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               BULLETIN 04: WEDNESDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2012

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                                          To all
                  Parents, Old Boys and Members of the Prep Community

I am always pleased to learn that DPHS Old Boys are exploring their special interests and talents and
are not afraid to pursue their dreams. I was told recently of an old boy, Bruce Simpkins, who has been
accepted into the New York Film Academy. This is news our teachers in the school Music and Drama
departments are especially pleased to hear! Just as pleasing is the picture on the front page of today’s
Mercury of Luca Robinson Grade 0 who has been recognized for his talent and hard work. Since age
two, Luca has been training and learning the tough and disciplined dance skills of ballet. A big WELL
DONE to Luca from all of us at Prep.

A big part of DPHS schooling and our responsibility as teachers is to guide our boys towards better self
knowledge and a strong core of self belief and self understanding. The social, emotional and
information ‘inputs’ into the lives of young people, with the touch of a button, are arriving at an
exponentially rapid rate. We would like our boys to meet the challenges of High School with a tested
and trusted set of values and a real knowledge of self and the life opportunities at school and beyond
which they will most enjoy exploring.

I wish to thank our DPHS parents and staff, new and old alike, for attending the welcome to new
parents Cocktail Party and making the evening very enjoyable. This event confirmed my strong belief
in the positivity and passion of DPHS parents that I have come to respect and admire so much!

Jonathan Bennett was chosen as Swimming Captain for 2012.

Cameron Whittington participated in the 30km KZN Cycling Championship and won two silver medals.

Wednesday           Cricket vs Highbury
01 February         Book Time Book Fair – Functions Room
Thursday            Cricket vs Highbury
02 February         Book Time Book Fair - Functions Room
                    DHS Langley’s Day
                    SMT meeting
Friday              Cricket vs Highbury
03 February
Saturday            Grade 1 and 2 Mini-Cricket                      07:20am
04 February         Cricket vs Highbury
05 February
06 February
Tuesday             School Swim Champs – Top Ten Gala               06:00pm
07 February
Wednesday           Staff Meeting                                   09:30am
08 February         Reception Unit School Readiness Evening –
                    Functions Room                                  07:00pm

Thank you to all our parents who were able to attend the New Parents Cocktail Party. We do hope that
you enjoyed yourselves and felt part of the bigger Prep family. Our private extra-mural, Garvz, started
this week and all the little boys who attended seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. We are very
fortunate in having a Prep Old Boy, Luke Fouche, as our Head Coach so we know the boys are in good

Friday proved to be an important day for interacting with old friends and forging new friendships.
During the morning all the boys, having arrived at school dressed in their House kit, were introduced to
their new Prep Pal families. They spent some time in their family groups getting to know each other
through an introductory activity and sharing information about themselves under the guidance of their
Grade 7 leader. That evening there was a wonderful turnout at the New Parents’ Cocktail Party and it
proved to be a very valuable opportunity for many people to meet up with new parents and staff.
Next Tuesday evening is the DPHS Championship Gala. Congratulations to the boys who have been
selected to swim. We look forward to supporting them at this event.


Congratulations to this week’s recipients.
                           WEEKLY MERIT AWARD “WELL DONE” 
CLASS                      NAME                   REASON
GRADE 1     Langley        Matthew Stewart        For his mature attitude and his very
                                                  good word recognition skills
                           Chahile Singh          For his excellent behaviour and very
                                                  good listening skills
            Everitt        Dominic Hislop         For his pleasing efforts
                           Ben Aylward            For his pleasing efforts
            Greensill      Charlie Good           For his positive attitude and eagerness
                                                  to learn
                           Zacharia Howell        for his diligent approach to all tasks
            McGregor       James Burns            For his enthusiastic approach to all
                           Yusuf Thandar          For always giving of his best
GRADE 2     May            Matthew Bott           For his diligent approach to his tasks
                           Mohamed Kajee          For always giving of his best
            Buchholtz      Luke Slogrove          For his positive attitude towards all
                           Javashkaar Naidoo      For his expressive reading
            Bush           Jack Shooter           For his pleasing effort towards his work
                           Eli Daykin             For his positive approach to his written
            Marklew        Mohammed Omar          For settling well in his new school
                           Aaryan Bhatta          For his diligent approach to all his
GRADE 3     Knatten        Muhammad Jhaveri       For his excellent behaviour and very
                                                  good work
                           Joshua Neill           For learning to be happy in his new
            Oosthuis       Akshay Boodhun         For his pleasing work skills
                           Nqubeko Nyembezi       For his wonderful Maths work
            Vawda          Abdullah Osman         For his positive attitude towards all
                                                  tasks and giving of his best
                           Douglas Wilson         For his expressive reading
            Veerasamy      Riley Hardwick         For his bubbly nature and enthusiasm
                                                  for learning
                           Oliver Simpkins        For his positive attitude and very good

Junior Primary Paper Recycling Challenge – Recyclers of the Week
1st Grade 3 Knatten (2m 38cm)
2nd Grade 1 Greensill (2m 12cm)
The first Prep Pal and House Dress Day of 2012 was a happy and memorable day!

