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									Top 10 Mistakes with Business Card
By: Debbie Smith

                                  Business cards are incredibly important to businesspeople and
                                  freelancers. If you go to networking events or speak with someone in
                                  person, then you will likely be judged on how well your business card
                                  is. This might seem a little fickle, but taking time to design the right
                                  business cards shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for your
                                  clients. If you want to be taken seriously, then avoid these 10 mistakes
                                  when you get business card printing.

                                  Thin Paper
                                  a few dollars by getting thinner business card paper, but it is going to
                                  cost you a lot more when you start handing out the cards. Average
                                  business cards are printed on 12-point paper, and people are used to
                                  feeling business cards that are this thick.

A thin business card says a lot about your business and your dependability. This conveys that you are
willing to cut corners, and that you are only interested in delivering the bare minimum.

At the same time, thicker business card paper shows you are dependable, reliable and know what you
are doing.

Vague Branding

Someone should know who you are and what you do the second they look at the business card. You
don’t even need to be that creative. Just putting your name and occupation on the card is enough to
convey this.

Some people have business card designs that don’t properly convey their occupation. Always make sure
that the card gives people the essential information they need.

Using Photos
Photos were used on business cards for a short time when full-color printing became popular, but the
glamour has largely faded. Using your photo now, unless you are trying to be a model or actor, just looks
cheesy. It’s better to stick with a logo or design.

Being Too Different

You want your business card to help you stand out from the crowd, but sometimes this desire causes
people to order business card printing that is too gimmicky. Getting a business card with a die cut is fine,
but getting a business card that uses a QR code, augmented reality, moving parts and pop-out pieces
might be a little too much.

Non-Traditional Sizes

Some business card printing now comes in non-traditional sizes that are wider, thinner or longer than
the common business card. While this might cause the recipient to respond positively at first, there is a
major problem with these cards.

Most business cards go in a rolodex. Non-traditional cards don’t fit, and the recipient might just throw
the card away when it doesn’t fit.

Forgetting the Text

The business card design is important, but some people go overboard. The single most important part of
the card is its text. If people cannot read your name, occupation or contact information, then they will
not contact you. Always ensure that your contact information is easy to read before getting business
card printing.

Consistent Logo Usage

Changing your logo every few years is fine if it will revitalize your company, but you need to ensure that
all of your printing uses the same logo. For example, using a different logo for your letterhead, postcards
and business cards will get confusing.

People will forget which logo is yours, and they may forget about you entirely because it is too difficult
to keep up with the different logos. Ensure that your business card uses the same logo as all of your
other marketing materials.
Handwriting Changes

Your contact information can change at any time. You might get a different business phone number, or
you might have moved your office to another location. Change is good, but handwriting these changes
on your business card is a bad idea.

It’s cheaper to write the changes yourself, but this sends a powerful message to contacts that will hurt
your business. It shows that you procrastinate with updating your information, and it might convey a
poor work ethic. It might cost more, but it is always better to get new business card printing to update
your information.

Pixelated Graphics

Graphics can really draw someone’s attention to your business card, but it can also be a problem if you
don’t properly upload the graphics. Using a raster graphic tends to make the image pixelated and blurry.
This makes it hard to see the graphic, and recipients will think that you don’t pay enough attention to

Improperly Designed for Bleeds

A bleed cut is when the business card has its printing right against the edge. This looks very modern, but
the business card must be designed properly for a bleed cut. If you don’t make it correctly, then one or
more edges might be blank. Each edge needs to properly bleed, or the effect is ruined.


There are many mistakes people make with their business card printing, but most of them can be easily
fixed by just paying attention to the design. Before getting any printing, you should check the file to
ensure that it avoids these 10 devastating mistakes.

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