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									                                     CLINICAL STUDENT REGISTRATION

All clinical students must register on-line, then complete the orientation on-line. Students will need to re-register at
this site for every clinical experience within Allina Hospitals & Clinics. Even returning students and students
who are Allina employees need to re-register at this site. Allina strives to keep an accurate database of all students
using its facilities. It allows Allina to get the correct Excellian access set up for each subsequent clinical experience
and is particularly important when moving to a different Allina facility/clinic.

The following link directs students/faculty to the secure web form for registration. This confidential web form allows
the student/faculty to enter their personal information including Social Security number and receive an Allina User ID
and password directly back via email. The Social Security number is required for everyone needing access to
Allina’s systems. Included in this system-generated email will be directions on how to access the on-line Excellian
training and assessment and the Allina orientation. Allina employee-students will use their existing network login and

Please complete the online process 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE CLINICAL START DATE. This will give Allina
sufficient time to process the registration and set up access to Excellian (patient information system), if required.
This cannot be done at the last minute. The student should allow a minimum of 2 hours to complete the on-line
registration and orientation Module.

A PC system must be used. Apple/MacIntosh computers cannot interface with this online registration.
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is required and must be used with all Allina applications.

Copy and paste the following link into the Internet Explorer web address field, or click to follow the link.
If you type the address, it must be typed exactly as shown. What may appear to be spaces are actually
Underscores (_).

                Be sure to add the Allina.com domain to your safe senders list in your email service.
                             This will ensure that all messages from Allina reach you.


(Select the correct entry from the drop down lists in the lower part of the registration form.)
Once you open the web site, enter your Social Security number and press Enter or Tab to activate the form.
Social Security Number: We are unable to give access to Allina's systems without a valid SS#. Allina does not
share SS#s with anyone whose job responsibilities do not require access to confidential person information. It is kept
strictly confidential. You must register with your correct SS# or we will be unable to accept you as a student in any of
our facilities.
Email Address: All communications are done by email. Be sure to enter a valid email address. If your email
account has a spam filter, please add Allina.com to your safe senders list so the messages go through to your
Click on the spy glass to generate the master list.
The entire list of schools from the United States is listed.
At the top, the default search is by State.
Enter MN for Minnesota and click the Lookup button.
Click on the heading “Description” at the top of the column to sort the list in alphabetical order.
Scroll down to find the correct school name. Use the arrows to move to the next page.
Click on the state link (MN) in front of the school name.
The school name is added to the registration page.
Verify that this is correct before proceeding.

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                                     CLINICAL STUDENT REGISTRATION
Current Degree Sought: Click the drop down arrow to view the list. Select the correct degree from the list.
Lic/Cred Sought: Select from the drop down list.
Clinical Start Date: Enter the first date you will start your training at Allina. Use the calendar search button, or enter
the date using a forward slash or hyphen between the components.
Expected Graduation Date: Use the calendar search button, or enter the date using a forward slash or hyphen
between the components.
Allina Clinical Site: Click on the spy glass to generate the master list. Always select the correct site from the list.
     All clinics are listed as
          Allina Medical Clinics (AMG)
          Aspen (APN) or
          Quello (QLO)
     Pharmacy Students — Community Pharmacies – select Allina Community Pharmacies (MOB)
     Pharmacy Students — Hospital-based – select the Hospital Name
Prior Allina Site: You can ignore this field.

Your access to Allina’s on line training system will be available within 48 hours of receipt of the New Student/Faculty
Email Notification (or Return Student/Faculty Email Notification) memo, excluding weekends. To gain access to
Allina’s medical records system (Excellian) for your student experience, you will need to complete on-line training.
This will be assigned to you as appropriate.

To complete the Allina Clinical Student Orientation training, go to Allina’s Learning Management System (LMS):
https://training.sabanow.net/Saba/Web/Main. You can copy and paste this link to your browser, or click to follow
the link. If you type the address, it must be typed exactly as shown.
1. Enter your A number as the user name.
2. Enter your password.
3. You may be prompted to change your password. Follow the directions on-screen.
4. Click Log in – this is your LMS Home Page.
5. All clinical students will have the Allina Clinical Student Orientation Module assigned to them.
6. The Orientation Module is listed in the Current Enrollments box. Click the Launch Now link to open the Module.
7. Click Next Page to start the Module.
8. Read the instructions, then click the course name: Allina Clinical Student Orientation.
9. Click the “X” in the upper right corner of the window to close the Module when you have finished the reading.
10. Back at the Introduction page, click Next Page.
11. Complete the Attestation. Then click Submit.
12. Print the Certificate of Completion and provide a copy to your instructor as evidence that you have completed
the Module.
13. Click Exit.

You need to re-open the Module from a different place after the first time.
1. Click the My Learning tab at the upper left
2. Click My Transcript in the left column
3. Change the Completion Date After field to expand the displayed list. The default date is always 90 days prior
    to the current date. You will need to change this field to include prior training events. Leave the field blank to
    display everything in the database. Click Search.
4. Locate the Title – i.e., Allina Clinical Student Orientation.
5. Click View Content in the Actions column on the right.
6. In the Actions column at the lower right, click the Launch link. This will re-open the Module.

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                                     CLINICAL STUDENT REGISTRATION
7. When re-opening the Module to go back to the beginning, when asked if you want to go to the last page you
   viewed, click No or Cancel. This clears the memory and will automatically open on the first page.
8. Print a copy of the certificate of completion of the Orientation Module with a current date if you are returning for
   another clinical. This should be provided to your instructor as evidence that you have reviewed the Module.
9. The system will not change the completion date of the Module; the original completion date remains in the
   system, but your additional review date is stored in the system.


Technical Service Center                             612-262-1900
                                                                       Password re-sets
(24 hours)                                         or 1-877-992-8099
Operations Administrator/Program
                                                                       Post-registration questions, i.e.:
                                                      612-262-5032     Curriculum access
Kate Herrick
                                                                       Module issues
(M-F, 6:30a-3:00p)
                                                                       Student Registration Website address
Faculty                                                                Any other questions about your clinical
                                                      Get the phone
Clinic Site Manager
                                                    number from your   Excellian access after the training is completed.
                                                     Faculty member

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