northern Irish Music Scene as a             “I think it’s called NIMA so they would get       to Mr ‘Across the Line’ himself who,
whole, but that they exist only to serve        the funding. If it was called AU awards not       incidentally, was recently caught out with
themselves. While this is the main bone of      enough people would care. It’s called what        his name on a review of a gig he wasn’t
contention the musicians also feel that it is   it is to appease box tickers.”                    even at. To add insult to injury, when the
not inclusive, as NI produces a wealth of                                                         show he represents was later asked why
talent across all genres that seem to have      “The implied wide scope of the event title        certain bands were not reviewed at a
been ignored. In other words people want        however, coupled with the obvious ties            local festival, the response was, “We tried
to know what gives AU Magazine and              the nominees have to the magazine, give           to cover main stage as much as poss,
Oh Yeah the right to decide who gets a          other musical social groups ammunition            and sometimes had to make choices
NORTHERN IRELAND Music Award?                   to label the whole process as rife with           depending on who was covering as they
                                                cronyism and ignorance; even if this isn’t        may have know(n) members of the band”.
For those of you living under a rock for        actually the case at all. Added frustration
the past week may be unaware that               ensues when people realize that they are          Good to know it is only friends of ATL who
NIMA nominees LaFaro took a stand               partially footing the bill for it, since the      get a review. I wonder if any of them were
against these awards last Thursday              event is sponsored by The Tourism Board,          among the “dozens of NI music experts –
during their new album launch at the            Invest NI and Belfast City Council; and           journalists, promoters, DJs and more” who
Limelight in Belfast. LaFaro’s bassist          organized by AU and Oh Yeah which rely            have allegedly cast their votes for these
Cahir O’Doherty (also, Fighting With Wire)      on government funding to maintain their           awards. We’ll probably never know as AU
spoke to the crowd straight from the heart      existence.”                                       has refused to provide the names when
and it appeared that the majority of the                                                          requested by angry musicians.
audience echoed his sentiment. This led         “Awards, nearly all of them, are decided
to a #flamewar on twitter with O’Doherty        by c**k-chugging. It’s more than who you          I have not asked AU or Oh Yeah for
hitting a wall of abuse from AU’s top dog       know, it’s who you blow. Merit is rarely a        comments on this issue as they have
Jonny Tiernan (@jonnytiernan) and BBC           factor, and even if it is, it wasn’t spotted      made it clear that they are including all
featherweight Rigsy Sy (@rigsy). Ahem,          by AU or Oh Yeah. Ask any band where              genres because they have an Electronic
his words are his own, not the BBC’s.           they received most of their support, and          Artist category. How can you argue with
                                                neither of those will be mentioned. Except        that logic?
I caught up with Cahir himself to               by those who are not worth the price of
discuss his views on the NIMAs.                 a set of ernie balls. I appreciate the sell       So call it the AU awards, call it the AU/Oh
“I think with all the cuts to funding           factor for artists, on a bigger picture scale,    Yeah awards, call it the Golden Globes for
for music and the arts and with BBC             but I wouldn’t want to know any boring            all we care. It is not the Northern Ireland
introducing under the axe too, an awards        w**ker that has a vested interest in a piece      Music Awards.
show is a waste of time, money and              of brass, even though they know they’re
effort! I’m disappointed with the people        unworthy.”
organising this, these awards aren’t
helping anyone but then it seems that they      It seems that AU magazine and Oh Yeah
have excluded people who actually go to         are trying to fill the void left by the closing
gigs, buy records and support their fav         of the Northern Ireland Music Industry
local bands, surely if there HAS to be an       Commission last year and seem to believe
awards show the general public should           that they now speak for the ‘Industry’
vote?                                           while many question their credibility on the
                                                matter. Some wonder how Tiernan can sit
That’s my two cents, I may have offended        and play fat controller over all things music
the organisers by calling them a bunch of       here while his puppets engage in what can
c***s (whoops) I probably could’ve chosen       only be described as cultural nepotism.
my words better, I do get a bit hot headed

22                                              UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
never lets you
take a break!
 By Olivia McCurry

In September 2010 I had             and who wakes up every day            Dealing with a mental illness
to take a year out from             trying desperately to struggle        that is still a taboo amongst
studies due to family               out of bed because they know if       us all is a struggle in itself and
bereavement, this in its            they do, that they have to keep       I am continuing to struggle,
own right was more than             fighting for the rest of the day,     someday the fight is a lot
hard to deal with, so               yes it becomes a daily battle         harder than others but as I
there I am, dealing with            with your own head and yes            embark on my final year of
the heartbreak that life            it will always be hard but one        studies and the rest of my life
forever likes to throw at           thing I have learnt is that if you    I certainly hope that I begin
you, no job, no university          don’t take that step every single     to win the fight, just as I wish
life and really nothing             day to get up and get out into        all other sufferers of mental
                                    the world that once seemed a          illnesses the very same thing.
to focus on but the ever
                                    darker duller shade of its former     Many of you may be returning
spiralling black hole that
                                    self then the path will indeed        to studies after some time out,
was depression.                     be a lot longer. The past year        it is a very hard decision to
                                    has indeed been harder than           break away from university but
I have always suffered from         any words could even begin            for everyone who does so for
depression and anyone who           to explain, the pain of losing        whatever reason, may it be for
is also a sufferer will only        a loved one, being a shoulder         financial reasons or like myself
ever know that it can be            to cry on when deep inside            because of your health, the one
made worse or better by the         you’re screaming, “please won’t       thing that will keep you focused
smallest of things, like flicking   someone give me a shoulder to         is that you can always return
a light switch, your emotions       cry on and take away this head        when you feel ready, education
go quickly into overdrive. So       full of thoughts that do nothing      will never just stop, the door will
when something comes along          but torture me”.                      always remain open. This is
that turns your life upside down                                          something that I have come to
then the effects can be even        Depression should not be              realise first hand.
worse. Waking up every day          something that is just simply,
to really find nothing ahead to     “all in your head”, it should
look forward to but possibly not    be treated in the very same
trying to cry at the slightest of   way as any serious illness
things. Every waking moment         because as suicide rates rise,
becomes a rollercoaster of          depression being mainly to
emotions, sadness, despair,         blame for an extremely large
loneliness of the situation that    amount of suicides in today’s
you are in, the very thought        world, everyone should realise
of trying to laugh becomes a        that yes it is in fact our heads
distant memory, you think if        that makes us feel the way that
you do try to laugh or smile        we do and not everyone can
that you are almost two-timing      be lucky to be able to filter their
the partner in your life that has   feelings.
become depression.
For everyone who is out there

24                                  UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
 By Sindile Moyo

I choose her, no take her,   So goes or rather went the         is like going to a theme park,
NO I think I’d rather go     process of selecting students to   the real experience doesn’t
for that one, well okay      attend university this academic    begin until you get on those
but we must take those       year. The author assumes, of       frenetic roller-coasters for a bit
two. That’s acceptable,      course, that the selection of      of a tossing about. So get on
how many places do we        students for academic study        and enjoy, because whether
have left? One, One?         is like the selection of cows      you like it or not the tossing
Yes!!! Ok so which one       for a breeding experiment          comes with the ride.
can we choose from           on a farm. The economic
these masses? Well, let’s    downturn, the policies, the        Curiously though, a few days
take him; he seems to        fees and everything else are       before we were due to begin I
                             putting enough pressure on the     sat contemplating second year
be more of what we are
                             needle hole that is education,     and found myself overwhelmed
looking for!!!
                             resulting in a limited view and    by the desire to get the most
                             thus making the job of pushing     out of my university experience.
                             the thread through the hole        I looked at the papers and saw
                             that much more difficult. The      a multitude of people that didn’t
                             chances of going to University     get a place in the course they
                             seem to be less than those         wanted or just didn’t get a place
                             of buying a lottery ticket and     at all and I was gripped by the
                             actually winning. It seems the     need to show that I deserved
                             world has become a minefield       this place; that whatever
                             and only those patient enough      potential ‘they: as in the
                             to wade through it, get to the     university place givers’ saw in
                             other side: the side of safety,    me that made them choose me
                             unscathed.                         for the spot I now hold: I would
                                                                live up to. I was and still am
                             I suppose then, that all of        shocked at the strength of this
                             us that have the privilege         desire as I was always of the
                             of beginning or continuing         mind that my attending Uni was
                             study this year should be          in some way a favour to some
                             congratulated for making           unknown and undeserving
                             the cut, even by the skin          society.
                             of our teeth and knuckles.
                             Congratulations indeed.            However, I have begun to
                             But, I daresay that is just the    see that it is the other way
                             beginning. Being at university     around; to attend university is

