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W            hilst I am in semi invalid status, waiting for my Achilles tendon to heal
             (taking forever), I watched an awful lot of the Para Olympics open
             mouthed in great wonder at what some people can set themselves up
to achieve. Open mouthed is not a good look in our house on account of there
being too many spiders. Although saves hopping to the kitchen for a snack. The
only feat I have managed is to perfect the art of going up a flight of stairs on my
bottom. And even that causes great dismay as I realise I have polished rather a
large section of stair with my derriere.
Still, at least I have ditched the crutches. Crutches a mixed blessing. Although
integral to the process of tendon rehabilitation, it is nigh on impossible to carry a
cup of tea with no free hands. Also hopping around becrutched in rural
Oxfordshire is no laughing matter. In order of utter revoltingness I managed to
impale a child’s foot, a dead mouse and a dog poo upon said sticks. I spent an
inordinate amount of time with a bottle of bleach and a cotton bud getting it all
out. Not for the child, obviously. That escaped of it’s own accord.
Still, now I have progressed onto a boot which looks suspiciously like it was
harvested from yeti parts. It seems extremely unfair that I have sustained an
injury which is keeping me away from ridiculously uncomfortable footwear for so
long. It’s just wrong.
Anyway, children seem to have gone back to school with minimum of fuss,
although the early mornings are taking a while to adjust to. This weekend they
just slobbed in pyjamas, pale faced and struck mute with the exertion of having
to go to school and concentrate and stuff. Or maybe they were just on the
computer too much, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Yesterday just as lunch was being
shipped out I said to Ludo ‘Do you want to get dressed before lunch?’ It was
supposed to be one of those rhetorical questions, in a ‘Do it now’ kind of way.
Instead he said ‘Nah. I’m just one of those people who doesn’t need to get
dressed to eat’. I didn’t manage to come up with an adequate response to that. It
had it’s own logic in a way. A bit like my ‘I don’t need to be able to walk to buy a
pair of incredibly high heels.’ We’ll go far, I’m sure.
Yesterday the ridiculous descended into the sublime as we were discussing the
merits of oily fish over our supper (fish, oily). I say discuss. I wasn’t really sure
what the merits are, but I said something about it being good for you. Ludo said
‘If you were sliding down a snowy hill on a giant salmon then, would it make you
go faster?’ Toby looked thoughtful. ‘I think maybe you’d find you would go
faster if you went down the hill on two regular salmon’ Pause. ‘And actually a
snowy hill is called a mountain Ludo’ Please. Get me out of here. Now!!!!!
 (Thanks to Steve Findlay Wilson for front cover photograph)

Dear friends

I      was talking the other day to a ten-year-old, and he suddenly launched into a
      fierce verbal attack on another boy at his school. This one-time friend had
      betrayed him, hurt him deeply and he was still smarting from the effect. I
started to talk about the possibility of forgiving him, but he was having none of
it. ‘I want him to feel what it felt like for me,’ he said. And when I suggested that
that would just prolong the feud, his answer was, ‘I don’t care. I’m going to get
my own back!’ And I could see his point and could sympathise. Who is there
who has not felt like that one time or another? It is something that seeps into all
sections of society.
It is found in staff common rooms at schools, it is there in the board rooms of
businesses, and it is endemic among politicians. To give a rather feeble
illustration, when radiators that are meant to warm a house get silted up with
gunge, they cease to fulfil their true function, and even leak cold water. And
when we wander around with unforgiveness in our hearts, it cools down the
temperature of the world instead of warming up the scene.
So how do we deal with the hurts and wrongs and pain that all of us experience
in life? How are we going to learn to handle this and maintain the sparkle and
warmth of love? I've heard it said that everyone should have a graveyard in which
to bury the faults of their friends, ..... but many would prefer to bury their friends.
Of course it is not easy. In fact it is one of the hardest things in life to do. First,
when we decide to forgive, we need to face the fact that we have been genuinely
wronged and hurt. We don’t try to excuse the other person. We don’t pretend
that we are not hurt or angry or upset. We face our own feelings honestly and
admit our desire to retaliate in kind. Secondly, we consciously determine to let
the other person off the hook, we refuse the chance to get even. Instead of
wishing them equal pain to our own, we pray for the best for them. We take the
risk that they may do it again. ‘Bless those who curse you and return good for
evil,’ says Jesus.
Thirdly without excusing the other person at all, it is helpful to acknowledge that
we don't have the whole picture. Their version of events may be different. In the
last analysis it is only God who knows the full story. Fourthly, we may have to
forgive the person more than once. Because after we have gone through the
process and forgiven the person, the whole thing pops up again; and then we
have to go through it all once more. Nick McGoldie whose son was killed by the
IRA made the comment ‘Forgiveness isn’t a one-off. I have forgiven those who
murdered Michael, but I have had to go on forgiving lots of times. I ask God for
grace every morning to do this, and he never lets me down. The result is that I’ve
been so blessed by the grace of God.’
Harry MacInnes

1st Sunday October 7th 18th Sunday after Trinity
9.00am      Holwell                Harvest Festival             Rev MacInnes
10.30am     Langford               Harvest Festival             Rev Wheaton
11.30am     Shilton                Harvest Festival             Rev MacInnes
4.00pm      Bradwell Village       Harvest Festival             Rev Wheaton
6.00pm      Westwell               Harvest Festival             Rev MacInnes
6.00pm      Black Bourton          Harvest Festival             Rev Kettle
2nd Sunday October 14th 19th Sunday after Trinity
9.00am        Alvescot                    Holy Communion        Rev Wheaton
9.00am        Broadwell                   Holy Communion        Rev Kettle
10.30am       Filkins                     Harvest Festival      Rev Kettle
10.30am       Shilton                     Parish Communion &    Rev MacInnes
                                          Children’s Church
11.00am       Lt Faringdon                Harvest Festival      Rev Wheaton
6.00pm        Holwell                     Confirmation          Bishop Colin/ Rev
3rd Sunday October 21st 20th Sunday after Trinity
9.00am      Black Bourton         Holy Communion                Rev MacInnes
10.30am     Kelmscott             Harvest Festival              Rev Wheaton
6.00pm      Broughton Poggs       Evensong                      Rev Kettle
6.00pm      Westwell              Evensong                      Rev Wheaton
6.00pm      Holwell               Harvest Festival              Rev MacInnes
4th Sunday October 28th Last Sunday after Trinity
9.00am        Shilton                     Holy Communion        Rev McGrath
9.00am        Kencot                      Holy Communion        Rev MacInnes
10.30am       Alvescot                    Parish Communion &    Rev MacInnes
10.30am       Filkins                     Family Communion      Rev Wheaton
10.30am       Broadwell                   Matins                Rev Kettle
11.00am       Lt Faringdon                Parish Communion      Rev McGrath
6.00pm        Langford                    Evensong              Rev Wheaton
Wed 10th October         Black Bourton            10.00am       Rev Wheaton
Wed 24th October         Black Bourton            10.00am       Rev MacInnes
October 7th, 18th Sunday after Trinity (Green)
Genesis 2.18-24      Psalm 8            Hebrews 1.1-4, 2.5-12   Mark 10.2-16
October 14th , 19th Sunday after Trinity (Green)
Amos 5.6-7, 10-15 Psalm 90.12-end        Hebrews 4.12-end       Mark 10.17-31
October 21st , 20th Sunday after Trinity (Green)
Isaiah 53.4-end          Psalm 91.9-end     Hebrews 5.1-10      Mark 10.35-45

