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Presentation 2006
Why Join Credit Suisse?

   The People:       Smart and capable
   The Technology:   Varied, challenging and making
                      a difference
   The Culture:      Entrepreneurial and built around
                      the team
   The Industry:     Fast and innovative
   The Company:      Leading player and growing
   The Scale:        Small and large
   The Scope:        Global
What Are We Going To Talk About?

   About Credit Suisse
   About IT@ Credit Suisse
   About the Programme
   Q&A
About Credit Suisse

 One integrated Bank as of 1st Jan 2006
 Credit Suisse Group comprises Credit Suisse and Winterthur
 Credit Suisse now operates as one company with 3 distinct divisions:
    Investment Banking
    Asset Management
    Private Banking
 This structure now allows us to:
    Improve and broaden relationships with our clients
    Offer global range of products to our clients
    Offer more opportunities for employees to have rewarding and challenging
What we do for Investment Banking clients

 In investment banking, Credit Suisse offers securities products and
financial advisory services to corporations, governments and institutional
Operating in 69 locations across 33 countries, Credit Suisse’s investment
bank business specializes in innovative solutions, drawing on expertise
from across the full spectrum of products
Products and services include debt and equity underwriting, sales and
trading, mergers and acquisitions, investment research, correspondent
and prime brokerage services
What we do for Private Banking clients

 In private banking, Credit Suisse provides comprehensive advice and a broad
range of investment products and services tailored to the complex needs of high-
net-worth individuals globally
 Credit Suisse’s structured advisory process encompasses both asset and liability
 Furthermore, Credit Suisse is a leading provider of innovative alternative
 Wealth management solutions include tax planning; pension planning; life
insurance solutions; wealth and inheritance advice, trust and foundations
 Credit Suisse offers multiple booking platforms and global execution capabilities
 In Switzerland, Credit Suisse supplies banking products and services to private
banking clients as well as to business and retail clients.
What we do for Asset Management clients

 Credit Suisse manages portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles
for a broad spectrum of clients globally ranging from governments, institutions and
corporations to private individuals
 Credit Suisse offers investment products across the full spectrum of asset
classes, ranging from equities, fixed income, commodities and multiple-asset class
 Credit Suisse is a world-leader in providing alternative asset solutions, and offers
the full range of alternative investments including real estate, hedge funds, private
equity and volatility management
 Credit Suisse’s asset management business is operated as globally integrated
network, creating continuous cross-boarder information sharing to deliver our best
investment ideas and capabilities to clients around the world
     @ Credit Suisse
Major IT Offices

                              London                  Tokyo
           New York and
                                                      Hong Kong

                  Sao Paolo

IT Challenges

 Market / Business                Regulatory           Technology

OTC Derivatives                 Accounting systems   Data Centre Strategy
Prime Banking                                         Risk and positions
                                 Basel II               environment integration
Spreadsheet reduction (SCRAP)
                                 Sarbannes Oxley      Adoption of new
Commodities                                             technology
New markets – e.g China                               Common components
Business Process Re-                                  Infrastructure resiliency
Scale of IT@ Credit Suisse
   Approx 8,000 IT staff globally, budget $2.3 billion
   Over 2,500 applications
   10,700+ databases
   75 million email messages a month
   70 Internet and 1,800 Intranet web sites
   Over 23,000 remote clients between laptops, Blackberrys or Citrix
    based, serviced out of 16 locations
   Monthly global trading system volume of 15 million tickets
   Approx 60,000 PCs globally – 55,000 desktops, 5,000 laptops
   15,000+ servers globally
   8 mainframes
What’s It Like Working at Credit Suisse ?

   Truly global
   Growing and winning market share
   Dynamic and intense – continual change
   Leading edge technologies
   Surrounded by smart creative people
   Progress as rapidly as you can
   Work hard, Play hard, have Fun – and get paid for it!
What’s It Really Like Working at Credit Suisse?
   No boundaries
   Meritocracy
   No time serving
   Responsibilities taken not given
   The right people in the right place
   Work/life balance
   Travel opportunities
   Charity Involvement
   Active Networking – professional and social
Graduate Recruitment Programme
   Recruiting exceptionally talented engineering graduates with a
    business degree to work in Front Office IT focusing on application
    developer / business analyst track.
   Establish a pipeline for a mix of business and technology skills:
     Real time systems development.

       Strong understanding of the Financial Markets and application of
        technology to enable and drive innovation in this area.
       Bright individuals with excellent analytical, problem solving, and
        communication skills.
   Provide a comprehensive 24 month structured training and
    developmental plan using a combination of internal and external
    training with the appropriate level of job rotation to accelerate the
    development and learning of the intake.
Description of Roles

Role 1 – Automated Trading Systems Analyst Developer
   This exciting field is one which is currently undergoing
    rapid growth and an area of key focus within the Bank.
   We are looking for high calibre professionals who will work
    closely with cash equities and listed derivatives traders to
    provide support and development for automated trading
   The systems include pre-trade analytics, algorithmic
    trading and post trade analysis.
Role 2 – Derivatives Systems Analyst Developer

   The Derivatives business is one of the most complex
    and challenging areas in the Firm.
   Constantly changing as new and ever more exotic
    products are designed for our clients.
   We are looking for exceptionally talented individuals
    who will work closely with the OTC (Over the Counter)
    Derivatives traders.
      Provide support and development for trade
     capture and risk management systems used to
     support this ever changing business.
Role 3 – Quantitative Analyst

   Development of innovative trading strategies through
    financial engineering e.g. Ratio / Quant Trading.

   We are looking for individuals with strong Financial
    Engineering knowledge with IT background to develop
    and support trading strategies for quant trading
    systems by working very closely with the business.
Next Steps
Application for Graduate Recruitment

   Deadline for Applications – March 15, 2006
   Register and Apply via the
   Select “Analyst, Asia Pacific Registration”
   Your choice of position
    - Full Time, Information Technology Analyst, Hong Kong
   Selection process is scheduled around April 2006.
   Start date around June 2006
Click “APPLY”
Select the 3rd option - “Analyst,
   Asia Pacific registration”
 Program: “Full Time”
 Business Division 1:
“Information Technology Analyst”
Summer Internship

It’s not just about getting a paid job for a summer.

It’s about getting valuable learning experience to make an
informed decision for your career.
Credit Suisse Summer Internship Program

   10 week program
   Applicants must be second year students
   Placement according to interests, skills and opportunities
 Interns given real work and expected to make a contribution as part
of a team
   Comprehensive training program
     — Product Training by industry experts

     —   Professional skills training
     —   Senior Manager Speakers Series
     —   Social Events for networking
Next Steps

Application for Summer Internship
   Deadline for Applications – March 15, 2006
   Submit your application via the career centre
   Selection process is scheduled around April 2006
   Start date around mid June 2006

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