DPHS 1st vs     Clifton 149 for 8      Cameron Hollaway 3/21
Clifton                                Nicholas Kershaw 2/27
                DPHS 151 for 5         Bradley Hope 74
                      DPHS won by 5    wickets

DPHS 2nd vs        DPHS 172 all out    Matthew Gerrish 37
Clifton                                Ryan Spring 27
                                       Max Teversham 27
                   Clifton 155 for 6
                          DPHS won by 17 runs

DPHS 3rd vs        DPHS 181 for 6      Marco Gouveia 71
Clifton            Clifton 107 for 8   Tyron Adendorff 3/17
                     DPHS won by 74 runs

DPHS 4th vs    Clifton 72 for 9  Matthew Crampton 2/13
Clifton                          Callum Pet 2/17
               DPHS 72 for 0     Kiran Pillay 29 n.o
                                 Murray Finlay 29 n.o
                   DPHS won by 10 wickets

DPHS 5th vs    DPHS 154 for 4      Thomas Rorich 75 n.o
Clifton                            Slade Stirling 45
               Clifton 65 all out  Calvin Henry 5/9
                                   Darshan Moodley 3/11
                      DPHS won by 89 runs

DPHS 6th vs    DPHS 172 for 6       Ahmed Deedat 51
Westville                           Daniel Freitag 32 n.o
               Westville 41 all out Joshua Thornton 4/18
                                    Oliver Chater 3/14
                                    Jack Koch 2/2
                    DPHS won by 131 runs

DPHS 7th vs    DPHS 230 for 4       Raees Amla 86
Westville                           Luke Dodds 88
               Westville 57 all out Calvin Newton 3/4
                                    Connor Veitch 2/0
                    DPHS won by 173 runs

DPHS 8th vs    Clifton 77 for 9  Sebastian Gonneau 2/23
Clifton                          Talha Patel 2/13
                                 Anas Moola 2/15
               DPHS 78 for 4     Matthew Hayden 45 n.o
                   DPHS won by 6 wickets

DPHS U11A vs   Clifton 74 all outJared Hook 3/11
Clifton                          Kade Wolhuter 2/10
                                 Liam Ross 2/10
               DPHS 75 for 0     Tristan Elam 37 n.o
                                 Jordan Bamber 25 n.o
                   DPHS won by 10 wickets

DPHS U11B vs   DPHS 165 for 5      James Mcilwraith 53*
Clifton                            Claudio Lehman 34
               Clifton 75 all out  Grant Pio 4/7
                                   Cameron Ferguson 3/19
                      DPHS won by 90 runs

DPHS U11C vs   DPHS 79 for 7        Liam Kavanagh 22 n.o
Clifton           Clifton 31 all out Benjamin Goodall 3/2
                                     Matt von Blerk 2/2
                                     Muhammad Bhabha 2/3
                        DPHS won by 48 runs

DPHS U11D vs      DPHS 155 for 4      Jordan Mills 27
Clifton                               Taine Owen 30 n.o
                  Clifton 76 for 9    Jordan Mills 2/5
                                      Muhammed Jhazbhay 2/6
                                      Ryan Laggar 2/10
                         DPHS won by 79 runs

DPHS U11E vs      Clifton 55 all out
Clifton           DPHS 56 for 3
                        DPHS won by 7 wickets

DPHS U10A vs      DPHS 95 for 8        Oliver Bamber 24
Clifton           Clifton 96 for 2     Muhammed Peer 1/15
                        DPHS lost by 8 wickets

DPHS U10B vs      Clifton 47 for 10   Reece Price 5/0
Clifton           DPHS 50 for 4       Brett van Noordwyk 17 n.o
                        DPHS won by 6 wickets

DPHS U10C vs      Clifton 62 all out   Josh Hook 3/4
Clifton                                Meerten van Wyk 2/4
                  DPHS 73 for 2
                      DPHS won by 8 wickets

DPHS U10D vs      Clifton 75 for 4   Reece Wilken 1/4
Clifton           DPHS 76 for 0      Brent Pearson 30 n.o
                                     Alessandro Sinibaldi 18 n.o
                       DPHS won by 10 wickets

DPHS U10E vs      Westville 84 for 7  Darragh Kidd 2/13
Westville                             Hakeem Ebrahim 1/8
                                      Ethan Kruger 1/8
                  DPHS 78 for 2       Ethan Kruger 28
                                      Byrne Howell 14 n.o
                        DPHS lost by 6 runs