October 28th , Last Sunday after Trinity (Green)
Jeremiah 31.7-9      Psalm 126               Hebrews 7.23-end   Mark 10.46-end
‘The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best-known part of the teaching of
Jesus, though arguably it is the least understood, and certainly it is the least
obeyed.’ (John Stott) In our studies this autumn, we shall be exploring how we
can apply this teaching in today’s culture, and in our own everyday lives:
October 9th          ‘Love your enemies’ (Matthew 5:38-48)
October 23rd         ‘This is how you should pray’ (Matthew 6:1-18)
November 6th         ‘Do not worry’ (Matthew 6:19-34)
November 20th        ‘Do not judge’ (Matthew 7:1-12)
December 4th         ‘Enter through the narrow gate’ (Matthew 7:13-29)
Our meetings are on Tuesday afternoons at 11 Oakey Close, Alvescot, from
2.00pm to 3.30pm. You are most welcome to any or all of them: please contact
me on 01993 846169 if you would like more details.
Liz Johnson
My son and daughter-in-law are island hopping in
the Adriatic Sea near to Croatia. They are booking
accommodation as they go by the internet and I am
up to date with their travels by ‘blog’ They ought to
write a book on their return as it would make an
interesting and laughable read. Any pitfalls they had
could be passed on to any other intrepid travellers.
The apostle Paul did a lot of travelling in his time,
even island hopping; Cyprus, Crete, Malta! From the
time his conversion took place on the Damascus road his main desire was to
preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He did not have the advantage of a laptop but
had to rely on his friends to take letters to the various churches he had already
visited. Some may have been letters of encouragement but some were letters of
correction, to be sure they understood the Gospel.
These letters are in our Bibles and can be used to help us on our Life’s journey.
Janet Whitfield
7th October                          Dan Steel
14th October                         Andy Robinson
21st October                         Tim Welch
28th October                         Barry Shepherd
Our services are now at 3.00pm and visitors are always very welcome.

Looking ahead to the beginning of November we have the Church and Chapel
Coffee Morning on Saturday 3rd in the Old School, and the first of our Soup
Days on Wednesday 7th also in the Old School. Hope to see lots of you at both
those events.
Elizabeth Harfield

O     ur next meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd October at 3.00pm in the
      Methodist Church Schoolroom. Our speaker will be Rev’d Elgin Crewe
      of Witney. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

     here will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
     Barbara Edwards


O         n Saturday 20th October, Shilton is holding another concert in the
          church, but very different from the successful organ concert in July. It
          will be a sort of local edition of the Last Night at the BBC Proms and
the programme is already taking shape. It will start with Cym Rhondda, Guide
Me O thou great redeemer, then Bronwen Mills will be singing songs from
Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England accompanied by David Austin. My
daughter Emma who is a cellist and has played here at a previous concert, hopes
to bring her string quartet along to add a classical note, and I hope that my 14
year old grandaughter Charlotte, who we heard here two years ago, will join them
to play Mozarts Clarinet quintet.. Charlotte is a Junior Exhibitioner at the Royal
Academy. There will be Second World War songs with Gillie Coghlan leading
and ending with There’all always be an England. We will have Rule Brittania and
the usual finishing touches of Land of Hope and Glory , Jerusalem and the
National Anthem. We also have a young oboeist joining in, Edward Baldwin who
is at Burford School. Edward will be playing the lovely Telemann Sonata for
oboe and we are very pleased to welcome him to Shilton for the first time. The
concert will be followed by a typical Shilton supper courtesy of our talented band
of cooks. Altogether , it should be a rousing evening to round off a wonderful
year of the Jubilee and the two great Olympics, spoilt only by the awful weather.
Tickets will be £10.00 the concert, £15.00 to include the supper. Bookings
should be made to Shirley Cuthbertson ( 01993 842404) ,Jean Roberts (01993
841194) or to me ( 01993 843014) and cheques should be made payable to
Shilton PCC For Shiltonians, there will be a booking form in the next village
newsletter. We do hope that villagers from all over the Benefice will join us.
Donald Chamberlain


A-level pupil Edward Baldwin from Burford School brought music to life at the
Benefice Communion service on Sunday 2nd September in St Matthew’s Church
in Langford. At the start of the service, Edward became the first Benefice
recipient of the MAJIC of Music Award, presented to him by the Rev Patrick
Wheaton. A warm, enthusiastic congregation was on hand to welcome Edward
and hear his beautiful performance of the 2nd movement of the Saint-Saens Oboe
Sonata Op. 166 and the 1st and 2nd movements of Telemann’s Oboe Sonata in A
minor, superbly accompanied by organist Sheila Henderson. We are delighted
that Edward will also provide music at the Confirmation service on the evening
of Sunday 14th October in Howell.
The goal of the MAJIC of Music is to encourage the musical pursuits of young
performers, which blends brilliantly with the desire of the Rev Harry MacInnes
to bring more music to the Benefice services. We plan to hold a memorial
concert each year to continue to fund performance music in the Benefice
through the MAJIC initiative, which was launched last autumn at a memorial
concert at St Margaret’s Church in Little Faringdon. Musicians who would like to
perform at Benefice Communion services are encouraged to please contact me
(07803 061626).
Barbara Browne

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

On October 6th at 7.30pm Tickets £7.50 to include supper, available from me on
01993 842135. Bar applied for
Thank you very much to all who supported the Alvescot Autumn Show on 1 st
September. Through your generosity we were able to send £150.00 to the Air
Ambulance Trust.
The judges were very impressed with the number of entries overall and especially
with the quality of the cakes entered by five gentlemen. Categories for the photos
next year are Family Pet/s, Celebrations and Farming
Terry Morris
It has been a wonderful start to the new school year at St
Peter’s and lovely to have some sunshine! Staff and children
have returned to school with great excitement and have
settled quickly to the daily routines of school life. We have welcomed back Kerry
Hookham who has returned after her maternity leave and Jenny Woodford. Miss
Woodford and Mrs Hookham will both be teaching the Year 2 Class. We also
welcome our twenty-six new children, who, as I write, are enjoying their first
morning in our Foundation Stage Class. We hope that all our new families soon
become fully involved in the life of the school.
On Sunday 30th September we will be having a Treasure Hunt round the village.

