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					    MEI CASHFLOW ® Cassette Bag

                                                                       Achieve Closed-loop Cash Management
                                                                        with the MEI CASHFLOW Cassette Bag

                                                                                MEI CASHFLOW Cassette Bag Benefits:
                                                                                ® Tamper-evident
                                                                                ®   Cash remains stacked
                                                                                ®   Closed-loop Cash Management
                                                                                ®   Compatible with cash marking systems
                                                                                ®   Enhanced security
                                                                                ®   Eliminates cash exposure
                                                                                ®   Works with the MEI CASHFLOW SCL
                                                                                    note validator (requires specific cassette)

                                                                                MEI CASHFLOW Cassette Bag Physical Specifications:

                                                                                ® Temperature                                          ® Dimensions        / Configuration
                                                                                    Storage Temperature: 0°C to 60°C                      Height 180 mm
                                                                                    Operational Temperature: 10°C to 40°C                 Length 34 mm unfilled to 170 mm (1,000 notes)
                                                                                                                                          Width 89 mm
                                                                                ® Capacity
                                                                                                                                          Total Weight 1.2 kg (10 packs)
                                                                                    Note Width 62-85 mm
                                                                                    Note Length 120-161 mm                             ® Drop     test
                                                                                    Number of notes 1 to 1,000                            Survival Height 1 meter (with or without SCL cashbox)
                                                                                ® Utilization                                          ® Other
                                                                                    One time use                                          Bag is made of recyclable material

Cash-in-Transit Model                                                                                              Walk-to-Bank Model
CIT (Cash-in-Transit) is utilized by businesses with intelligent safes.                                            This tamper-evident bag enables retailers to reduce their in-house
An intelligent safe equipped with a MEI CASHFLOW SCL note acceptor and                                             costs by preventing cash from being touched after it is deposited
cassette bag provides retailers with a complete cash management solution.                                          into the application resulting in reduced shrinkage and fewer
                                                                                                                   cash-counting errors.
Money is deposited into the application, verified, counted, inventoried,
and stacked in the cassette bag. During cash collection, only the bag                                              Those who do not use CIT services, and extract cash themselves
is removed. The cassette is then ready for a new bag to be installed.                                              before banking, will benefit from cash not being exposed upon
                                                                                                                   collection. As a result, this walk-to-bank model, with or without
The bag adapts to the amount of notes inserted for a lighter and less bulky
                                                                                                                   the use of dye stain protected cash transport devices, becomes a
solution, which results in less space being required in CIT vehicles for more
                                                                                                                   more secure cash management solution.
efficiency. As well, the bag allows for the use of cash marking transport
devices which increases security.

The MEI CASHFLOW Cassette Bag enables integrity, security and efficient handling of cash.
To learn more about this product, please contact your local sales representative.
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