26                           UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                       To do list:
                                       1. Go shopping                       6. Find work
                                       buy sensible clothes that won’t      experience
                                       choke the life out of you or         the market out there now
                                       leave you so cold during winter      desires more than just a
a privilege, one many others           that your numb mind wouldn’t         degree, so if it is that you can’t
do not have the opportunity            know how to send a signal            find a part time job, then look
to enjoy. Furthermore it is a          to your numb-er hands. Lol.          for voluntary work. Anything
chance to enlarge my influence         Seriously though look after you,     that will make you employable.
such that my voice could               a sick horse is useless.
become a significant part of                                                7. And finally, tune
the voice for this nation. Hence       2. Attend lectures                   in to all the available
with this view in mind I have          forget everyone that tells you
                                       that it is not necessary. They
                                                                            resources. Some
been bent on searching for as
many opportunities as possible         will make you fail!! ...With that,   include
that would benefit a student           listen to your tutors. Believe me
like me: so that when I finally        they know better.                    • The Edge Award
do graduate, I would have
gained a lot more than just my                                              • University Competitions
                                       3. Study                             available for all Ulster students
degree but also the title deed         we all know the amount of
for it. I would have paid-the-         hours of personal study we
price, toiled nail and skin and                                             • Opportunities to take part in
                                       need to do so make sure that
more conveniently enjoyed                                                   something: all this is usually
                                       you hit at least half the hours if
every biting and somewhat                                                   sent to your uni e-mail. So
                                       you intend to do better than just
pleasurable experience. I                                                   remember to check your email.
                                       an average mark.
then consider that as I have
been so affected with this air                                              • The Student Hub: Student
                                       4. Think                             Services for you.
of achievement, that it would
                                       I am amazed at what one can
be unworthy of me or rather
                                       achieve when they think for
unkind to not share with you
                                       themselves. This is university,
                                                                            Finally be
what I have discovered. Hence                                               AT EASE &
                                       if you don’t think for yourself
I share with you a small piece
                                       others will do it for you.           ENJOY THE RIDE!!!
of what the university can do
for you and what you can do                                                 BEST WISHES
for yourself and the university.       5. Read widely
I hope that the common                 you are enrolled in an academic
absurdity of it will at least cause    institution. The point of the
you to laugh out loud, even as         studies you are doing is to give
you go home contemplating its          you academic knowledge… so
truths. And so, here we go, my         search for it and use it. Use the
to do list passed on.                  LRC that is why it is there.

                                      UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                             27
Take a
Step for
All across the UK,         A Fairtrade University or          with the Fairtrade Foundation’s
students and university    College is one that has made       vision of an even bigger
and college staff are      a commitment to supporting         movement for positive change
doing fabulous things      and using Fairtrade. They          on unfair trade, including
                           ensure that Fairtrade products     making the switch to buying
to make their campuses
                           are available in as many           Fairtrade.
more ethical. And one of   places as possible and they
great things is around     raise awareness of Fairtrade       The Fairtrade Foundation is
raising awareness and      and the benefits that it brings    challenging the public to take
availability of products   to producers in developing         a step in the right direction by
with the FAIRTRADE         countries with students and        thinking about what they can
                           staff.                             do every day, every week or
                                                              every month throughout 2012
                           There are now over 140             to make a difference to the lives
                           Fairtrade Universities and         of the third world farmers who
                           Colleges in the UK, with many      produce the products they buy
                           more working towards status,       – whether that be buying an
                           and the University of Ulster       extra cup of Fairtrade coffee on
                           is well on its way to gaining      the way to work or making sure
                           Fairtrade University Status.       their weekly shopping baskets
                                                              contain one or two extra
                           As part of the commitment          Fairtrade products like Fairtrade
                           to Fairtrade, universities are     tea or bananas, or encouraging
                           supposed to promote annual         their friends and family to follow
                           Fairtrade Fortnight campaign       suite.
                           and the next Fairtrade Fortnight
                           is 26 February – 11 March          With this theme for Fairtrade
                           2012.                              Fortnight 2012, consumers
                                                              and supporters, commercial
                           ‘Take a Step’ for Fairtrade is     partners and retailers,
                           this year’s campaign call to       community organisations and
                           people in the UK to engage         faith groups, and schools and
universities are all encouraged   The campaign call seeks to          taking a small step like buying a
to build an awareness of the      appeal to the broad range of        Fairtrade product they can help
FAIRTRADE Mark, increase          audiences, hoping to sweep          make a big change to the lives
sales of Fairtrade products and   new people in by asking             of farmers by supporting them
campaign on issues of trade       everyone to take a small step       to make their own journeys to
justice.                          towards a fairer world, and         a better future” says Eileen
                                  keeping the Fairtrade stalwarts     Maybin, spokesperson for the
Together, the Foundation wants    galvanised by ambitious targets     Fairtrade Foundation
the public to take 1.5 million    to see how many people in their
steps for Fairtrade in 2012.      area they can get to join them      According to latest TNS
That’s one for every Fairtrade    in taking Fairtrade steps.          figures current awareness
producer around the world.                                            of the FAIRTRADE Mark is
Each one leads to a better deal   In a change to recent               77%. Results of a global
that millions of farmers and      campaigns, Fairtrade Fortnight      study carried out for Fairtrade
workers in developing countries   in 2012 will kickstart a year       International by international
urgently need. The public         of Fairtrade activities, aimed      opinion research consultancy
will be able to register their    at inspiring people not to just     GlobeScan, released this
own steps on a special online     think about Fairtrade for the       Autumn, showed that Fairtrade
‘stepometer’.                     period of Fairtrade Fortnight       is the most widely recognized
                                  but to get them more involved       ethical label globally. Six out of
The theme was chosen to           with Fairtrade at different times   ten consumers in the UK (59%)
conjure up the concept of a       throughout the year. The            believe their own shopping
journey in people’s minds         ‘steps’ theme will continue         choices can make a real
to explain that, although         for World Fair Trade Day, in        difference to the lives of farmers
those at either end of the        the Summer of Fairtrade and         and workers in poorer countries
supply chain – the producers      beyond.                             and four out of five (83%) say
and the consumers – have                                              that they look to companies
made a great start towards a      “Fairtrade is forever, not just     they deal with to help in
better trade system through       for two weeks. Throughout           reducing poverty through the
Fairtrade, there is still a       2012 the Fairtrade Foundation       way they do business.
long journey ahead to bring       wants to bring the public a step     Visit
about meaningful change.          closer to understanding that by      step for further information on
                                                                       how to get involved.
                                                                                     STUDENT OPINION

Steve Jobs
  By Scott Gallagher

“Thank God for Steve Jobs” were my        The mastermind behind the Mac,
exact words as my iPhone blinked          and the iPod, and the iPhone (and
with directions. It was dark, and I was   the endless list of iGadgets) who
late, and there was somewhere very        revolutionised how we use technology
important I needed to be. There was no    succumbed to a cancer battle and died
time to get lost.                         October 5th.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you          This is a devotion to Steve Jobs, an
Steve” I said out loud as my rectangle    entrepreneurial hero. Without his ideas
shaped screen lit up and transformed      and passion, I never would have got
itself into my very own personal Sat      an iPod for Christmas, or had the
Nav.                                      opportunity to watch a movie on my
Immediately I was on the right path,
and not on the road less taken, to my     Apple’s creativity and design is unique
destination. Any other day I would have   and something the world has fallen in
congratulated myself on investing in      love. At a graduation speech made
such a great phone choice, but not        at Stanford University in 2005, Steve
today.                                    stated that “the only way to do great
                                          work is to love that you do.”
Today, of all days, was the day I was
most grateful and appreciative of the     That, I believe, is very good advice.
mind of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and       Advice I’ll keep in mind once I graduate
co-founder.                               and begin to search for jobs on the
                                          pages of the internet on the tablet of
It was also the day, I, among Apple       my iPhone. An experience I’ll never
fans worldwide, felt compassion for       now take for granted.
Steve and his work. It was the day the
technological innovator and genius
passed away.