This will start from school at 3.00pm and will cost £5.00 per family.
Unfortunately, the route is not suitable for pushchairs and please bring your
This year, Children’s Book week will take place from 1 st to 7th October. We will
be focussing on Traditional Tales and in order to continue to develop their
storytelling skills, the children will be involved in a range of storytelling activities,
using the outside storytelling circle, puppet theatre and puppets to retell
traditional tales. There will be a Scholastic Booksale in school from 2nd October
until 8th October in the school hall from 2.45 until 3.30pm, so if you would like
to start your Christmas shopping early, do come along.
The school will hold its annual Harvest Festival service at St Peter’s Church on
Wednesday 24th October at 1.30 and all are welcome to join us.
Sam King

                  BLACK BOURTON
                  St Mary’s

It was a beautiful day for the sponsored cycle ride, many thanks to Jane Jones,
Pete Miles and Duncan Ockendon for cycling for St Mary’s Church and many
thanks to all those who welcomed the cyclists during the day at the Church.
Everyone is welcome to our Parish Council meetings which are held in St Mary’s
Church on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm. Our next meetings
will be 24th October and 28th November.
Doreen Hart
The recent Queens Diamond Jubilee event was very well represented for the
population size of the village even with the poor weather. The positive feedback
was encouraging, well received and has sparked a level of interest in supporting
and organising future events.
The interim group who are looking after the Village Association until the AGM
discussed three further events for 2012; an afternoon tea in September on the
recreation ground, a Weston-Birt Arboretum night trip in November and a
pantomime trip in December. The village was emailed through the village
hotmail address ( with the details of each event with return
slips and by no later than dates. Unfortunately we have had so few returns for the
Afternoon Tea event that it has been cancelled. On further analysis and talking to
others in the village, a lot of people had not received the information. We hold

approximately 50% of the village on our email address book and with the village
website in its final stages of completion that will be another avenue to promote
future events.
During the QDJC, each house in the village was visited twice with details of the
web address and what the group were hoping to achieve.
We asked for your contact details (email) to allow us to be able to easily hit
everyone at a press of the button. We understand that some in the village do not
have access to email and those who returned that information we are catering for
by individually popping a printed version of the events through their letterboxes.
What we are trying to avoid is having to knock on every door, every
week/fortnight or month with every change in detail, it is very time consuming
and with the meetings and planning for the events can take up several hours
better utilised in other directions. Please consider using the email and letting us
know your email address or let us know if you require a printed version (drop a
note off with your Name and Address to 1 Red Brick Cottage, Burford Rd).
The Village web site is due to be up and running by October and will provide a
central point for information on clubs, contacts, parish council matters and
future events for the BBVA.
We will endeavour to utilise other portals for media purposes and will look into
supplying the Parish Pump with local information as and when appropriate.
Please help us to help you; we look forward to hosting out next event. Both the
pantomime and Arboretum trips are filling up.
The Team
A very big thank you to those people in Burford Road who gave so generously to
the Marie Curie Cancer collection in July. The total donation was £58.80
Julia Shirlaw
On Saturday 27th October 2.00pm in the WI hall, Brize Norton Road, Carterton
in aid of the Movement Centre, a registered charity that supports children with
cerebral palsy. The Movement Centre provides targeted training, a life changing
therapy that develops functional skills required for head control and sitting, and
where possible standing and walking in children with cerebral palsy and other
problems of movement control. It is estimated that 1 in 400 children are born
with this condition. At our Autumn Fayre there will be a cake stall, tombola,
raffle, afternoon tea and much more, all proceeds will go to the Movement
Centre, please come along and enjoy a cup of tea with us on the 27 th October at
Jane Cambray and Anne Sherriff

                  St Peter & St Paul’s
October 7th                Robina Lockyer
October 14th, 21st         Vivien Godfrey
October 28th               June Goodenough
Not much news---lots of folk away----Harvest at Farm all in, and hopefully all
straw baled and next year seeds in the ground.(It never stops !)
HARVEST LUNCH September 30th, as of now (Sept 14th) all seems to be
going swimmingly
June Goodenough
The children of Broadshires have returned full of life after
their summer holidays and we have welcomed many new
arrivals to our afternoon sessions. We hope they all enjoy
their time with us this year.
Santa has come early (helped by a large amount of Tesco
vouchers and money from our May fete!!) bringing several
new items to the pre-school for the children to use. There
will be many more dolls’ tea parties taking place and brains
tested with different jigsaws and games. We’ve also had the
delivery of a set of hand bells which have been tried and tested by the children.
The local residents were delighted with the impromptu outdoor concert.
However a little more practise may be needed before an invitation arrives to take
part in the Proms!
As you drive past us your eyes may be drawn to our very smart new wall which
has been rebuilt over the summer. A huge thank you to the trustees for arranging
this, it looks fantastic.
Broadshires has been providing pre-school care for children for 20 years now.
We have come such a long way from the days when we simply had a few second
hand tables and chairs, a plasterer’s metal mixing bath for a sandpit and some
kitchen units to store the toys. We took huge pride in what we could provide and
gradually our opening hours have increased from just two mornings a week to
everyday as our popularity has grown. All of this is only possible with the endless
work from our committee members who tirelessly fundraise in order that we can
buy new equipment for all the children to enjoy. The Trustees of the Old School
have remained supportive throughout and work hard to maintain and improve
the building.

