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					                             Phillip O’ Berry High School
                             2011-2012 CHEER EXPECTATIONS

Philosophy and Purpose
The purpose of POB cheerleaders is to support the curricular and extra-
curricular activities by promoting school spirit. Being a cheerleader is an honor
and a distinctive privilege. Cheerleaders are first and foremost representatives
of   their     school.   Cheerleaders        should   exemplify       behavior   suitable   to   their
position and in accordance with the rules as stated in the CMS Student Code
of Conduct. Members of this group have a responsibility to build teamwork and
help the school achieve its goals. Because of these responsibilities, members
of the cheerleading squad will be expected to maintain a higher standard of
behavior both on and off campus.

Students, regardless of sex or race are eligible to try out if they meet the grade
(2.0GPA) requirement and are registered as a Phillip O Berry student for the
2011-2012 school year.              Candidates and parents must sign the agreement
form stating that they understand and will comply with all rules (stated below)
before       the   student    is   allowed    to   participate   in    the   tryout   process.   The
cheerleading coaches will judge the tryouts. The clinic and panel tryout will be
closed to everyone except the coaches, athletic director, and those involved in
teaching tryout material. All those interested in becoming a cheerleader are
highly encouraged to attend each day of the audition sessions. Failure to
attend will decrease your chances of making the team. There is also a link on
our school website (Athletics – Cheerleading) available to view documentation
required to meet the basic eligibility requirements and retrieve audition packets.
You must also have a physical before you can try out!
Tryout Expectations:
Candidates will be taught audition material needed for tryouts during Monday,
August 1 and Tuesday, August 2 8am – 11am, actual auditions will not occur
until Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011.                  Candidates are encouraged to wear
school   colors      and    exemplify    their     school   spirit     through    attire.     Audition
schedules will be          issued on     Tuesday,     August     2 nd, 2011.          The     following
categories will be observed to determine if which candidates will become
members of the Red (Varsity) squad and/or Black (JV) squad.
Jumps: Cheerleaders will be asked to perform a double toe touch and jump of
choice. Judges will be looking for pointed toes, flexibility, height, and overall
Tumbling:    Cheerleaders      with     tumbling    experience       will   receive    high     marks!
Please show the highest skill that you have. *You are not required to have
standing or running tumbling experience to make the team, however you will be
required to learn.
         *Having tumbling does not necessarily mean you will make either team.
Motions-Cheerleaders will be judged on motion tightness, placement, form and
technique during cheers and dance.
Dance- Cheerleaders will be judged on motions, moves, rhythm and ability to
keep time during the dance.
Projection- Cheerleaders will need strong vocal                  projection, confidence,           and
energy. Show your cheers and dance with facials and excitement!
Overall- Cheerleaders will also be judged on overall impression. This includes,
but is not limited to: High energy throughout the duration of your tryout,
knowledge of material, confidence, character, and complete effort shown.
Teacher Recommendation-These will be judged prior to the tryout day.
You must submit your teacher recommendation prior to Tuesday, August 2, 2011.
Rising ninth graders are required to turn these in as well. Please bring your
recommendations to conditioning practices or have your teacher email the varsity
coach. Varsity coach’s email address is Keisha.Crawford@cms.K12.nc.us
There are 17 slots available for Varsity and 17 slots available for JV.
*The maximum amount of cheerleaders may or may not be selected*
Each day: Hair needs to be in a ponytail, NO JEWELRY, NO PIERCINGS!

Academic Eligibility
Candidates will meet all academic requirements of maintaining a 2.0 or above
GPA. POB Cheerleaders are required to submit biweekly progress reports to
ensure all cheerleaders are putting their academic career first.                Cheerleaders
with a GPA less than 2.5 will be required to attend tutorials and limited cheer
time until grades improved. Coaches prefer for POB cheerleaders to have at
least a 80% in all courses, if you have a grade of a 75 while on the squad or
below, it is possible that you will be required to go to after-school help sessions
instead of practices. Your academic success is very important. We will follow
rules regarding the Do Not Admit list—if you are placed on the list, you will be
benched until effort is shown to improve your grade.