For once it wasn’t us!
  By Sarah Ellis

You may all remember the riots that       events such as St. Patricks Day
took place in London at the end of        in 2009. This goes to show that
the summer. Being a citizen of a          a lack of education really has no
country that has been renowned            standing in this argument. On the
for its ability to throw a ‘good’ riot;   other hand, thousands of students
I felt strangely proud that for once      across the country will graduate
it wasn’t us in the spotlight for         with significant debt. They are also
participating in ‘bad behaviour’.         going through university with a
                                          relative lack of money, some living
The government of course jumped           in exceptionally dire accommodation
on this earnestly suggesting that         far surpassed by some council
the problem was the result of a           housing. So here are students on
percentage of today’s youth growing       our doorstep, some living in relative
up in deprived social environments,       poverty (most not from particularly
with a lack of education and social       affluent backgrounds), and they
standing. Although, over here in          are not rioting and looting at every
our own wee country we have seen          opportunity. Therefore a question
‘well educated students’ partaking        to you, does education and social
in similar behaviour in major             standing bear any impact on whether
                                          the youth of today turn to violence
                                          and thuggish behaviour or not?

30                                        UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                                                 STAND OUT
                                                                 FROM THE
 Above: Stephanie Tares, Marketing student who has signed up for the Edge

Calling all first and second year full-time *undergraduates!
*(includes integrated master degree programmes eg. MEng, MSci, MPharm.)
Do you know the University has                                   and show a commitment to your               will make me more employable. My
recently launched an exciting new                                personal development.                       achievements will be recorded on an
initiative to help enhance your                                  The EDGE Award will enable you to:          official graduation transcript for any
employability? No? Read on …                                     • Increase your confidence and your         prospective employer to view.
To stand out from the crowd a good                               abilities                                   I have recently undergone an extremely
degree is essential, but it’s not enough.                        • Gain valuable employability skills        competitive process to acquire my
With more and more graduates entering                            • Articulate your skills and                current placement and this has really
the workforce, competition for jobs is                           achievements effectively in preparation     confirmed to me how competitive
extremely competitive. Currently for                             for the graduate job market                 securing a job in the marketplace
every graduate job there are over sixty                          • Have that something extra when            will be. This time I only had internal
applications being received!                                     applying for employment                     competition, but when I graduate I’ll
The Ulster EDGE Award has been                                   • Add value to your experience at Ulster    be up against students who graduated
designed to enhance your employability                                                                       before me and who will more than likely
by providing official recognition and                                                                        have some work experience under
                                                                 Get involved … Get the edge!
evidence of activities outside your                                                                          their belt. I’ll also be competing against
programme of study. It is taken in                               How?                                        students graduating the same year as
addition to your degree and enrolment                                                                        me from throughout the UK, Ireland and
is FREE. The Award will be presented                             • Registration: You can find out            beyond! Now however, with the launch
to you at graduation and will be                                 information about the EDGE Award as         of the EDGE award I feel that this will
included in your Higher Education                                well as register online via the Award       level out the playing field when it comes
Achievement Report (HEAR) which                                  website.                                    to even getting to the interview stage
provides the opportunity for students to                                                                     as it will give me an ‘edge’ over the
showcase their employability skills to                           • Induction: Attend an induction session,   competition.
potential employers.                                             delivered by the Career Development
                                                                 Centre team, where we’ll get you            Being involved in this Award makes
Take advantage of this                                           started on the Ulster EDGE Award and        me a lot more confident that I will get
opportunity to boost your                                        give you advice on how to make the          a job when I graduate and makes me
                                                                 most from your involvement.                 feel that I am getting as much out of my
career prospects!                                                                                            university experience as I am putting
Employers are placing more emphasis                                                                          in.”
on recruiting graduates who not only                             • Ongoing Support: Ongoing support for
have a degree but who are also                                   the Award will be provided by the EDGE
                                                                 team within the Career Development          To find out more details
equipped with key transferable skills                                                                        about the Award visit:
and have a desire to learn more and                              Centre, as well as by academics and
                                                                 the Students’ Union.                        a) the ‘my career’ tab on the Ulster
improve their capabilities during their                                                                      portal
time at university. They are looking
                                                                 Stephanie Tares, Marketing student
for graduates who can demonstrate                                                                            b) the web:
to them evidence of their skills and                             has signed up for the Award
competencies.                                                    Stephanie says:
                                                                 “I feel the EDGE Award is a very            c) contact a member of the Award team
When you enrol on the Award you will                                                                         for any specific queries,
engage in a wide range of activities                             valuable initiative for students of the
                                                                 University and by having this Award         email:
which will boost your career prospects
                                                                 in addition to my degree, I believe,
  Students’ Union

Campus Council
Election Results
The Campus Council represents students on their particular campus. As part time
Officers on the Campus Council these students will have the opportunity to talk to fellow
students and find out the issues that are affecting them. The officers then bring this to
the Council for the Union to take action on resolving these – either informally with the
University or by planning a campaign to make change happen at Stormont

 Part-time SU Officers
Belfast                Coleraine             Jordanstown             Magee
Tammy-Leigh Carr       Mark Bell             Lindsey Agnew           Stephanie Conn
Neil Hamilton          Jackie Cairns         Rosalie Edge            Keara Downey
Liam-Padraig Hanna     Jemma Dolan           Hannah-Louisa Ellison   Mike Graham
Roisin Magill          Ruaidhri McManus      Matthew Gray            Eamonn
Malachy McCrudden      Dermot Mulholland     Jonathan Lavery         McCudden
Fionnuala O’Neill                            Paul McCrum             Philip Rabbett
Antonia Stewart                              Felicity McKee
Ethan Smyth                                  Christopher Shannon
When the Mirror Lies
Thoreau once said and I quote,               (Or not, depending on which side of                  And honestly folks I do try really hard
“The question is not what you look           the fence you sit) but it is people who              not to look like Lily Savage or Mae
at, but what you see”. For me, with          change it, and make it a magical place.              McFetteridge, I do try to be authentic.
a let’s say interesting life history,        And yes I am an optimist, and yes I                  I love shopping, I worry about my
that quote succinctly explains how           know the world faces just as many                    makeup, or if my tights are laddered,
people like me feel every day.               problems sif not more than it did in the             and, “Does my bum look big in this?”
                                             20th century. But what has all this to               I get ratty, and bossy, cry at Adele’s
 Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a           do with me and my article about being                songs and drink too much red wine. I
M/F (male to female) transgendered           a transgendered person living in the                 do things now I should have done when
person. So far it’s taken me 5 years to      local community? Well whether you                    I was 17, go dancing, wear short skirts,
transition (or become the female that I      agree with what I am doing or saying,                and have a laugh. But by far the best is,
realised I was when I was 9 years old)       or think, I have not got two heads, and              I’ve started Uni, something that in my
although for the previous 45 years I did,    the last time I looked I didn’t see any              wildest dreams I never thought I would
believe me, try to be a “man” whatever       horns. I have been born into the same                achieve. I have still quite a way to go on
that means. I failed disastrously            world as you; I have the same rights to              this road I have chosen, but I’m getting
because basically I had a female brain.      be happy, safe, loved and respected,                 there. But what dear reader do I require
Sounds complicated I know, but gender        to have a fulfilling life, as far as it is           from you, and my adopted community?
dysphoria is quite a complicated and         possible in the 21st century. I am not               I want you to look, but see who I really
controversial issue.                         a ”tranny”,”she male”,”shim”etc, I am                am, as Thoreau said. I want you to see
                                             Jennifer and it’s very nice to meet you.             Jennifer and be kind, think of how much
But you might say “Oh no not another         I am a happy person, a lot happier than              anguish, pain, and sacrifice it has taken
bleeding heart from a minority               5 years ago, and yes it has been at                  for Jennifer to blossom, and that no
community complaining about how              great personal cost, but when I look in              matter what you think of me and other
hard their life is, and how the rest of      the mirror it doesn’t tell lies anymore.             transgender people, we have really had
the world is so unfair!” Well heads up       Imagine, if you can, that every morning              no choice. We just couldn’t stand lying
people the world is unfair, but it is also   that you woke up and looked in the                   mirrors!
a wonderful and magical place most of        mirror, the person staring back at you,
the time. What makes the world such          was not the person you really are inside
a magical place are the people in it,        your head, the mirror was in effect
and yes the natural world is wondrous,       lying. I faced that paradox most of my
and mankind has made great strides in        life until I started to transition, and be
his pursuit of knowledge of that world.      Jennifer 24/7.