We are all hugely excited as we have been offered the chance to link with a pre-
school in Kenya. This will hopefully be a fantastic opportunity for the children,
and us, to learn about a different culture and to discover the similarities and
differences between life here and in Kenya. We plan to exchange ideas and
photographs and share information about what we have all been up to.
Our topic this term is Shape and Colour. We plan to make circular pizzas (not
plastic, I hope!), post rectangular envelopes, create a frieze of an oval Humpty
Dumpty and get gloriously messy mixing as many different colours as possible!
If you are interested in booking a place for your child or would like any further
information please contact Jackie Overton (email : jackie@broadshires- )
Rowan Harris

                 FILKINS & BROUGHTON POGGS
                 St Peter’s

October 7th Mary Cover 14th Harvest Festival        21st & 28th Mary Cover
On a miraculously dry evening in July, traffic was again diverted as St Filica put
on its very own annual micro festival right in the middle of the Village Street.
Playing for the delight of the assembled throng, having travelled all the way from
Kent were the aptly named Big Squeeze - five piece band, big PA system, very
small tent. Mike from the band was under strict instructions to keep singing until
he lost his voice, which manfully and increasingly painfully he did...all the way
from 8 till midnight, with only two small breaks for recovery. The band were
phenomenal, the best for a good few years, and in the Paddock Tony Cutler’s
burgers and bangers were going down the usual storm. Meanwhile in the Village
Hall Mr Floyd had organised an equally boutique sized beer festival, which was
pronounced ‘sound’ by those who could still speak. The final set of the night saw
everyone out on the tarmac boogieing frantically. Just ask your erstwhile Editor...
 The band loved it - Webby (the singer) is a very old mate of mine, and the band
all work at Fidelity where I work. I thought they were terrific, but I can't tell Mike
that obviously as his head would get even bigger - not a good look when you are
already a ‘ginger’.
Charlie Payne

Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                 Thursdays
2nd  Oct   Lady Allison        860787    4th Oct     Mr A Woodford        860319
9th Oct    Mrs J Geake         860534    11th Oct    Mr A Woodford        860319
16th Oct   Mrs M Cover         860302    18th Oct    Mrs J Higham         860197
23rd Oct   Mrs A Dossett-      860357    25th Oct    Mr A Woodford        860319
30th Oct   Mr J Langer         860700    1st Nov     Mrs J Geake          860534
6th Nov    Lady Allison        860787    8th Nov     Mr A Woodford        860319
13th Nov   Mr J Langer         860700    15th Nov    Mrs J Higham         860197
20th Nov   Mrs A Dossett-      860357    22nd        Mr A Woodford        860319
           Davies                        Nov
27th Nov   Mrs M Cover         860302    29th Nov    Mr A Woodford        860319
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. For all hospital runs please contact Tony Woodford
on 01367-860319.
Tony Woodford
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

      FILKINS VILLAGE HALL is proud to
      Friday October 12th. Doors open at
      7.30pm, show starts At 8.00pm. Pay Bar.
      Tickets Adults 6.00, children (under 16)
      £3.00, available from the Wollen Weavers,
      Post Office, on the door Or call Helen on 01367 860795 PLEASE
      All proceeds will go towards our refurbishment fund for new
      Helen Dunmall

The Autumn term is well under way and our new children have
quickly become familiar with their new environment and routine.
A new revised Early Years Foundation Stage framework became
statutory on 1stSeptember and we are all now getting to grips with the changes.
The EYFS Framework exists to support all professionals working in the EYFS
and was developed with a number of early years experts and parents. The revised
framework makes it clearer and easier to use, with more focus on the things that
matter most. It also has a greater emphasis on a parents role in helping a child
The children will be celebrating harvest in Filkins Church during the first week of
October. We always look forward to Patrick’s entertaining ‘hands-on’ delivery of
this festival!
Louise Jenkins

Day                  Morning                                     Afternoon
Monday               10.00am- 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday              10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday            10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Thursday             10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Friday               10.00am - 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Saturday             10.00am-12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Sunday               closed                                      3.00-5.00pm

Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

                  St Mary’s

We will be celebrating our Harvest Festival with Holy Communion at 9.00 on the
morning of October 7th with the Rev Harry MacInnes officiating. This day seems
to be Harvest Festival Sunday in the Benefice, but if you are not in one of the
other five parishes with its own service, we would love you to join us!
Corinna Rock
The marquee in the Walnut Grove for Stephanie and Ari’s wedding was quite
magical. After a simply beautiful day on Saturday, having been married in Holwell
church, and then danced the night away in the tent, the bride and groom
managed to pull together a team of somewhat tired guests for a rounders match
against the village the following day. No-one is quite sure who won and play was

abandoned after a labrador ran off with the ball and a runner snatched a fielder’s
glass of champagne. Thereafter the pitch was turned into Holstock and we had
an impromptu rave with many a parent embarrassing their offspring with some
spectacularly uncool dancing. What a joyous day it was; our thanks to the
wedding party for inviting us to join them.
Julie-anne Edwards
On 8th September the Holwell peloton swept through the surrounding lanes and
villages on a glorious late summer’s day for the Oxfordshire Historic Churches
Trust, jostling for headlines with the beautiful wedding in our Church that day of
Stephanie and Ari.
Once Richard Scoulding had finished his pre-race ciggie, very much in the
manner of Bradley Wiggins, twelve of us took off to immerse ourselves in the
delights of Cotswold village scenery. Over the next eight hours, we revelled in the
sublime beauty of our local churches, and the well-intentioned if erratic welcome
proffered by each of the 28 places of worship we visited (i.e. 26 churches and 2
pubs). The spectrum went from a brace of stale custard creams and a hasty note
of apology, to those champions of bonhomie and hospitality at Asthall, where
dear Margaret Barker welcomed us with teas and coffees and we feasted on Betty
Kearsley’s fabulous home-made cup-cakes.
Shortly after lunch we lost three of our team including our very own Professor of
Pharmacology, thus ruling out any possibility of adopting the tactics allegedly
employed by Lance Armstrong in his seven victories in the Tour de France. By
late afternoon, Hob-nobs were beginning to lose their allure, but we knew that
the fridges would fly open the moment we got back to Holwell, if only we could
make it up Eastleach hill ………..
Finally back in Holwell, we collapsed on the village green as the sun set, toasting
our safe return at the end of a stunning day. Seasoned travellers, novice bikers,
and our youngest team member Nat Swift, all felt that it had been a memorable
and special event. Thanks to all who helped and participated, and to those who
sponsored us.
Reggie Heyworth

                   St George’s

Church Flowers                            Liz Nelson
Grass Cutting                             David and Lucinda McFarlane

