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					Crex Meadows Youth
Conservation Camp

 Camper Handbook

                CAMPER HANDBOOK

Food Service

Food services may require a camper in the kitchen, on duty
intermittently from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Campers serving in this
capacity should wash hands and face every morning before reporting to
work. They must wear clean clothes, have their hair co     ed and wear
caps, which will be furnished. If hair extends below t e collar, hairnets
will be required and will be provided by staff. Facia hair must be
shaven. Mustaches are acceptable. Campers in this capacity should be
on duty from three to seven days during the three-week period, at the
discretion of the counselors.

Campers are not allowed to have visitors during work hours. Exceptions will
be made if arrangements are made ahead of time and the visit is necessary.
This is because of the advanced scheduling of weekend outings and trips.
Campers will not be on camp grounds during the weekend for visits.

Equipment Damage Policy
Campers who intentionally damage camp equipment or tools will have the
cost of the repair/replacement taken from their final paycheck. Breakage
due to normal wear and tear is an exception. Any incident must be recorded
on a tool damage report and be approved by the camp director before
disciplinary action is taken.

Cabin Procedures
Ten to twelve youth and at least one counselor will be assigned to each
The cabin counselor will make cabin work assignments on a rotating basis.
Beds must be neatly made, clothing hung on provided hangers, shoes
placed under the bed in a neat row, footlockers at ends of beds, towels and
wash cloths hung from foot end of bed, and floors swept.
Cabin inspections will take place each morning to ensure that they are in
order. Each cabin will be rated daily according to a set standard.


Payroll is bi-weekly. Checks will be processed from the CEP, Inc.
administrative office. The paycheck will be sent to the camper’s home.

Incoming mail will be sorted by an office assistant and delivered to each
individual daily. Receptacles will be provided for outgoing mail. All campers
are encouraged to write home at least twice each week. Campers provide
postage stamps.

All work and camp experiences are to be an educational experience for the
camper. Directors/Counselors will plan activities accordingly.
Environmental field trips will be planned for weekends and evenings. Many
schools may give credit for attending Crex Meadows. Please check with the
Camp Director or your school guidance counselor.

Church Services
It is the duty of the camper to learn the time of church services for their
religious denomination. Many fieldtrips will occur during weekends and
there may not be access to a place of worship. With this in mind, campers
will have a time for reflection on Sundays that may be used for personal
study or worship.

Health and Safety
Camp infirmaries are maintained to provide first aid t ment for injury.
Any special medication campers have must be turned in on the first day of
camp with written instructions on dosage and use. A copy of the camper’s
insurance card MUST be on file with the Camp Director!

Public Relations
Youth must be informed that they are representing CEP, Inc. and are CEP,
Inc. employees. Staff and youth will receive camp visi       the public

Shower Room
Hours during the workday may vary depending upon activ ties. Hours will
be, but are not limited to, the following:
Or other special circumstances
Shower rooms will be unlocked during designated hours only.


The following items are not considered appropriate dress during the work
day: muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, tube tops, bikini tops, midriff shirts,
tank tops, short-shorts, and offensive t-shirts or caps.

During work hours campers must wear long pants, t-shirts/sweatshirts,
and boots and gloves. CEP, Inc. will provide campers ith boots and gloves.
CD players, jewelry, and other expensive items should not be brought to
camp. CEP, Inc. is not responsible for the loss of these items

Dating among campers is not allowed. While personal growth and
relationships are a part of the camp experience, CEP, Inc. recognizes a time
and place for such activities. Campers who choose to pursue a relationship
while at camp will be asked to refrain for the duration of camp or return
home. Intimate gestures of any kind will not be tolerated.

Crex Meadows recognizes that a person’s right to freedom from
discrimination includes the opportunity to work or study in an environment
untainted by harassment. Offensive speech and conduct                wholly
inappropriate and intolerable to the harmonious relationships necessary for
the operations of the camp program. Harassment has the potential to create
an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment and may
unreasonably interfere with an individual’s work performance, which could
adversely affect an individual’s employment opportunity.
Harassment includes all unwelcome advances, written or verbal innuendos,
threats, insults, or disparaging remarks concerning a                   ’s gender,
national origin, race, creed, color, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, veteran
status, physical or mental disability, or religious beliefs that are offensive to a
person associated with the camp program. Examples include verbal
harassment (epithets, derogatory comments, demeaning jokes, slurs, threats,
etc.), physical harassment (assault, unnecessary touching, impeding or
blocking movement, physical interference with normal work or movement,
etc.), and visual harassment (derogatory or demeaning                       cards,
cartoons, graffiti, gestures, etc.).