SIP Student Information Point

                                                                                                      M De
  By Sarah Brunton SIP Volunteer             students have gone before you and
                                             survived, and many more will come
Is your housemate slacking when              throughout the years and take on the
it comes to doing the dishes? Are
                                             same worries and stress, this is why we
your lecturers stressin’ you out
                                             are here. Need to change your modules
by piling the work on? Is your
bank balance telling you to get
                                             but don’t know how? You can come to
lost when you want more money?               SIP. Want to know how to deal with a                      Coleraine Uni-Bar Food
                                             bossy landlord? You can come to SIP.
Don’t worry, help is here!
                                             The Student Information Point is there                  Staff &
Starting university is stressful enough,     for any questions, big or small, that you
being away from home, having to
wash your own clothes, make your
                                             may have about student life. We are
                                             trained to listen and provide the best                  Welcome
own dinner, and decipher what exactly        possible advice for each situation. We
the vacuum cleaner is for! Never             are ear for you!                                          • Beef or Veg Burger
mind having to deal with finance and
academic issues, housing problems or         SIP is a friendly, confidential service
                                             for students. All volunteers are trained
                                                                                                       • Meat or Veg Pizza
your health. This is where SIP comes
                                             to know how to deal with your queries,                    & Garlic Ciabatta
in, the Student Information Point.
                                             and will do so in a reliable way. SIP
Designed to provide information and
                                             allows Students Union Officers to focus                   • Soup & Baked Potato
support on many problems and queries
that students have. Run as a ‘clinic’,       on making your university experience
                                             more enjoyable. Don’t let your stress

SIP will be open for a few hours each                                                                              Includes a pint of
day where trained volunteers will be         build up until you realize that you are
                                             never going to make your deadlines on                                 Carlsberg or large coke/
on hand to answer your questions or
refer you to someone who knows more.         time. Just come and take a sip from the                               large fanta /large sprite
SIP will run alongside Student Support,      friendly, confidential, reliable service for
                                             students.                                                             Large coke or large

the difference being however, that SIP
volunteers will be students who have
                                             Student Information Point (SIP):
                                                                                                                   fanta or large sprite £2
most likely been in the same situation       where student life is made that little bit easier.                    with any food order
that you are facing. Believe me, many

34                                           UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
Raise & Give
RAG (Raise and Give) is the fundraising body of the Students Union!
They organize events and raids to raise money for local, national and international charities. So if you’re interested in raising
money for worthy causes and enjoying yourself whilst doing it then contact your Vice President Academic and Student Affairs:

 Name                                        Campus                                      Email

 Stuart Cannell                              Belfast                           

 Niall Robb                                  Coleraine                         

 Emma Thompson                               Jordanstown                       

 Johanna Gallagher                           Magee                             

                              Go With The
                                      Niall and Fintan
                                     have been growing his hair from week one in
                                      order to raise money for the RAG charities.

                                   So lets support them from the word ‘grow’ and on
                                    the 13th of February let’s ‘Robb’ Niall
                                       and Fintan of their hair for a good cause.

36                                         UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
        C lass
 Why become a Class Rep

There are too many benefits to list here but most
importantly your contribution can have a positive
impact on the student learning experience.
Plus it looks great on your CV and you can take
part in an online module which you will receive
accreditation for!

 How do I become a Class Rep

Speak to your Course Director if you want to put
yourself forward for your Class Rep Election.
The Election takes place by week 4 of the first
semester, the successful candidate will be the
person who receives the most votes from their
course colleagues.

 What does becoming a Class Rep involve?

You will represent the views and opinions of your
course colleagues with regard to the course you
all study. This includes commenting on things
that work well, giving constructive criticism of
things that don’t work so well, and suggestions
on areas for consideration for the course.

 Where can I find out more information?

Check out the website click on ‘Class Rep’
Contact your Site Vice President at your campus
Students’ Union Office

 Or Contact
 Avril Honan
 Tel: 02890 368712

                                 UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011   37
Student Insurance
from Endsleigh

Endsleigh has specialised in student insurance since 1965. Today,
we are the UK’s leading student insurance provider and the only
one recommended by NUS. As a student, you want all of the latest
gadgets and technology to make your life easier and at Endsleigh,
we understand that.
Protect your laptop and mobile phone with Endsleigh
Students and parents told us they needed lost and stolen mobile phones
and laptops to be replaced quickly, so they can continue with their studies
and stay in contact with their parents. That’s why we’ve introduced 24 hour*
mobile phone and laptop replacement.

*24 hours represents 1 working day from us accepting your claim.

                                       UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                  39
Portrush Goes Dotty
Black Dots, a four piece
acoustic cover band
is quickly becoming a
Thursday night favourite
in Portrush. A regular act
at live music venues, they
perform a colourful mix
of chart, rock, blues and
soul tunes. The idea for the
band came from former
University of Ulster student
Natalia Morelli and Queen’s
graduate Kevin Brolly. They              the nameless band for a long time.         memorable performance. They
were joined by Connor                    Eventually they decided to name it after   all agreed that every night brings
Brolly, assistant manager of             a black dot, which is a musical term.      something new, be it funny or
Trespass and Sarah Irwin,                                                           unexpected. They have played to
a sustainable development                Black Dots are inspired by many artists    audiences ranging from a 100- strong
                                         such as Mumford and Sons, Stevie           crowd to 3 lone punters. Playing in
officer. The two girls are the
                                         Nicks, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty and      pubs has many pitfalls. They’re often
main vocals, with the boys               Adele, among others. At the moment         faced with drunken individuals wishing
on guitars.                              they mainly play covers, sometimes         to heckle, sing their own version of a
                                         adding their own unique element. Their     song or indulge in fist fights. They take
The band formed roughly a year ago,      sound is lively and soulful at the same    it all in their stride and have had a great
with an opening act at charity event     time- one could say they’re a diamond      reception so far.
Oxjam in the Playhouse. It has gone      in the rough.
from strength to strength, despite the                                              Black Dots can be
members’ other commitments. The          The band is also writing and recording
friends met at school and university,    own material, but it’s still a work in     followed on Facebook at
and each come from different musical     progress. “We play anything anyone
backgrounds. “We all have different      wants to hear, but we try things that
tastes, but we manage to compromise      people wouldn’t expect” says Sarah, the    blackdotsband?sk=info.
and bring out the best in each other”    main song writer.                          They perform sporadically in various
says Natalia. When asked about the                                                  bars in the local area, so keep an eye
meaning behind the name, they said       The band members looked amused             out for them!
that they were actually known as         when quizzed about their most

40                                       UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011

                            from nts’

Coleraine   Magee         Jordanstown
Students’   Top Floor,    Students’
Union,      MG Building   Union,
South                     Block 11 Level H

Coleraine, Magee, Jordanstown SU Games Area

                         relax, play
                           in your
                                       UUSU Entertainment kindly sponsored by

Coleraine, unibar

     Mon t on       DRINKS PROMOTIONS
                    2 x Vodka & Red Bull      Carlsberg          WKD
      FRE                £5.00                 £2.00           £2.20
live music,                         Table Quiz
championsleague,                   Join the fun, loads of
karaoke Check it out               prizes, Starts @ 8.30pm

12th December 2011

Jordanstown, Union Bar

Monday 12th
December 2011
                                                UUSU Entertainment kindly sponsored by

Magee The Bunker

                                                              EVERY TUESDAY

            PRIZE TABLE QUIZ
            FREE ENTRY          Beer & Pizzas Sponsored by 4 Star Pizza

               EVERY WED                                      EVERY WED
                   IN THE TERRAPIN

                                       Pool Competition
                                                              10TH NOV
                                             HEAT 1           HEAT 2        HEAT 3
                                             Thursday        Thursday       Thursday
                                             17th Nov        24th Nov        1st Dec
                                              WINNER        RUNNER UP     THIRD PLACE
                                               £400             £75          £25

                                       FINAL        Thursday 8th December

Christmas Disco
Thursday 15th December 2011
 By Emma-Kate O’Reilly

A new wave of social        The idea behind it was initiated    and immediate and it’s made
consciousness has hit       by Maurice Macartney, a             its mark at big name festivals
the home-grown, original    Belfast musician who, while         like Electric Picnic where Oxjam
Irish music scene. Oxjam    volunteering in an Oxfam shop       has its own stage. This is
                            decided to put on a benefit         where musicians trying to cut
is a grass roots, punk
                            gig in “Aunty Annie’s” in Belfast   their teeth get a chance to put
ethic concept bringing      back in 2004. Since then it has     themselves out there.
musicians together          snowballed into a worldwide
across the country in the   phenomenon and has got the           Gigs are being held all across
fight against the plight    backing of big names like Hot       the country with local talent
of worldwide poverty and    Chip, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs,      taking to the stage. October is
                            Jarvis Cocker and Fat Boy Slim      Oxjam month and to advocate
social injustices.
                            who play rare, intimate gigs for    this an ambitious 86 gigs in
                            the cause.                          31 days have been lined up.
                                                                There’s a massive amount of
                            “Music is your voice, use it” is    work that goes on behind the
                            the mantra of Oxjam. People         scenes, it’s not just about those
                            have no voice in some of these      on stage .It’s bringing back the
                            corrupt countries and if they try   old school community spirit
                            fight for it, they risk whatever    with a fresh edge. It’s Live Aid
                            freedom they may have. This         on a local scale. It’s changing
                            innovative, alternative way of      people’s perspective of how
                            raising awareness uses music        to go about diminishing the
                            as its medium. It’s accessible      divide between rich and poor.