                        St George’s

6th &13th October Lesley Metcalf 20th & 27th October Gillian Morrison
On Tuesday August 7th the funeral took place in St George’s Church of Kathleen
Mary Margrett who had lived in Upper Meadow Cottage with Denis, her beloved
husband, some years ago. She was well-known, and a friend to many in
Broadshire Parishes, for she had made homes previously in Langford and
Broadwell. And what a wonderful homemaker she was! With Denis’s DIY skills
and the artistic eyes each cottage (and many more afterwards) became
transformed into comfortable, charming and delightful place to live. Her friend
the Rev Maureen Taylor, who took the service and gave a moving Tribute to
Kathleen said ‘ She made friends where ever she was and really touched people’s
hearts with her warmth and kindness’ Of all the places where the Margretts lived,
Kencot was th one she chose to return to, and her ashes will lie in its peaceful
churchyard. RIP dear Kathleen.
Marjorie Barstow
In June a letter was circulated to all homes in the village asking for donations to
replace a damaged stone on the War Memorial .Thank you to the 22 homes that
have made donations . The repair will be carried out by Filkins Stone before
remembrance Sunday, 11th November. This years Broadshire service will be at
held at Kencot.
The letter also asked for people’s views on cleaning and general restoration of the
War Memorial. The majority were in favour, therefore quotes for this will be
obtained. An application will then be made to the War Memorial Trust for 50%
of the cost. If other grants cannot be found consideration will be given to a
precept on the Council Tax.

                St Matthew’s

Friday 5th October  Harvest Festival 11.00am Decoration
October 14th & 21st Mrs R Range
October 28th        Mrs D Lowden

Harvest Festival and Lunch Final Reminder .The Annual Harvest lunch will take
place in Langford Village Hall on Sunday 7th October, after the Harvest Festival
in church. The lunch starts at 12 noon for 12.30. Tickets are £8.00 per head
(children ½ price) and are available from Gerry Austin on 01367 860462, Richard
Kirby on 01367 860205 and Jenny Pitkin. Good food, good company, a real
village get together.
A Jumble Sale will be held on Saturday 6th October in Langford Village Hall at
2.00pm. Good quality items, Bric-a-Brac, Books, Nearly New, Cake Stall, Raffle
and light refreshments will be available. Entry is FREE.
The Hall will be open on Friday 5th October from 6.00-7.00pm for the delivery
of goods for the sale.
If you require more information please contact Cherry (01367)860304 or Doreen
(01367) 860060. Proceeds from the sale to be split 50/50 between Langford
Village Hall and St. Matthew’s Church, Langford.
Join us for an evening of whist in the Village Hall on Tuesday 2nd October. We
start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please arrive earlier than
this. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome to come with one.
The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits at half time. Everyone is
welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If you need any more information
please ring me on (01993) 852378
Jo Hutchings

                              CRAFT FAYRE
                   Sunday 28th October 2.00pm to 5.00pm
                      LANGFORD VILLAGE HALL
  We hope to have the following: Ceramics, Jewellery, Mosaics, Bags, Stained
 Glass, Linen, Scarves and many more items. Quality & Unique Items, Some
        Commissions Taken. Ideal for Birthday and Christmas Presents
         Enquiries to Chrissy 01367 860514 or Tracey 01367 860721
  Tables paid in advance £5.00, on the day £7.00 Langford Postcard on sale
Raffle & Light Refreshments Available Proceeds in aid of Langford Village Hall
                               FREE ENTRY
                                Chrissie Tinson

We are back! After a rather wet school summer holiday, the
new academic year began in glorious sunshine. It was so
lovely to see the children flood into the school on Tuesday
morning bringing the place alive. What a privilege it was to
see our new reception class start their school life.
We had a significant amount of refurbishment work carried
out during the break and the school now boasts sweeter
smelling, and tidier looking children’s toilets! Although the
work overran, staff worked tirelessly in order to prepare the school and the
classrooms to make them fit for their purpose as a good environment for exciting
and meaningful learning experiences in the coming months.
The new school year also saw a change in the school staff. It was sad to see Mrs
Phillips, Mrs Wargent and Mr Cornish leave the school after their significant
contributions, but we wish them all the best with their new endeavours. The
sadness is balanced by the excitement of being able to welcome four new
members of staff to the St. Christopher's family. Mrs Penn and Mrs Long join
the teaching team and Mrs Wiles is working as a special needs teaching assistant.
The fourth new member is myself! I am extremely excited about embarking on
my headship here at St Christopher’s. I consider it a privilege to lead this learning
community and to becoming a part of the team that delivers the very best
learning opportunities and outcomes for the children in our care.
Shaw Goodwin
                LITTLE FARINGDON
                St Margaret’s

October Jeanie Pollock.
Would everyone please help with usual Harvest Festival arrangements. Please
contact Rachel Taylor if in doubt.
This year’s Harvest Festival will take place at 11.00am on Sunday 14 th October.
This will be one of our quarterly ‘special’ services that include participation of
our children, with readings and appropriate hymns. The church will be
resplendent with flowers and produce. It would be marvellous to see the church
bursting at the seams with a large congregation.

Oboist Edward Baldwin from Burford School
received the first Benefice MAJIC of Music
Award at the Benefice Communion service on
Sunday 2nd September at St Matthew’s Church in
Langford. During the service, Edward gave a
beautiful performance of the 2nd movement of the
Saint-Saens Oboe Sonata Op. 166 and the 1st and
2nd movements of Telemann’s Oboe Sonata in A
minor. Please see the full report in the front
section of this issue of the Parish Pump. Edward
is the son of Anne and Andy Baldwin of
Bampton, and will perform in Little Faringdon in
November when we host the Benefice service at
St Margaret’s Church. Many thanks to all those
who made this MAJIC Award possible by
donating so generously at last autumn’s memorial
concert in St Margaret’s.
Barbara Browne
The Little Faringdon annual Bonfire and Fireworks Party will be held on Friday
2nd November in the paddock opposite the church. The gates will open at
6.45pm.This always exciting event will feature spectacular fireworks, as well as
fabulous food and drink. Visitors from near and far are most welcome!
Well done to Rachel Taylor for representing the village in the annual Historic
Churches Trust Ride and Stride on 8th September. Sponsorship money is still
coming in, and any further donations will be gratefully received. Half of the
money raised comes back to St Margaret’s Church.
Jeremy Taylor

             Holy Rood

               Another quiet month as far as the Old School Committee is
concerned, but lots of preparations are underway for Shilton’s Harvest Lunch on
7th October and our very own Proms concert on the 20th. (see front section)
Don’t leave it too late if you haven’t already bagged your tickets for these dates
because, as ever, spaces for both are limited.
Shirley Cuthbertson