Sexual Harassment
In addition to the above, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual
advances, requests for sexual favors and conduct of a sexual nature when
submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or
condition of employment AND/OR submission to, or rejection of, such
conduct is the basis for or a factor in any employment decision affecting the

Any camper who has a question or concern regarding any type of
discrimination or harassment is encouraged to promptly bring it to the
attention of their immediate supervisor or the camp director.
Any individual who is found to have harassed another individual, will be
subject to discipline. Persons that have been exposed   harassment are
encouraged to report the harassment to an appropriate
Supervisors that become aware of unlawful harassment or inappropriate
behavior must report the incident to the camp director.

Discipline - Group Situations
The reason for group discipline is to demonstrate to the entire group that
the actions of one or a few will often have an effect      entire group.
Situations in this category are:
        n   Creating a
        n   Failure to
            follow camp
Examples of group discipline activities are:
Revocation of privileges such as:
 1.½ a day to 2 days restriction of recreational field trips or n   ly
1. Repair and sharpen tools.
2. Clean camp buildings.

Camp Rules
The following rules will be enforced at camp. Violation of any rule will be
immediate grounds for disciplinary action with simultaneous notification of
1. A camper will be dismissed from camp if s/he is behaving in a disorderly
2. A camper will be dismissed for non-prescribed possession or use of
   controlled substances or alcohol. This includes tobacco
3. Campers must make up his/her own bed and keep the cabin area clean
   and orderly.
4. Campers will be responsible for having his/her own clothes cleaned.
   This includes the cost of laundry machines; washing facilities will be

   made available. Campers are expected to maintain a high standard of
   personal hygiene.
5. Campers will be expected to do such jobs as may be assigned by the
   camp staff. Assignments will be rotated so that all yo  will have a
   variety of jobs in their work experience.
6. Campers will be expected to observe the daily routine       mp life such
   as the hour of rising, time for meals, lights out and hours of work.
7. Visits home will only be for emergency situations.
8. No gambling of any type will be allowed
9. When a youth is to leave camp for disciplinary action, the parents are
   notified to come and pick up the youth from camp. The camp counselor
   may take the youth to a relative or friend in the camp community, a
   railroad or bus station only when parent requests such arrangement in
   writing because it is not possible for the parent to pick up the youth. A
   follow up letter is sent to the parents.
10.All accidents, regardless of their seriousness, and illnesses will be
   reported to the camp counselor or camp director.
11.Motor vehicles assigned to camp are for CEP, Inc. use or to whom they are
   registered. Camp enrollees are prohibited from using any vehicles.
12.Campers must be seated at all times when camp vehicle is in motion. Seat
   belt use is required.
13.Any accident to a vehicle, no matter how minor, must be reported
   immediately to the CEP, Inc. office. Accidents involving personal injury or
   out of state vehicles will be reported immediately. Minor accidents not
   involving loss of the vehicle or personal injury must be reported within 48

                 Crex Meadows Pack List

q   Bath towel                                       q   Camera/ Film (optional)
q   Swimming towel                                   q   Flashlight
q   Wash cloth                                       q   Pillow
q   Soap                                             q   Sleeping bag and linens
q   Shampoo/ Conditioner                             q   Pocket money for laundry (at least
q   Deodorant                                            $15.00) and money if you wish to
q   Comb or brush                                        purchase snacks from the canteen
q   Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
q   Laundry bag
q   Swimming suit
q   12 pairs of socks, including some high           ******CEP, Inc. will provide you with
    enough for boots                                 new work boots (if needed), new leather
q   A positive attitude (required)                   gloves, safety glasses, insect repellent, and
q   3 pairs of shorts                                rain gear (glasses and raingear must be
q   3 pairs of work jeans/ pants (they WILL          returned at the end of camp). We will also
    get dirty)                                       have combination locks for campers to use
q   2 pair of jeans/ pants for non -work             while at camp.
q   7 lightweight shirts (bring at least 4 for
    working in)
q   Sweatshirt /Jacket                               DO NOT BRING
q   A sense of humor is needed to deal with          ü Tobacco, alcohol, or other non-
    the Camp Director                                  prescription drugs (This will result in
q   Pajamas                                            confiscation and disciplinary action)
q   Sunblock                                         ü Valuable items such as jewelry, CD’s,
q   A hat                                              etc. that could be stolen.
q   A desire to learn!                               ü Weapons of any kind
q   Special medications (prescriptions must          ü Negative attitudes
    be turned in at start of camp), band-            ü DO NOT offensive t -shirts or hats.
    aids, foot powder, etc.                            You will not be allowed to wear them.
q   Stamps and stationary (optional)                 ü Cell phones, Gameboys, PSP’s, etc.
q   Rain gear (if you prefer to use your


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