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									        Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services


The Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES) organization is holding a free one day
seminar at the Nederland Community Center on Saturday, October 22nd from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.
The purpose of this seminar is to assist individuals who are interested in acquiring their Technician level
amateur radio license. This license is required to legally operate a radio on the amateur radio

With an amateur radio license, individuals will be able to participate in a new radio network being
implemented by BCARES in the foothills and mountains of Boulder County. The network is called MERN
and stands for; the Mountain Emergency Radio Network and is intended to provide emergency
communications capability when commercial power and or phone/cell service is interrupted for
extended periods of time such as events like Four Mile Canyon fire. During non-emergency time, the
network is available for personal use by those who are properly licensed.

Class will consist of instructors who will take the students through the requirements necessary to pass
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) test which will be administered on November 9 th. The
exact time and place will be announced soon.

Students should arrive before 9:00 AM and have a note book and pen to take notes and accumulate
handout materials. Everyone is encouraged to bring a lunch since the class will continue during the
lunch hour.

If you have questions please contact Allen Bishop at (303) 437-7835 or by email at

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