46                          UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
“’It’s great to be given the opportunity to perform and work
with such a lovely group of people involved in this wonderful
and indispensable organisation. It’s nice to know that just by
playing some songs, I am able to do my part in benefiting such an
important cause. It’s also quite an honour considering the amazing
acts who have played Oxjam in the past, and to be appreciated by
such a varied crowd was a warming experience’”
Anyone can volunteer, get          atrocity of starvation. This      going places. He’s got a kind
bands together and organise        concept captures both.            of James Vincent McMorrow
a gig to make a difference and                                       sound. His lyrics are haunting
save lives.                        Portrush is playing its part      and you just can’t take
                                   in this mass movement. The        your eyes off this mesmeric
All proceeds raised go             Retro Bar, a well renowned,       musician. He draws you in,
towards Oxfam’s never ending       established music venue held      in the same way an open fire
inexhaustible work to help         its own Oxjam on Saturday         does. Spellbinding. Last up
people in their struggle to        1st October. Andy Hassan,         on the night were A Plastic
survive. Oxfam don’t just try to   musician and one of the           Rose, a four piece, cross
put a band aid on a problem,       founders of music promotion       border alternative rock act.
or throw money at it. They find    company “Antidote Sound           Their delivery is exploding with
the root cause and try to find     System” wants to bring it back    intensity. It’s raw rock and roll
a solution that will work for      every year to The Retro. “ The    wrapped in emotive words and
the local people. Long term        original local scene is really    with comparisons to the likes
livelihood projects being set      vibrant and it’s throwing out a   of Scottish band Biffy Clyro this
up in places like East Africa in   lot of great talent. Everybody    band is on a promising path.
education and water employ         helps each other out and          “’It’s great to be given the
local people, working directly     musicians work together” says     opportunity to perform and
with local communities and         the resident dj.                  work with such a lovely group
appointing local community                                           of people involved in this
leaders. Helping them to help      Northern Irelands top             wonderful and indispensable
themselves which echoes            troubadours brought an            organisation. It’s nice to know
Oxjams DIY style. Providing        incredible line up to Portrush.   that just by playing some
them with the tools they need      Sara Dylan, a folksie acoustic    songs, I am able to do my part
to build a brighter future. It’s   singer songwriter blew the        in benefiting such an important
not about hand-outs’. It’s about   crowd away with her melodic       cause. It’s also quite an honour
handing these people the           voice and intuitive, insightful   considering the amazing acts
seeds to grow their own life.      lyrics. The Rupture Dogs,         who have played Oxjam in the
 Ireland has always been           a three piece alternative         past, and to be appreciated
known for its high standing        rock act have a dirty, grungy     by such a varied crowd was
in the Arts scene, especially      sound. This band thrash out       a warming experience’” said
in music. It’s been known for      loud vocals with some heavy       Chris Campbell.
being extremely charitable to      drums and intricate guitar        If you’re hungry for music go
aid agencies and its people        work. Chris Campbell, an          check out an Oxjam gig and
have a long history of working     amazingly talented musician       help feed the world.
in countries afflicted with the    was phenomenal. This guy is

                                   UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                        47
Sun, Sea &
San Miguel
 By Caroline O’Driscoll

As I checked my purse after yet another night out
in the party capital Playa del Ingles I realised why
every pub and club on this strip were packed to
the rafters on a mere Tuesday night. Not only has
this holiday resort got the climate (boasting all year
round sunshine) but it also hosts quality night life at
cut down prices, allowing holidays makers such as
myself to take full advantage and let their hair down
Situated in Gran Can aria,            too friendly rep is impossible,    Surrounded by miles of sandy
Playa del Ingles- or ‘Play de         each as determined as the next     beach Playa del Ingles offers a
Fingles’- as it has commonly          to escort you personally (to       variety of water sports along the
became known due to the               ensure commission is obtained)     shore with a number of sailing
influx of Irish tourists, offers an   to their place of employment.      excursions departing daily. Most
inexpensive sun holiday where         However there is more on offer     of which include meals and an
your’ certain to have the craic       than a guaranteed hangover.        endless supply of sangria. Crazy
and sure to return. Central                                              golf, amusement arcades and
to the hustle and bustle of           Situated a little further from     tempting restaurants line the
things are a number of holiday        the beach are a number of          streets. Whilst duty free shops
complexes towering over               quieter apartments to let along    spring up around every corner,
the winding streets that are          with private hotels. These are     alluring many a tourist into
home to night markets, street         generally smaller in number        purchasing more than the 25kg
art and hoards of colourful           and propose a more tranquil        Ryan Air will allow you to bring
tourists. Many of which seem          setting. With temperatures         back (speaking from experience-
set in consuming as much              hitting the high 30’s mid-         make sure to weigh your own
cheap alcohol as possible             summer there’s no better way       bag before attempting to enter
whilst availing themselves of         to cool off then in the sea. One   the departure lounge-it saves a
the many competitive drinking         thing is certain though, the       lot of embarrassment in the long
opportunities on offer along the      beaches here are not for the       run).
lively stretch of neon lit venues     faint hearted. As sure as the
. With cases of San Miguel for        sun will shine, the people will    For a fun affordable holiday with
as little as 6 Euro in places,        strip. Men, women and children     a likeness to home, Gran Can
it really isn’t any wonder we         appear reluctant to cover up       aria is most definitely worth a
Irish have developed a name           whilst frequenting the beaches     look in. Sur where else could
for ourselves. It becomes             and pools (and as appealing        you watch The X Factor whilst
quickly apparent that walking         as that may sound, it has to be    sipping 4 Euro Mai Tai’s at a pool
more than two feet with-out           seen to be understood).            bar?
being approached by an all

48                                    UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
Real                                                               Mencap
                                                                   volunteers on
  By Maria Marsella
                                                                   track for New
                                                                   York marathon
Does fashion mean designing cutting edge and
innovative pieces, new to the cat walks even if
cutting-edge must warrant garish and over-the-top                  Emma Leslie (2nd year, Occupational Therapy),
pieces? Or does it in fact mean simple, elegant,                   Sara McGaughey and Chris Brooks from Comber
understated and effortless?                                        are following a strict training schedule for the ING
                                                                   New York City Marathon on 6th Nov 2011. They
With most collections every year we see a new take on the          have pledged to raise £9000 for Mencap, Northern
previous years’ work, but we must ask, is this always a good       Irelands’ leading regional learning disability charity.
thing? Especially considering designers who create clothes         The charity supports children and adults with a
which would make Kate Moss look frumpy.                            learning disability to do everyday things most of us
                                                                   take for granted. Every week in Northern Ireland, 2
Take for example, Burberry; the epitome of effortlessness and      babies are born with a learning disability.
brilliance, they always improve on their last collection without
invoking the pursed lips of Anna Wintour, or bring about gasps     Emma, Sara and Chris have been involved in various
of horror as the models descend upon the runway. Except,           fundraising activites from car boot sales to their latest major
however, when the new design of shoes force the models             event: a Charity Fashion Show and Craft Fair at La Mon
to remove them for risk falling as some did at the Spring/         House Hotel on 20th Oct. The event was supported by local
Summer 2011 show.                                                  band, ‘The Vestas’ and various local boutiques such as Koko,
                                                                   (Ards), Anna Knox Fashions (Comber),Excel Clothing (Ards),
It seems that most designers clearly think that to be noticed      Recreations (Donaghadee)and Drama Queens (Belfast). The
and/or taken seriously that they need to over-exaggerate on        craft fair attracted local talent, where they displayed their full
every detail. Designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel or       range of crafts.
Christopher Bailey for Burberry, as afore mentioned, don’t
need to do this. For the past few collections both Lagerfeld       ‘Made in Belfast’ restaurant, ‘Synergy Beauty’, Miglio jewellery
and Bailey have reinvented or breathed new life into older,        and Lancome are just some of the companies that donated to
more classic collections from their respective brands. This is     the ballot on the evening. ‘’It was a great evening, full of fun
real fashion to many; fashion that is both timeless and cutting-   and entertainment. It was a chance to see the latest fashions,
edge. To these people, true fashion could easily fit in in the     take advantage of the discounts and special offers as well as
1940s as it could in the present day.                              donating to a very worthy cause’’

