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                BULLETIN 01: WEDNESDAY 11 JANUARY 2012
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                                          To all
                  Parents, Old Boys and Members of the Prep Community

The school’s most important and pleasing duty in this first 2012 edition of Prep Patter is to welcome
every DPHS boy and his family back to school today for the new school year. The school extends a
proud and very special welcome to all our new boys and new members of staff.

Rod Smith in the Mercury today writes about superhuman powers and the importance of the power to
imagine and visualise new horizons and reach beyond, towards new goals. He encourages us, ‘to think
great thoughts into daily actions and then watch them come into being’. May every DPHS boy and
every member of staff dare to dream this year and realize their personal and professional goals!
During the holidays my wife, Lyn and I stood in the middle of Zermatt, a picturesque small village on
the border of Switzerland and Italy and looked in awe at one of the tallest peaks in the Alps - a
mountain called the Matterhorn. Every year more than 2000 people, professional and amateur,
attempt to climb the 4500m to the top of the mountain. Each of the four and very steep faces of the
Matterhorn offers different degrees of difficulty and whilst most surfaces are naked rock in some
places there are fixed ladders. This is one of the most dangerous mountain peaks to climb in the
world! The Matterhorn and the weather gods have no favourites and persons attempting an ascent
must rely on their own preparation, strategy, skill, knowledge, strength and tenacity. When I spoke to
the boys at assembly this morning about their dreams and expectation for 2012, I could see on so many
of the faces the resolve and keen anticipation to enjoy the challenge of their 2012 school year. Each
and every DPHS boy will experience the exhilaration of the climb this year and the enjoyment and
reward of summiting his personal Matterhorn, no matter how high or how difficult. I have learnt that
Prep folk dare to dream and reach beyond! If you know of a South African who has climbed the
Matterhorn in Switzerland I would like to invite them to come to a DPHS school assembly to prove the
reality of dreams!

This year we welcome new arrivals on the staff team:
Elizabeth McGregor in Grade 1
Melanie Fletcher in Grade 4
Shaun Ferreira in Grade 6
Brittany van der Vyver as a Teacher Assistant at the Reception Unit
We are confident that they will come to enjoy a most rewarding time as members of the DPHS staff

The first full Prep Patter will be emailed next week with details of forthcoming events, achievements
and congratulations as well as snippets of news. Please encourage friends and family to subscribe to
the Prep Patter. This can be done by sending an email to with the request to be
added to the mailing list. The Prep Patter is particularly useful in terms of informing parents regarding
the most current details of the Prep calendar

Wednesday           Reception Unit staggered intake
11 January          School opens for boys                            07:30am
                    School Assembly                                  10:00am
Thursday            Reception Unit staggered intake
12 January          Grade 7 Leaders meeting                          07:30am
                    Staff Meeting                                    01:45pm
                    U10 Cricket Trials                               02:00pm
Friday              Reception Unit staggered intake
13 January          Emergency/evacuation drill                       09:40am
                    U9 Cricket trials                                12:45am
                    U12 and U13 Cricket Trials                       02:00pm
Saturday            1st X1 trial match vs DHS U14                    08h00
14 January
Sunday              Swimming trials                                  02:00pm
15 January
Monday              Grade 7 GSAT
16 January          Grade 5 Parents evening                          06:00pm
                    Instrumental Music teachers in attendance
                    Grade 7 Parents evening                          06:30pm
Tuesday             Grade 7 GSAT
17 January          Grade 1 Parents evening                          05:45pm
                    Instrumental Music teachers in attendance        06:00pm
                    Grade 2 Parents evening                          06:30pm
                    Grade 3 Parents evening                          07:00pm
Wednesday           Grade 7 GSAT
18 January         Grade 4 Parents evening                     06:00pm
                   Instrumental Music teachers in attendance   06:00pm
                   Grade 6 Parents evening                     06:30pm

Prep Patter is available online at

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