3rd October         Shilton     5th December      Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
will take place in the Hobbies Room.
Katherine Robertson
Our October meeting sounds interesting. Our speaker on Friday 12 th October
(7.30pm as usual in the Old School) will be Martin Sirot-Smith, and his subject
will be Tudor Harvest Customs.
 Fred Robertson
It’s the time of year for a churchyard tidy up morning and this has been planned
for Saturday 13th October starting at 10.00 am. If you can spare some time to
help maintain the grounds of our beautiful church you will be warmly welcomed
so do please come along bringing with you secateurs and cutting tools. Please let
me know on 01993 841194 or, of course, alternatively, just turn up!
David Roberts
Our Harvest Festival Service is on Sunday 7th October at 11.30 am and any gifts
of fruit, vegetables, flowers and greenery would be very much appreciated for
decorating the church. We will be doing the decorating on the Friday and
Saturday so if you would like to give a hand please come along and join us. If you
have any produce etc. please could you either leave it in the church porch on the
Friday or give me a ring on 01993 841194 as I would be happy to collect.
Following the Service we are having a Lunch in the Old School and by the time
you read this you will have received a village newsletter and hopefully completed
the application form because space is limited and sadly in previous years we have
had to disappoint people. Please try and come to both, if you are not able to do
that everyone is most welcome to come along for the service or the lunch.
Jean Roberts
Our annual Chapel/Church coffee morning this year will be held at the Old
School, Church Lane on Saturday 3rd November from 10.00 until 12 noon. This
is always a jolly good chance to start your Christmas shopping, enjoy a cup of
coffee and homemade cake and chat to friends.
Any offers of homemade cakes, jams, chutneys and bring and buy items would
be greatly appreciated please and of course if anyone wishes to help in any way
please give me a call on 01993 841194 or Elizabeth Harfield on 01993 843444.

What a gloriously sunny warm day we had for our Ride and Stride this year! Very
many thanks to the handful of villagers that cycled and also to the ‘church sitters’.
David and I cycled this year and had a thoroughly enjoyable time not only cycling
along our beautiful country lanes but also chatting to the ‘sitters’ so I feel that it
is most important to have welcomers at the churches. If anyone completed
sponsor forms could these be handed to me once you have collected your
sponsor money, many thanks.
Jean Roberts
Diary Dates Quiz Night on Friday 19th October 7.30pm in the Village Hall ‘B’
and David Brookes will be you hosts.
The Horse Racing evening planned for the 16th November is now a Pig Racing
Evening. Something about not enough room for the horses in the village hall.
…Is coming Bradwell Village. Starting on Wednesday the 10 th of October
 The residents association are delighted to announce that the Villager Bus will
call every Wednesday morning leaving Bradwell at 09.46am from the Village Hall
Car Park going directly to Witney returning from Waitrose Car Park via Burford
arriving back at Bradwell at 12.55pm. The return fare will be £2.90 unless you
show your bus pass. If this service is well supported we could possibly have the
same service on a Friday.
Can I just clarify you do NOT need to book your seat. A recent flyer only asked
for telephone numbers of people who intend to use the bus on a regular basis for
information purposes only. For any more information please contact Ellis
Howat on 07730 015496 or Tony Cripps on 01993 823586. This service will go
part of the way to resolving the isolation of Bradwell Village.
Finally on a sad note it was anounced recently that Phil Jones passed away our
thoughts are with his wife Babs and family.
Tony Cripps
Do you have young children aged between 0-5years old? Why
not come along to our baby and toddler group? Weekly craft
activity, songtime, playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50 per family
contribution. Come along to the village hall for a free taster session, you and your
children would be very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. For more details,
please contact me on or Miranda Mowbray 01367
860890 Lorraine Ainslie on 01993 822689
Abbie Ogden

                    St Mary’s

Pudding club continues its sticky momentum - there was a good turn out at Chris
and Georgie this month with lemon flavoured puds very much on the menu.
Congratulations to Jenny for scooping the prize in a close fought contest.
The big pond clear out was imminent at the time of submission further details to
follow on this much needed and well supported task.
Miles Gibson
I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the lovely photo booklet of
the Juilee party, which was presented to me at the pudding club party. This is a
lovely momento of a very happy village occasion in my garden. I hope there will
be many more.
Janet Phillips

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

                       NEWS FROM BURFORD SCHOOL
                      ‘A’ LEVEL RESULTS
                     Our students have achieved outstanding examination success
                     this year. Congratulations must go to all our students and
their teachers who have worked hard over the last two years. We were
particularly pleased that so many of our students achieved beyond their target
grades and as a consequence will be able to take up a place at their first choice
Some individual student results of particular note are as follows:
• Lillianne Lock who achieved 3 grades A’s and will be reading PPE at Oxford.
• Emma Bailey who achieved 4 grade A*/As and who will now be reading Maths
at Bristol.
• Jake Henderson who achieved 3 grade A*/As and is reading Physics at

• Tom Berry who achieved 2 grade As and a grade B and is reading Cellular and
Molecular Biology at Bristol
• Stephen Ball who achieved 2 grade As and a grade B and is reading Mechanical
Engineering at Cardiff.
• Rachel Knight who achieved 2 grade As and a grade B and is reading
Geography at the LSE
• Alina Klukowski who achieved 2 grade A*s and 2 grade Bs and is reading
• 77% of students achieved 5 or more A* - C grades
• 72% achieved A* - C in Maths
• 79% A* - C in English Literature
• 76% achieved at least 2 A* - C grades in Science
• 21% of all GCSE grades were A*/A
• 99.8% overall GCSE pass rate
• 9 students achieved a fantastic 10 or more A*/A grades.
Mrs Kathy Haig, headteacher, said: ‘I am delighted that once again our students
have achieved such outstanding results. The students have beaten last year’s
results which were the best in the school’s history to create a new record! We are
particularly pleased with the number of students achieving at least two grades at
A* - C in Science which has increased by 19% on last year. Jane Edwards

O         n Saturday October 20th, between 9.30am and 4.15pm, the Burford
          Singers invite singers of all ages and abilities to join them for a
          Workshop, led by Brian Kay featuring Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem.
For full details please visit or telephone Jan
Campbell on 01993 822412.
Burford Singers Concert, Sunday November 25th at 7.30pm in St. John’s Parish
Church, Burford., conductor Brian Kay with The Cotswold Chamber Orchestra
and soloists Ruth Jenkins soprano, Claire Bradshaw mezzo, Ben Thapa tenor and
Duncan Ross bass. The programme includes works by Haydn, Elgar &
Postal booking is already open. Booking in person and telephone booking opens
on October 13th from The Madhatter Bookshop, 122 High St. Burford OX18
4QJ, tel 01993 822539, for tickets, all reserved, priced at £17.50, £15 & £10.
Jan Campbell

