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Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome ladies and gentlemen to my advertising proposal.

Today I will be showing you my add plans and why they will be effective to market to the target
audience. I am showing design samples for the lynx deodorant. I was asked to target females with
the male product, I thought what do women hate about men, I what they want from a man. So I put
the ideas into my website and A4 advertisement. (Optional part of speech: who here likes their
boyfriends when they stink and sweat, and who here uses lynx) I chose these two options as I
thought it would work well together.

 This is how it would basically work. The target audience or the women will be reading a magazine
and come across the add, they will see the ad and may begin to read why a men’s deodorant is
advertised in a woman’s magazine, this can create confusion and curiosity, curiosity is what we
want. After viewing and reading this ad they will realise that there’s a website. This woman may look
it up as my research in the target market shows that women like good deals and competitions. So
when they see the competition for a Paris holiday they may and should consider entering it. This is
when the website comes in. The woman will open the site and see the competition being curious
they will click on the enter button for the competition. After this they will see that all they have to
do is send a simple e-mail.

Now this is where some good advertising comes in. While on the site they may see the site links.
They may click on them to see what they are, for example they can click on Lynx products and see
the range of products, and this markets the different fragrances and may urge the woman to buy it
for their boyfriend or husband. This can create higher sales and more buyers which will include
higher profits and a larger marketing option.

Now with some of the techniques I used in creating these ads is one, a command to act, a prompt
and rhetorical questions. These all help persuade the audience by one, relating to them, to giving
them a chance to win something, and three, telling them something really works. These techniques
are used widely in targeting females of this age group and proved effective, so there’s proof it works,
just look at products such as Clearasil.

Now I leave to consider my ad and its pros and cons and I hope it met your demands, thank-you and

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