On the other hand, however, there are those which believe          Whilst fundraising and training hard Emma, Sara and Chris
fashion should be a statement and therefore it must be             are working full time. ‘We have been running most nights and
big, bright and bold. This is a rule which designers such as       have found it very tough going although worth every minute
ex-Dior designer John Galliano and Giles strictly follow with      with such a great challenge ahead’. Whilst working Emma is
each collection outdoing the last in terms of modernity and        also a full time student at Jordanstown studying ‘Occupational
extreme fashion.                                                   Therapy’. “It’s tough fitting in the training and studying for
                                                                   such a demanding and hands on degree although the sense
Then there are those designers who design pieces that              of achievement should be worth all the stress! Occupational
women, and sometimes men, would struggle to look half-way          Therapists play a vital role in learning disabilities so it is a
decent in, such as past Jason Wu collections. Luckily for New      charity that is very close to my heart” With only days to go
York Fashion week 2011, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection          until the NY marathon which has become a model for big
shows a vast improvement to past collections.                      city marathon courses around the world, the team have had
                                                                   to ramp up the miles with every Sat spent running between
In the end fashion is always in the eye of the beholder. What      10-20 miles. Future events planned for the team include a
may seem like a beautiful work of art to one person, may be        Christmas Ballot, coffee mornings and a cinema evening at
disgusting and unbearable to the next.                             Comber Cinema on 20th Dec.

50                                          UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
    Third Dimension
By Michael Briers                 Are audiences growing tired of
                                  Hollywood’s 3D indulgence?
“Sometimes I wish real
life was in 3D,” is a             another dimension why                all contributed to the growing
phrase that sticks in my          shouldn’t we openly embrace          perception that 3D in cinemas
mind when considering             it?                                  is merely an over-priced
the recent trend of                                                    gimmick.
                                  It was in 2009, when James
modern filmmaking.
                                  Cameron dragged the format           The risk of novelty is
I overheard a young               from limbo with his sci-fi epic      indeed overuse.
woman mutter it after             Avatar, which effectively            Projecting a film in 3D is,
Pixar’s 3D screening of           transformed 3D from out-             hypothetically, a fantastic
Toy Story 3, and took             of-fashion to must have, in          idea. I think if a production
note of the film’s success        a very short period of time.         team utilise the full potential
in emotionally connecting         The film currently holds the         of the technology the resulting
                                  crown for the most successful        product can be unique,
with the audience
                                  motion picture of all time,          mesmerising and all-round
through the added                 raking in approximately $2.7         enjoyable. But a lot of things
dimension. How she                billion dollars worldwide, and       work better in theory than
managed to exit through           has subsequently caused              reality – time travel, ‘Matrix’
the three-dimensional             many film institutions to invest     sequels – and so far 3D is,
cinema door however, is           heavily in order to convert their    rather unfortunately, one of
another issue.                    products into 3D. To put this        them. The iconic red and
                                  into perspective there was a         blue spectacles have been
In hindsight her naive quip       total of thirteen films, including   somewhat tarnished over
served as a compliment to the     Avatar, released in 3D in 2009.      the last couple of years by
film’s use of 3D technology,      That figure doubled in 2010          post-production rendering.
because that liberating feeling   and, in this current calendar        This is when studios make
of being truly immersed in        year, a whopping 43 films are        the somewhat hasty decision
another world, such as the        expected to be released with         to enhance their film with
artificial sensation of sitting   3D capabilities. However, it         retrofitted 3D rather than
alongside Woody and Buzz, is      seems that this swelling output      actually shooting in 3D,
what going to the cinema is all   from Hollywood of three-             a process that has been
about. Escapism. An adventure     dimensional movies may not           slammed by critics and
to remember, and if Hollywood     be what audiences’ desire.           audiences alike. Without
can enhance our movie going       Motion sickness, nausea and          delving into technical jargon,
experience by incorporating       steep admission charges have         converting a film from 2D to 3D
                                      each layer has no depth, often
                                      resulting in an inferior gimmick
                                      that taints the technique. For
is a complicated procedure that       me, the decision to release
involves rotoscoping particular       a movie in 3D without
layers of the movie in order          actually filming in 3D is
to fake a different perspective       similar to overlooking frame
for your second eye, thus             composition or sound quality.
giving the illusion of another        It’s shabby filmmaking.               prerequisites
dimension. Essentially this
                                                                            in order to take advantage of
allows the production team to         Perhaps the most infamous             the premium 3D ticket prices, it’s
push things away or pull things       case was Warner Bros;                 no wonder audiences felt bitterly
forward to enhance the depth          Clash of the Titans. In wake          underwhelmed. But was their
of the image. In reality it means     of Avatar’s unprecedented             decision to tread the seemingly
that every now and then a             success the studio made the           fine line between enhancing a
projectile will hurtle ‘out’ of the   decision to postpone the film’s       move experience and gaining
screen to remind you that you         release date in order to bolt         extra revenue a harbinger of
are, in fact, viewing a 3D film.      on 3D, a process which took a         things to come?
As if the pernickety eyewear          mere ten weeks. The 3D effect
wasn’t a give-away. But with          in Avatar, however, took four         If you were to look through the
post-production conversion the        years. Needless to say the end        cinema calendar for 2011 you
content within                                  result was mediocre         would genuinely struggle to find
                                                at best. A rushed           a film that isn’t a sequel, prequel,
                                                 illusion that left many    some form of adaptation or
                                                 viewers complaining        even a reboot. As much as
                                                  that the picture          it pains me to write this, it
                                                  was too dark and          appears Hollywood is slipping
                                                  characters resembled      toward creative bankruptcy.
                                                  cardboard cut-outs,       Remember this is the industry
                                                   rather than true,        that recently issued the green
                                                   engaging projections.    light for a Battleships film that
                                                   Ultimately, it was       will be adapted from Hasbro’s
                                                   a feeble effort          old, much-loved game. No. You
                                                    from Warner             read that right. A multi-billion
                                                    Bros, a studio          dollar business has now turned
                                                    that so candidly        to board games for new material.
                                                    sacrificed its film’s   Ok, hoping that every motion
picture released will be a        imagined Pirates had                  quick profit. When you consider
modern great is a utopian and     undergone a post-conversion           that this year saw the release
unrealistic notion. It doesn’t,   process, a la Clash of the            of Justin Biebers Never say
however, draw away from the       Titans. Bad news then, to a           Never and Glee: The Concert
fact that the pipeline is being   company that invested millions        Movie, it begs the question why
crammed with derivative,          of dollars to film the picture        Hollywood would transform
uninspiring material that has     using 3D cameras. However, in         these into 3D motion pictures.
effectively cheapened our         essence a movie can sell fewer        Film-snobbery aside, the movies
beloved medium. More to the       tickets and still turn a profit due   in question, about a seventeen
point, classics such as Top Gun   to the fact that, on average, 3D      year old boys “life” and an
and Titanic are being brought     tickets cost around 42 percent        American sitcom, simply don’t
back to the big screen in all     more than a typical admission         deserve to share the limelight
three dimensions; reinforcing     fee.                                  with the heavyweights of the
the reality that Hollywood is                                           industry.
shamelessly cashing in on the     Although hopefully I speak on
dubious, main attraction.         behalf of any film enthusiast in
                                  saying that the extra ticket price
                                                                        “In a nutshell, the
Yet it isn’t all doom and         wouldn’t bother me if the movie       original script
post-conversion gloom on          is a true 3D experience. But I
the horizon. The film industry    also believe the added depth is
                                                                        for Avatar is
simply has to be smart about      more appropriate for particular       older than Justin
implementing 3D because,          genres of films. Animation, for
up to now, the ratio between      example, visually blossoms
successful and unsuccessful       in 3D. When Pixar released
                                                                        It is this oversaturation of inferior
3D movies is somewhat             Up and Toy Story 3 in 2009
                                                                        3D films that threatens the skill
unbalanced. The release of        and 2010 respectively, they
                                                                        James Cameron worked so hard
Pirates of the Caribbean:         turned out to be both critical
                                                                        to resurrect. Back in March he
On Stranger Tides wasn’t          and commercial successes.
the smooth sailing – sorry, I     Although in fairness that is
couldn’t resist – Disney may      Pixar I’m referring to, the term
have hoped for. According         ‘bad film’, to them, is a foreign
to ‘BTIG Research’ analyst        entity.
Richard Greenfield, 63 percent    The problem is when studios
of audiences opted for the 2D     jump on the already crowded
version, despite the fact that    bandwagon in order to make a
roughly half of the movie’s
screens were projecting in 3D.
Many believe that moviegoers