The theme for our monthly special lunch was ‘ Great Foods of Great Britain’.
Graham our Hotel Services Manager, said he found it easy putting together the
menu, the British Isles produce some really good foods. We had twenty guests
and a very good time was had by all. Next month’s theme, ‘ utumnal Feasts’ and
the menu looks impressive.
We had the most wonderful weather for our garden party held in the orchard,
almost everyone was able to come. Cakes, sandwiches and plenty of Pimms was
served on the terrace, it was all so perfect.
The fun continues during September with a Chinese takeaway supper, bring and
buy coffee morning, pampering session, shopping trip into Witney and flower
arranging too.
The weekly exercise classes are well attended and the art class is flourishing, we
meet each week, we chat, have a laugh and sometimes get some work done.
Our discussion group meetings can be very interesting, covering many subjects;
school days, farming, travel and so much more.
Melinda working on the night shift will afterwards stay up long enough to raise
monies for Macmillan’s Charity . She and a few of her chums will be busy baking
cakes for a coffee morning this month, we wish them every success.
More fund raising when we are all encouraged to dress up and strut down a
hastily mapped out catwalk in the dining room, a fashion show entitled “In The
Pink” on Saturday, 6th October, 3.00pm. An afternoon of blazing colour for
Breast Cancer Breakthrough. If you are free, remember to wear something pink!
Annette Baldwin
On 8th August the Gardening Club, which meets on the second Wednesday in
the Month at The Memorial Hall, Lechlade at 7.30pm, was given a talk by Floyds
Climbers and Clematis who are based just off the A350 between Chippenham
and Laycock at Showell Nurseries. The talk was mainly on the cultivation and
maintenance of Clematis but included unusual perennials. They have an open
weekend between 8th and 9th September and the £1.00 entry goes towards
Frenchay After Burns Children’s Club.
 On 1st September the Club held their 7th Flower and Produce Show in the
Memorial Hall, Lechlade. The entries were up and despite the extremes of
weather the produce was of an extremely high standard with the comments of
the judges stating that in respect of the flowers they were of an exceptionally high
standard compared with other similar shows in the area. We appreciate the effort
made by parents in encouraging their children to participate and look forward to
similar and increased support in future shows.
Tim Yeoman

The 2012-13 Lenthall season begins in Burford with 2 concerts in October.
Wednesday, October 3rd 7.30pm at Burford School with the Zelcova String
Quartet playing Dvorak, Schubert and Shostakovich. Wednesday, October 31st
7.30pm at St John’s Parish Church with Klanglust a young group from Germany
returning for a third time and playing Purcell, J S Bach, Mozart and Grieg.
These are the first of 6 concerts between October 2012 and March 2013. Season
membership costs £45.00 (further details from
Tickets for individual concerts are £10.00 in advance from The Madhatter
Bookshop, High St, Burford (01993 822539), Music Stand, High St, Witney
(01993 774890) or Lenthall Concerts (01993 824949), or £12.00 at the door.
Martin Pippard
The Oxfordshire LINk is recruiting volunteers to carry out a survey of
information provided for patients by NHS Dental Practices. The survey will be
looking at information on the range of services offered, the charges relating to
those services, and about entitlement to receive certain services on the NHS.
LINk volunteers who conduct the survey will find out if the information is clear
and helpful to patients and highlight areas of good practice. If you want to help
with the survey please contact the LINk: Telephone 01865 883488 Email or Web
Margaret Eaglestone
There have been some speeding operations; one was on the road from Black
Bourton to Alvescot which resulted in four £60.00 tickets being issued. There
were also five Driver Awareness courses offered which negates any points.
Several motorists were stopped and advice was given. The decisions are based on
the speed that the drivers are doing. All but one of the stopped motorists were
local and knew the speed restrictions. These operations will continue so please
watch your speed!
The Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) have been busy attending
many meetings. The over 60’s club in Carterton was given a home security
presentation which went down very well and a cyber awareness talk was given to
the ICE Centre in Carterton.
And finally, PCSO Saul Keats-Jones has completed his probation and is now out
and about on his own. Saul has been very well tutored by PCSO Colin Davies.
The Carterton Team now has four PCSOs who are always out and about so if
you see one of them, stop for a chat
Danielle Hilton

Sebastian Snow. Chef. Fundraiser. Sportsman.
If his Italian grandmother hadn’t disapproved , Sebastian Snow would have been
a professional footballer. Interviewed by Wimbledon FC at sixteen, he walked
away, and had to take the first job he could find. That happened to be working in
a hotel on the Isle of Wight where he learned the ropes in both the kitchen and
front-of-house. He also learnt how to work hard and even now, some thirty years
later he puts in eighteen hour shifts and usually works seven days a week.
After four years at the hotel, he was offered a job at Launceston Place in
London, where he says he was completely out of his depth. The chef had left and
Sebastian had to take over so he flew by the seat of his breeches, working long
shifts and reading up on technique and recipes by night. He even watched his
staff surreptitiously to learn from them. He was then invited by Anthony Worrall
Thompson to move to 190 Queensgate. There, not only did he learn a lot but he
also met his first wife Melissa, with whom (after stints at L’Escargot and 192
under Alastair Little) he opened Snows on the Green in 1991. Started in a
recession on Friday 13th, it was one of West London’s most popular restaurants
for the next sixteen years. And then, one day a Kosovan woman walked in
looking for a job. That was Lana, to whom he is now married.
In 2005 the Snows decided to leave London. Looking to buy a restaurant in West
Oxfordshire, they stopped at The Swan in Southrop for lunch and agreed that it
was exactly the kind of place they wanted. It was surely serendipitous then that a
year later they were invited to take it over. Their four years there were happy
ones and both they, and the business, thrived. So they’re very excited about their
new venture at The Five Alls, Filkins.
When I visit (four days before opening) it’s like a home make-over show with
tense-looking people rushing about with lampshades. A delivery of phones has
gone missing and people are constantly asking Sebastian questions. He seems
miraculously calm in the midst of the maelstrom around him.
His father was a renowned explorer and Sebastian takes time out every two years
to undertake some improbably difficult expedition of his own; to clear his head
and raise money for charity. He’s crossed the Sahara on foot and Death Valley
and the Alps by bike. He’s now thinking of retracing his father’s epic trip down
the Amazon (where in 1969 he discovered its source).
His mother is Italian and holidays were always in the Umbrian hill town of Todi.
These influences in his cooking are plain to see, although his grandmother would
be unimpressed (to her becoming a chef was nearly as bad as being a footballer).
Happily her view did not prevail because from the looks of the sample menu,
we’re all going to better people for a plate or two of Sebastian’s fabulous
cooking. And there’s nothing that a good Panna cotta can’t sort out.
Julie-anne Edwards

