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					                                PRE-REGISTRATION FORM
                                      Joint Meeting
                                 Southeastern Section MAA
                              SIAM Southeast Atlantic Section
                                    March 30-April 1, 2006

Contact Information:

                         (First and Last name as you wish it to appear on conference badge.)

School Affiliation:

Mailing Address:

Phone:                                     Email Address:

Please check all that apply to you

    Two-Year College Faculty                    Four-Year College Faculty                   University Faculty

    Undergraduate Student                       Graduate Student                     High School Teacher

    Working with Business/Industry/Government                           MAA Member

Conference Fees:
Please complete the following and total the amount of fees for your registration:

Meeting Registration Fees                   Up to 10 March            After 10 March            Check ONE:
College/university faculty                         $25                       $30
College/university students, emeritus faculty      $10                       $15
High school teacher                                $15                       $20
High school student                                free                      free

Meals                                                                                   Check all that apply:
Social Event                                       $22                       ----
(Friday evening--Reception followed by dinner, and some musical entertainment by Auburn Knights, at The Hotel at
Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. Please mention if you would prefer vegetarian meal.)
Boxed Lunch for Saturday (Please reserve in advance) $10 Each                 ----
(Boxed lunch will be from Subway or some other sandwich shop. Please mention if you would prefer vegetarian.)

Total Fees                                                                              $
Please include a check in the name of Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Auburn University /
MAA-SIAM for the Total Fees along with the registration form and mail to:
        MAA-SE Annual Meeting, Attn: N. K. Govil
        Department of Mathematics & Statistics
        Auburn University, Parker Hall, Auburn, AL36849
If you have questions, please contact: 334-844-6558(voice) or by email
   For housing and more detailed information about the conference, Auburn University, or the
      Auburn area, please visit the conference website at:
   You may register for a SHORT COURSE by completing a separate form. Please check the
      Section newsletter or the conference website.
   For information about Project NExT sessions, contact Julie Barnes ( or Rob
      Harger ( and visit

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