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									 On the Move
               Sameer                          Mike Fey,
               Bhalotra,                       McAfee
               Impermium                       The
               The Red-                        Santa Clara
               wood City                       security
               cybersecuri-                    technology
               ty company,                     company
which protects websites          named Mike Fey worldwide
and social networks from         chief technology officer.
spam and abuse, named            Before his appointment,
Sameer Bhalotra as chief         he served as head of field
operating officer. He was        engineering and advanced
President Barack Obama’s         technology organizations
former senior director of        at the company.
cybersecurity for the White

                                               Mark Frey,
               Chris                           Brands
               Clabaugh,                        The Oakland
               SQLstream                        company
              The San                           that can
              Francisco                         make a pa-
              provider           per bottle out of recycled
              of stan-           cardboard and old news-
dards-based platform for         papers named Mark Frey
integrating and analyz-          vice president of sales and
ing streaming big data           business development. He
named Chris Clabaugh             is former vice president of
vice president of business       sales at MeadWestvaco.
development. He is former
vice president of business
development at Kabira

                                               Glenn Hout,
                                                The San
               Christopher                      provider of
               Donahue,                         standards-
                                                based plat-
              The Moun-          form for integrating and
              tain View          analyzing streaming big
              provider of        data named Glenn Hout
              cloud gam-         vice president of sales for
ing appointed Christopher        the Americas. Previously,
Donahue vice president of        he held positions at Alge-
marketing and publisher          braix Data.
relations. Recently, he was
director of games and
media at OnLive.

                                               Gail Hunter,
               Gary Effren,                    Warriors
               Glam Media                       The Oakland
                The Brisbane                    professional
                vertical                        basketball
                social media     team named Gail Hunter
                company          vice president of public
                with an on-      affairs and event manage-
line global reach in lifestyle   ment. Recently, she was
appointed Gary Effren to         senior vice president of
its board of directors. He       events and attractions for
is former chief financial        the NBA.
officer at Knight Ridder.

               Russell                         Karahashi,
               Elmer,                          3VR
               Lending                          The San
               Club                             Francisco
               The San                          video intel-
               Francisco                        ligence
               platform for      company appointed
investing in and obtaining       Masayuki Karahashi senior
personal loans named Rus-        vice president of engineer-
sell Elmer deputy general        ing. Recently, he was vice
counsel, general counsel         president of development
chief compliance officer         at Oracle.
of LC Advisors, Lend-
ing Club’s wholly-owned
subsidiary. Previously,
he served at E*TRADE

                                                The Los Ga-
                                                tos provider
               Kimberly                         of virtual
               Ferm,                            networking
               Pajaro Val-       tools for cloud comput-
               ley Shelter
                                 ing appointed Tony Wilder
                                 vice president of opera-
              The Watson-        tions. Previously, he was
              ville organi-      senior director of technical
zation that helps homeless       marketing and operations
women, children and              at Trapeze Networks.
families named Kimberly
Ferm executive director.
She is former director at
211 Santa Clara County.

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