Featuring paintings by Michele Tallack and sculpture by Martin Smith
Working in two very different types of media, Michele Tallack and Martin Smith
successfully capture the essence of people, landscape, light, and shadow
respectively in their work with Michele revealing the impact of culture on
environment in her paintings and Martin revealing the nature of stone in his
 This exhibition will be on show at the West Ox Arts Gallery from 21 st
September - 21st October The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from
10.30-4.30 and Sunday from 2.00pm - 4.00pm
The second leg on our long journey to the coast on day 8 was commenced at
7.30 am and it wasn’t long before we stopped for a spot of birding. It was the
Gorge at Aoulouz that was our destination. From the bridge just outside the
town we look over a good stretch of the almost dried up Oued Sous littered with
boulders and remaining pools of water with a meagre flow of water. Under the
bridge some women were washing their clothes on the boulders and some were
gathering green stuff, which looked like watercress, in plastic sacks to take home
to feed their donkeys. We could see into the mouth of the gorge. From our high
vantage point we located a good number of species, new birds included Great
White Egret and Squacco Heron, they were joined by Little and Cattle Egrets,
Green Sandpipers, Little Ringed Plovers, Moroccan Wagtails, Water Pipits,
Greenshank and Grey Herons. We then walked into the gorge and watched a few
falcons on the cliffs, they were Common Kestrel and Peregrines. Hundreds of
European Bee-eaters flew over us calling and higher up we found Marsh Harrier,
our first Montagu’s Harrier, Griffon Vulture, Black Kite and another ‘first’ Short-
toed Eagle. As we walked further into the gorge we looked down over cultivated
fields surrounded by a variety of shrubs and trees. In this vegetation we found
Common Nightingale, Sardinian Warbler, many Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers
and Chaffinches. High up in one of the trees we found a dozen or so Black-
crowned Night Herons, many were juveniles and they gave us superb views.
As we descended into the Sous Valley and the Argan Forest we noticed our first
tree climbing Goats. Swaying in the lofty boughs of the Moroccan Argan tree is
an extended family of Tamri Goats, feeding on Argan berries. The goats are lured
more than ten metres off the ground by the fleshy, olive like fruit, stripping the
branches bare in the process. Oddly enough the Argan farmers below are only
too happy to let them.
Argan oil, made from the kernels, can fetch £325.00 per litre in the shops. With
their money growing on trees the Berber people, who dominate Argan

production, are keen to side-step the laborious process of picking, drying and
peeling the fruit. Instead they use the Tamri to harvest it and process it.
The goats are exceptionally well adapted for both tasks: their soft-soled hooves
and vestigial toes make them expert tree-climbers and their digestive tracts can
break down the outer flesh of the fruit, but not the kernels, which pass out in
their dung. After sifting the droppings, the farmers wash, roast and grind the
kernels to release the bounty. Traditionally a culinary delicacy, the oil is now also
exported worldwide to the high profit cosmetics industry, where it is used in
moisturising and anti-ageing creams on the less-than-scientific basis that Berber
women have looked good on it for centuries. Harvesting the kernels sustainably
is a balancing act. Farming pressures combined with the damage inflicted by the
goats and the northward creep of the Sahara Desert, is causing the number of
Argan trees to fall. Part of the solution may be to use mechanical pickers, but
traditional farmers are against it. In any case animal processed foods shouldn’t
be ‘pooh-poohed’.
We arrived at our hotel on the outskirts of Agadir at 2.00 pm. We checked into
our rooms and had a quick wash and change before setting off for the nearby
Oued Sous.
Highlights of back home this month :-
8th August - two young swallows have left the nest in the bus shelter, are being
fed and flying about and then returning to the bus shelter.
12th August - one swift was seen flying over the garden, very lonely as all the
others seemed to have departed about a week before.
15th August - visited a garden in the village with a pair of Spotted Flycatchers
nesting in a creeper on the front of the house. The parent birds were busy
hawking for flying insects from nearby telephone wires and making frequent
visits to the nest with food.
18th August - nine Peacock butterflies seen on large bindweed plants in the
Rectory garden, basking in the welcome sun.
23rd August- standing in the Shill Brook with my new Labrador puppy a sharp
whistle and a kingfisher flew downstream in a flash of blue within two feet of my
25th August - a flock of about seventy to eighty Linnets feeding in the fields by
the churchyard.
28th August - Wheatear (male) seen on Broadwell airfield runway.
1st September - Painted Lady butterfly seen on track from Taynton (my first this
4th September - saw another male Wheatear over the wall from the churchyard.
7th September - a large hedgehog under birdfeeders in the garden at 11.30 pm.

A neighbour had a Little Owl in his living room which he caught and released
through the window from where it flew away. My neighbour said there would be
no need to call the chimney sweep now as the owl brought a quantity of soot
down with it !!
David Roberts
Stuffed Marrow
Chances are you have not eaten stuffed marrow for a while. It is certainly not
fashionable; you will not find it on the menu of any smart restaurant or
gastropub. Your memories of it, from the days when your mother made it with
the enormous marrow lurking, unloved, in the vegetable rack, are of watery
marrow covered with soggy mince. Well, that is how I remember it anyway.
Fortunately, this recipe, from the wonderful Mary Berry, is not like that. Granted,
the marrow is really just a vehicle for the mince and sauce but, if you happen to
have a marrow that needs eating, this is the best thing to do with it. It really is
very tasty. Trust me. Or at least trust Mary Berry!
1lb (450g) minced beef
1 medium onion, chopped
¼pt (150ml) beef stock
2 tablespoons fresh white breadcrumbs
salt and pepper
1 medium marrow (or overgrown courgette)
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
a little freshly ground nutmeg
¾pt white sauce
4oz (100g) strong Cheddar cheese
Heat the mince over a gently heat to draw out its own fat, then increase the
temperature and fry briskly, with the onion, until brown. Add the stock, bring to
the boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the
breadcrumbs and season well.
Peel the marrow with a potato peeler. Cut into about 8 rings and scoop out and
discard the seeds. Blanch the marrow rings in boiling, salted water for about 5
minutes until still just crisp. Drain well. Arrange the rings in a roasting tin.
Divide the mince between the rings, piling it on top. Stir the mustard and nutmeg
into the sauce and spoon over each ring. Scatter grated cheese over the top. Bake
in a hot oven, about 220ºC (425ºF) for about 30 minutes or until golden brown
and bubbling. Serves 4.
Angela Galione

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