54                                UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
gave this insight to the BBC      However this golden age              continue to illegally record
into the relationships behind     of dominance was abruptly            films and distribute them for an
the camera and how the choice     disturbed when a little known        audience that is, quite frankly,
to film in 3D is decided. “The    entity called the ‘internet’         too lazy to go to the cinema.
problem is these decisions        became public.                       Although why should they
should be made by film-makers     It was in 1994, when the World       whenever they can view the
rather than studios, because      Wide Web was unveiled.               latest films in the comfort of their
if it was up to studios they’re   An unprecedented form of             own home for free?
going to sacrifice quality for    communication that enabled
lower cost,” unfortunately that   data to be transferred instantly     Though it took several
seems to be the growing trend.    between computers connected          years before this was
So is 3D merely a way to gloss    to the internet all over the
over a film’s imperfections in    world. Like any new form of
                                                                       Before the advent of broadband
order to hurtle it towards the    technology, the service took
                                                                       in 1998, movie piracy was a
mass audience? Indeed does        several years to find its feet. In
                                                                       somewhat complicated process
Hollywood hold any point of       the beginning it was seen as an
                                                                       that involved compressing a
argument against their apparent   expensive luxury. The price of
                                                                       film in order to accommodate
greed?                            hardware, such as computers
                                                                       the transfer across a dial-
                                  themselves, coupled with the
                                                                       up connection. This not only
In the years B.C. (Before         additional costs of broadband
                                                                       impeded the quality of the
Computers,) cinema was the        and routers prevented many
                                                                       picture, it also meant that those
true crux of the film industry.   people from utilising the tool.
                                                                       distributing the file had to run
Through the early 20th century    Nowadays however, with
                                                                       their computers for hours, as
America quickly became the        approximately 1.7 billion
                                                                       low bandwidth and a lack of
biggest output of global cinema   users worldwide, it’s almost
                                                                       computational power limited
and Hollywood established         considered a necessity.
                                                                       the formula. Rather inevitably,
itself as the hub for film        Although the file-sharing
                                                                       technology developed at an
industries across the planet.     aspect of the internet quickly
                                                                       alarming rate during the start of
Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin    became a problem for the
                                                                       the new millennium. Computers
and Douglas Fairbanks soon        entertainment industry as piracy
                                                                       generally became more
became the well-known faces       grew into an uncontrollable
                                                                       affordable and the advance in
of cinema on every continent,     phenomenon. We’ve all seen
                                                                       communication meant the days
as the U.S. reached its era       the advertisements that brand
                                                                       of time-consuming downloads
of greatest-ever output, with     piracy as stealing but, in spite
                                                                       were a whim of the past. This
approximately 82 percent of       of these warnings, people
                                                                       effectively opened the floodgates
movies filmed, produced and
                                                                       for online downloads and has
released on American soil.
                                                                       turned piracy into a global

                                  UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                            55
So is the reincarnation               with higher resolutions and         obsessed by box office hits or
of 3D Hollywood’s lifeline            enhanced sound systems,             ticket revenue; there was a one,
against this threat?                  simply staying at home has          single entity that determined
You can say whatever you              become more popular in              a film’s success. Passion.
like about the American film          recent times. According to          The way a director presents
industry. A greedy cliché or          the British Film Institute,         his story is an art that makes
a prevailing icon. It doesn’t         2010 witnessed a 2 percent          us as an audience feel as if
take away from the fact that          fall in the amount of people        we’re really there. Whether
movie piracy and the illegal          attending their local movies,       it’s storming the beaches of
distribution of film costs            despite an actual increase in       Normandy or feeling like the
Hollywood a staggering amount         box office takings – this has       fifth member in the journey to
of money. No matter what              been largely attributed to the      OZ, a great movie is a shared,
perspective people take on            rise in ticket prices. By adding    immersive experience.
the matter, whether it’s simply       3D, however, to the arsenal
a cheap thrill or a means of          of tools at a film-maker’s          Don’t get me wrong though;
intentionally upsetting the           disposal, it provides audiences     there are certain films that
industry, piracy is illegal for       with a unique experience            should be enjoyed in 2D, and
a reason. It is estimated that        that effectively gives them a       this is what Hollywood has to
the crime has subsequently            reason to go to the cinema.         be wary of. By incorporating the
cost 141,000 jobs in the past         Now I know what you’re              three dimensional effect into
decade. Areas of employment           thinking, going to the cinema       films that will visually blossom
such as sound editors and             these days means having to          in 3D, such as the enthralling
stunt coordinators, the kind          put up with ignorant kids on        vistas in Avatar, studios can
of people who work tirelessly         mobile phones, cramped seats        vividly enhance the audience’s
on set to ensure the end              and noisy eaters. Seriously         viewing of a film – because
product lives up to audience’s        how long does it take before        for £8 a ticket, you deserve at
expectations didn’t deserve           someone realises that the           least three dimensions. As long
to be deemed redundant just           rustling crisp packet is actually   as the added 3D is integrated
because illegally downloading         empty? Nevertheless, watching       skillfully and not rushed in order
a film was convenient. In             a comedy by yourself on your        to make a quick gain at the box
2007 alone, the movie industry        HD telly isn’t nearly as fun as     office, the format will continue
lost approximately $6 billion         sharing a joke with dozens of       to coexist happily with its 2D
worldwide as a result of piracy.      likeminded film aficionados         counterpart.
Not only does this highlight          in a cinema. It’s a brilliant,
the significance of the issue,        transcendental experience that      Our treasured medium is a
it also provides the answer as        home entertainment systems          sublime, ineffable art form.
to why Hollywood has become           can only dream of emulating.        One that doesn’t deserve to
such an advocate of 3D in film.       With 3D now being incremented       be tainted by an onslaught of
Because, for now at least, the        across the majority of cinemas      mediocre 3D converted films.
three-dimensional effect of a         it seems Hollywood is truly         Because, as French director
movie remains a feature that is       embracing the new wave of           and writer Roman Polanski
exclusive to cinema.                  digital technology. Despite this    summed up so perfectly,
                                      commonly being depicted as          ‘Cinema should make you
Despite the formats trouble           a drowning man clutching for        forget you are sitting in a
in maintaining a sense of             a straw, thanks to dwindling        theatre.’
commercial stability after the        audiences and piracy costs,
initial burst of Avatar, the gambit   the film industry remains a
that Hollywood has employed           resilient medium. Once upon a
makes perfect sense. Now              time, before the glitz and glam
that TV’s are getting bigger          of Hollywood and its iconic
and more affordable, together         red carpet, studios weren’t

56                                    UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                                                                           Jordanstown Campus