Cheerleading responsibilities and dedication begin on the day the results are
posted; all Varsity and JV cheerleaders are expected to be committed the
duration of the season. Any cheerleader who voluntarily quits the squad before
the end of the season without approval of the principal, athletic director, or
coach will not be allowed to try out for the next cheer season. Any cheerleader
who participates in other extra-curricular activities must be committed to the
POB    cheerleading    squad    therefore   making     arrangements       to   ensure   cheer
material is learn prior to game night.
Squads will have 2-3 practices each week. All practices are mandatory. We will
stretch and condition each practice. This time needs to be taken seriously and
full effort needs to be put forth. The only way you can gain strength,
endurance, and flexibility is to work for it. If you are late (unexcused) to
practice, please be ready to run or condition—in addition to what we normally
Excused Late: Tutoring (bring a note), appointments (not in excess of 3), after
school meetings or school absence. If you are going to miss or be late to
practice due to sickness, appt, meeting, etc you must let the coaches know by
12:00 that day. If you do not let us know, it counts as an UNEXCUSED
absence/tardy. Please come to practice dressed and ready. If you are not, that
will count as being late.
 3 TOTAL unexcused absences* from practices will result in dismissal from the squad.
You will be given the practice schedule at the beginning of each month. This
allows you to plan ahead and schedule around practices and games. All
practices are closed to parents and others not directly associated with the
cheerleading program.

During football season, games are on Thursday (JV) and Friday (Varsity).
Cheerleaders must attend all football games. Each game is mandatory! Please
do not make plans that conflict with games. Missing more than three games
during the year will result in dismissal from the squad. To be excused from a
game, parents must contact the coach for verification purposes.                Cheerleaders
are under their coaches’ care when in attendance; we are your temporary
guardians until your parents pick you up.           POB cheerleaders must respect their
coaches and their rules at all times, disrespect will not be tolerated.          If you are
supposed to be with your coach, that is where you should be, parents will be
notified   of   skipping,   avoiding   practices,   and   of   inappropriate   behavior   on
campus.       Friends   and/or    boyfriends   will   not   be     allowed   to     sit/stand   with
cheerleaders during the games or practices. Public displays of affection will not
be   tolerated    while   in     uniform.   You   are   a   role     model    for    this   school.
Cheerleaders will ride to and from away football games in official school
transportation.     No rides home with boyfriends or friends, parents must inform
coaches of their intentions prior to the event.

Rules and Demerits
All cheerleaders must:
Abide by all rules stated in the POB & CMS Student Handbook. Be self-
motivated, responsible, and willing to participate in activities and competitions
with a good attitude. Be aware that POB cheerleaders are representing the
school at all times. Follow all district, school, and class rules. Sign and agree to
the POB code of conduct and Procedures. Smoking, drinking, fighting and
drugs will not be tolerated. Cheerleaders caught breaking this rule will be
disciplined     accordingly      by   POB’s    administrative       staff.   Cheerleaders       are
expected to be a positive role model for the school and community. A system
of demerits has been compiled to ensure that every cheerleader is held
responsible for his/her actions. The rules are listed within the demerit system
below. The point value of the demerits will only be used when problems persist.
Otherwise punishment will be given at the time the incident occurs.                             For
example: If you are late, you may have to run. If you are caught with gum you
may have 20 pushups. Punishment will be at the coach’s discretion.
Rules and Demerit System for Conditioning Practices
A. Practice Demerits (4 demerits will result in dismissal from try-outs)
1. Cheerleader must wear appropriate workout clothing when practice begins. 1 pt.
2. Hair must be up, secured, and out of face. 1 pt.
3. No jewelry may be worn including body piercing. 1 pts.
4. No chewing gum. 1 pts.
5. No cursing or arguing with anyone. 2 pts.
6. Cheerleader must be to practice on time. 2 pts.
It is required to let the coach know BEFORE 12 pm if you are going to miss
or be late to practice.
7. Cheerleader will not engage in public displays of affections. 2 pts.
8. Cheerleader will respect all teachers/staff members at all times. 4pts.
9. Cheerleader will not leave food, trash or mess in the practice or performance area.
10. Cheerleader must not promote or instigate negative situations. 4pts.
11. Cheerleader must maintain a positive spirit and encourage the team to excel. 2pts.
12. Cheerleader must participate in all conditioning exercises. 1pt.

The coaches reserve the right to add reasons and demerits to the list as they
see necessary. Any coach, Athletic Director, or Principal review of student’s actions
may result in dismissal from the squad.

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