DPHS Headmaster’s 2012 List of Top Batting Scores and Bowling Performances as at 30 January
Score    Name                  Team           Opposition
135 n.o  Nicholas Pio          1st            Westville
101 n.o  Bradley Hope          1st            Westville
88       Sam Hudson            3rd            Westville
88            Luke Dodds               7th                Westville
86            Raees Amla               7th                Clifton
75            Thomas Rorich            5th                Clifton
74            Bradley Hope             1st                Clifton
71            Marco Gouveia            3rd                Clifton
63            Thomas Rorich            5th                Clifton
60            Marco Gouveia            3rd                Clifton
53            James McIlwraith         U11B               Clifton

5–   0        Reece Price          U10B                   Clifton
5–   9        Darshan Moodley      5th                    Westville
5–   9        Calvin Henry         5th                    Clifton
4–   3        Azhar Bana           U11C                   Westville
4–   7        Grant Pio            U11B                   Clifton
4-   16       Joshua Thornton      6th                    Westville

                                              WEEK 4
      Day         Date       Team             Opponents               Venue     Time
Wednesday       01-Feb-12        3rd          Highbury          DPHS (Smith)    14h15
                                 5th          Highbury            Highbury      14h15
                                 11B          Highbury         DPHS (Walshaw)   14h15
                                 11C          Highbury            Highbury      14h15
                                 11D          Highbury             DHSOB        14h15
                                 10A          Highbury            Highbury      14h15
                                 10B          Highbury            Collegians    14h15
                                 10D          Highbury            Highbury      14h15
 Thursday       02-Feb-12        8th      Chelsea 13E             Chelsea       14h15
     Friday     03-Feb-12        4th       Highbury               Highbury      14h30
                                 7th          Highbury          DPHS (Smith)    14h30
                                 11E      Chelsea 11E                 DHSOB     14h15
                                 10E      Chelsea 10E             Collegians    14h15
                                  9B          Highbury         DPHS (Walshaw)   14h15
                                 9C           Highbury            Highbury      14h15
                                 9D           Highbury            Highbury      14h15
 Saturday       04-Feb-12        1st          Highbury          DPHS (Smith)    09h00
                                 2nd          Highbury            Highbury      08h30
                                 6th          Highbury            Highbury      08h30
                                 11A          Highbury         DPHS (Walshaw)   09h00
                                 10C          Highbury            Highbury      08h30
                                 9A           Highbury            Highbury      08h30

This is a wonderful opportunity for our young musicians to enjoy an appropriate introduction to the
KZN Symphony Orchestra.

Join the KZN Philharmonic for a free sundowner concert featuring highlights of the forthcoming
Summer Symphony Season. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce children to classical music
concerts and is short enough for younger members of the family as well. These free concerts are aimed
at introducing families to our World Symphony Series. The concerts carry no entry fee and will last for
just one hour. The programme will include highlights from the Summer Season.
The dates for these fantastic concerts are as follows:
2 February 2012, 6-7pm:
Glenwood High School, 1 Nicolson Road, Glenwood
8 February 2012, 6-7pm:
Hillcrest Primary School, corner of Hospital and Emoyeni Roads, Hillcrest
9 February 2012, 6-7pm:
Westville Boys High School, Wandsbeck Avenue, Westville

Doors open at 5:30pm, concert starts promptly at 6pm and lasts for one hour. For further information
contact the KZN Philharmonic office on 031 369 9438 or mail

(Dates for learners are as listed below. Staff return to school on 14 January 2013 and finish the
year on 06 December 2013)
TERM 1: 16 January – 28 March
TERM 2: 08 April – 21 June
TERM 3: 15 July – 20 September
TERM 4: 01 October – 04 December

The Communicator
Website to download the communicator.
    Click on the link
    Go to the drop down menu
    Select “DPHS” from the menu
    Choose either the “Mac” or “Windows” option
    Run programme

It was a treat to honour Kashmeel Bisseru last week at a special assembly. Thank you to Prep Head
Richard Neave for joining us on stage and well done to all of Kashmeel’s teachers at Prep who were
involved in teaching him. At the assembly he spoke to the school, revealing his customary humility,
and was given an enthusiastic standing ovation by the boys. It was an emotional ceremony with a great
deal to be happy about. Well done Kashmeel. We shall follow your future with interest.
This week is the Junior Speech Day ceremony. Guest speaker is Roger Horrocks, who is a world
acclaimed photographer. He was Head Boy at DHS, and is a remarkable young man. We look forward to
his address.
This is my last News from DHS for the Patter. I am going on leave for a while before I retire officially
at the end of March. I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with Prep over the years, and wish the
school nothing but the best for the future.

Best Wishes
Dave Magner
Class of 1968

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