                                                                                                                Sports Union

Ulster students warned that they                                                                       Soccer Season
are high risk to identity fraud                                                                        Set in Motion…
According to the latest research, it costs each    Don’t panic though, there are some simple           Jordanstown men’s soccer club begins
individual victim an average of around £1,190      steps UU students can take to safeguard             another year of competition with
to rectify ID fraud, making it vital that UU       personal information and help prevent               expectations as high as ever. With
students take every step possible to prevent       identity theft from arriving at their doorstep or
themselves against becoming a victim of this       popping up on their desktop:
                                                                                                       opening matches against Letterkenny
growing crime.                                                                                         and Stranmillis respectively, both the
                                                   1. Store documents carrying your personal           first team and Fresher’s are expected
The UK’s independent authority, the                details (passport, driving licence, bank            to make a statement for the season
Information Commissioners Office has issued        statements) in a safe place. Shred or destroy       ahead.
a series of useful tips to help students protect   any personal documents you thrown away.
themselves.                                                                                            With a successful history in University
                                                   2. Check your bank and credit card
Second year Communications, Advertising            statements regularly for unfamiliar
                                                                                                       football, and the reputation of producing
and Marketing student Emma Deeny has               transactions.                                       many Irish League players, UUJ are
been appointed brand manager for the                                                                   setting their stalls out to maintain these
University of Ulster at both the Jordanstown       3. When online, always check a site’s privacy       rich traditions.
and Belfast campuses, and has been trained         notice / policy to find out what it intends to do
to advise students on how to protect their         with your information.                              As per every year, league games will
personal information.                                                                                  lead to the ever impressive Student
                                                   4. Limit access to, and the amount
Emma said: “The misconception that                 information you put on social networking
                                                                                                       tournaments. The Fresher’s will play
because students are skint, no one would           sites.                                              in the Harding while the First team will
even want their information and therefore                                                              compete in the massive cup, that is, the
would not target them, has been shattered by       5. When choosing passwords avoid obvious            Collingwood cup.
the latest findings. And, the implications are     choices such as mother’s maiden name, pet’s
even more startling.                               name, try to use a random mix of numbers            These tournaments will take place
                                                   and letters and use different passwords for         February/March 2012. Having won both
“Aided with your identity a criminal can take      different sites.
out credit cards, open bank accounts and
                                                                                                       tournaments in recent years, the lads
apply for state benefits in your name. If your     6. If you move house, redirect all your mail        will no doubt be out to repeat the feats.
identity is stolen, you can lose money and         and inform your bank, utility companies and
may find it difficult to get loans, credit cards   other organisations of your new address.            Until then, it is down to business in the
or a mortgage. And while, at the moment,                                                               league.
the likes of loan and mortgage refusal might       7. Ensure your computer is protected, secure        Get out every Wednesday
not immediately stand out as an imminent           your WiFi and install anti-virus / security         to support the lads!!!
threat, it will have serious implications if you   software - and keep it updated!
apply for student finance to do a post-grad,
or apply for a mortgage when you try to buy        8. Always think about who your are giving
appropriate accommodation as a graduate.           personal information to, be cautious and think
                                                   twice before you answer their questions, if
“Students are considered one of the most           it’s not clear why they need the information,
vulnerable groups to this type of ‘information’    ask them.
crime due to the nature of student life.”          Information Commissioners Office
                                                   and the campaign visit:

                                                   UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                                  57
Chinese Students
experience Gaelic Games
Adrian Kelly (International
Student Assistant, International
Office/CELT) and Fintan Woods
(Ulster GAA & University of
Ulster Sports Union President)
teamed up recently to encourage
International students to
participate in Gaelic Games.

A ‘Have a Go Day’ was arranged on
8th September at the 3G Pitch at the
Jordanstown Campus. The ‘Have
a Go Day’ was facilitated by Ulster
GAA Regional Hurling Development
Officer Kieran Megraw and provided
International Students the opportunity
to try Gaelic football and hurling in a fun
and welcoming environment. The aim of
this initiative was to inspire those from
non-GAA backgrounds to get involved
in Gaelic Games.

Coleraine International
students give Hurling a go!

Yesterday International                       Sean Cunningham, UUC                  Joe Passmore, coach of the local
students on the Coleraine                     International Officer said,           Eoghan Rua club in Coleraine,
campus took part in the                       ‘ There was a fantastic turnout       was there to help with the session
‘Have a Go’ day.                              and the students thoroughly           also, and said he was also there
Kevin Hinphey, Derry                          enjoyed it, some of them are          on a scouting mission as he knew
Hurling captain, and                          currently training with the           there would be some talented
Barry McGoldrick                              University team, and are also         hurlers amongst the group.
                                              keen to give Gaelic football a go’
Derry football captain
                                                                                    Sean Cunningham thanked
facilitated the event,
                                              Some of the international             everyone for attending, in
which was a great                             students were taken by the sport      particular to Kevin Hinphey, Barry
success.                                      they have being enquiring if there    McGoldrick and Joe Passmore,
                                              are any Gaelic clubs in their local   and to the Eoghan Rua club for
                                              towns and cities back home, as        supplying the students with free
                                              they want to continue playing.        gear.

58                                            UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                    Magee Campus


                    Coleraine Campus

                              Sports Union
     UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                  59
Check out

  The new students’
  union website
       The Student Officers
      Class Representation
      Campus Council
      General Council
      Trustee Board

              Get Involved!
      Union Committees
     Campus Council
     Student Elections 201
     Student Mag - Ufouria
     Sports Union

              Advice Centre
     Academic Advice
     Community Relations
     Welfare Advice

            Commercial Services
    Students’ Union Shop
    Students’ Union Sandw
                         ich   Bar/Snack Bars

           Club Bar Events
     Coleraine Bar
    Jordanstown Bar
    Magee Bar
  Coleraine Canoe Club

2011 has been an amazing year for the Coleraine Canoe club… and it’s not over yet!
After disappointing numbers from Fresher’s Fayre in 2010, international students
reaped the benefits of all on offer from January 2011 onwards. This included the use
of the newly arrived equipment: 4 sea kayaks, 2 double sea kayaks, 4 open Canadian
canoes and trailer and all the trimmings from our successful bid under the SportNI
Capital Equipment Programme.
Coaching forward, reverse and turning      UUCCC volunteers attended calls           Coast Kayak Association (CCKA). For
strokes soon gave the beginners            for kayak safety cover, including the     the beginners and improvers there are
a taste for the more adventurous           Portrush raft race, triathlon and ocean   pool sessions to perfect techniques
capsizing and Eskimo rolling exercises..   swim challenges.                          during autumn and winter months; and
not forgetting water polo.. all in the                                               safe and fun river trips to work towards
comfort of the Coleraine swimming          Not surprisingly, shiny new boats         nationally recognised qualifications!
pool! This progressed to kayaking trips    and an energetic club committee
on the river Bann and in the sea, which    membership has bolstered interest in      Pictured here are some newcomers
continued over the summer months.          the club with 25 members in 2011. Over    enjoying the ‘craic’, attempting
Skills progression towards competent       100 students expressed an interest in     balancing tricks and fostering the
paddling 2 and 3 star awards for           the club at Coleraine Fresher’s Fayre     ‘have a go’ principle of a ‘Come Try’
members is culminating this month.         and over 40 staff and students took       afternoon. For further information
                                           part in two ‘Come Try’ afternoons, in     on the club follow (and ‘like’) us on
Canoe club members joined teams            which we had some fun dodging stormy      facebook:
of volunteers keen to assist in an         squalls.                                  universityofulstercanoeclubcoleraine or
environmental clean-up of the rivers                                                 contact Julie Sittlington (Chair)
Bann and Roe by canoe. Several skips       What next? Moon-lit coastal trips, surf or
of rubbish and debris were cleared from    kayaking and white water canoeing for     Elaine Montgomery (Secretary)
a 200 metre stretch south of Coleraine     more experienced kayakers are offered
marina.                                    by linking with the experienced and
                                           qualified members of local Causeway

                                           UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011                                                       61
Jordanstown Gaelic Club

 Richie Donnelly Freshers Captain         Cathal Donnelly Freshers B Captain        Jordanstown Freshers
 presented with the Ulster Sevens Cup     presented with the Ulster Sevens Shield    Gaelic Team 2011

Jordanstown                                         Magee Soccer Team
UUJ Gymnastics is a recent addition
to the Sports Union at Jordanstown
campus. The club welcomes University
Of Ulster students of all levels, from
novice right through to elite! UUJ
Gymnasts has access to world class
Gymnastics NI and Ulster Sports
Academy gym equipment. The Club is
a student run organisation, with each
coach UKCC qualified.

The club gives the students the
opportunity to develop flexibility,
strength and coordination. These skills
can be beneficial for other sports you
may play and develop better body
awareness. Not only will the UUJ
gymnasts meet new people and be truly
involved in student life on campus, but
most importantly they will have FUN!!
Remember no previous gymnastics
experience is necessary, so come along
and give it ago.

For more information you can find us on
Facebook at ‘UUJ Gymnastics’!

62                                        UFOURIA NOV ISSUE 2011
                                          YOU N

   l ls
                                           UNI S

 Coleraine Students’ Union Sandwich Bar
 Add Soup to any sandwich for £1
 Add bottle of water and crisps
 to any sandwich for £1
 Daily sweet treat special only 90p
 when you buy Tea/Coffee
 Coleraine Uni-bar Food

 Special offer a large Coke, Fanta or
 Sprite for £2 with any food order
 Jordanstown Students’ Union Sandwich Bar
 • Add Soup to any sandwich for £1
 • Fry with FREE Tea/Coffee £2.50
 • Daily Special & any side order £3.95
 • Daily Special & any side order with
 any Coke product £4.95
 Magee The Bunker Cafe
 Bunker Fry
 With FREE Tea/Filtered Coffee

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