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									THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2005
                                                                                                            STATE                                                                                     LAREDO MORNING TIMES | 5A

 Doctor warned DPS about boxing drill                                                                                                                        2 face smuggling charges
                                                                                                                                                                      ASSOCIATED PRESS            smuggle undocumented immi-
          ASSOCIATED PRESS                                                                                            calls “active counter measures.”                                            grants. Bond was denied at a
                                         “We basically said, listen, something is                                         The drills came under scrutiny        DEL RIO — Two women have          court hearing Tuesday.
   AUSTIN — A doctor who                                                                                              after an East Texas trainee, Jimmy     been denied bond on smuggling            Wheeler and Suniga alleged-
helped diagnose eight Texas De-         wrong. We told them very specifically that                                    Ray Carty Jr., died in May, a week     charges after they allegedly left    ly told investigators that Suniga
partment of Public Safety recruits                                                                                    after he was struck in the head        an immigrant they helped to il-      was in cell phone contact with
with boxing-related concussions                 this is very dangerous.”                                              during a boxing match at the           legally enter the United States      guides leading 22 people
during a two-month period in                                                                                          academy.                               die in a field.                      through the Dimmitt County
2002 said he contacted DPS about                                    DR. CRAIG BERENT                                      Although Berent said he does          Cecilia Cigarroa Wheeler, 27,     brush on July 4.
his concerns over the boxing drills.                                                                                  not remember the names of the          of Eagle Pass, and Diana Marisa          Suniga heard that a woman
   Dr. Craig Berent said he and        told them very specifically that this      The boxing drills continued af-     DPS training officials who attended    Suniga, 25, of Beeville, face fed-   was sick and called Wheeler in
his former medical partner, Dr.        is very dangerous. These guys are       ter that 2002 meeting, and since       the meeting, he said they seemed       eral charges of conspiring to        San Antonio for help.
David Butler, called DPS to express    getting concussions, and concus-        then at least 18 other recruits have   concerned about the injuries.
their concerns and were invited to     sions can lead to brain damage.”        suffered head injuries, including          DPS spokesman Tom Vinger
lunch at DPS headquarters, the             Berent said he and Butler ex-       one recruit who died.                  said Tuesday that the commander
Austin American-Statesman re-          plained to DPS officials how con-          Roughly three years after that      supervising the agency’s training
ported Wednesday.                      cussions, in which the brain is         meeting, DPS has launched an in-       division in 2002, Albert Ro-
   “We basically said, listen, some-   shaken against the skull, occur and     vestigation into the contact exer-     driguez, did not recall a meeting
thing is wrong,” Berent said. “We      how they can lead to brain damage.      cises like boxing that the agency      with the doctors.

  Money printing employee guilty of theft
         By ANGELA K. BROWN            maximum 10-year sentence.               Stokes, who has been in custody        thorities said. They believe the
          ASSOCIATED PRESS                 Stokes faces up to 10 years in      since his arrest, worked for more      rest was from gambling winnings
                                       federal prison without parole when      than a decade at the plant, one of     in Las Vegas.
    FORT WORTH — A former              he is sentenced in October for in-      only two that produces U.S. pa-           Stokes told investigators he
employee of a plant that makes         terstate transportation of stolen       per money.                             used much of the money for gam-
more than half of America’s paper      property. His trial on both charges        Authorities say Stokes stole        bling and also bought a Lincoln he
currency pleaded guilty Wednes-        had been set for next week.             more than $600,000 over seven          claimed was once owned by rap-
day to taking stolen cash outside          Assistant U.S. Attorney Bret        years by regularly stuffing his        per MC Hammer, Helmer said.
Texas.                                 Helmer said the government agreed       pockets with folded sheets of $20         Stokes’ wife, who resigned from
    Donald Edward Stokes Jr., 39,      to Stokes’ guilty plea to the stolen    or $50 bills. The bills were flawed    the plant this spring after working
of Keller, also had been charged       property charge because it was eas-     and had been marked for de-            there several years, remains un-
with stealing $30,000 from the         ier to prove than the theft charge.     struction, but the money still had     der suspicion in the theft case but
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and               Stokes confessed after his ar-      value and was usable.                  has not been arrested, Helmer said.
Printing Western Currency Facil-       rest in Oklahoma City in April,            When Stokes was arrested in         She alerted investigators in March
ity in Fort Worth. But as part of      nearly three weeks after he fled        Oklahoma City after a routine          after finding stacks of bills in her
the plea deal, federal prosecutors     when federal authorities found          traffic stop, officers found about     husband’s car, although he had
dropped the theft of government        stolen money at his home, ac-           $80,000 in the car, including          been under suspicion at the plant
property charge, which carried a       cording to the Secret Service.          about $30,000 from the plant, au-      since the fall.

 Dallas holds tax credits pending investigation
          ASSOCIATED PRESS             asked in a letter to the execu-            Others said the full council        timing,” said Michelle Raglon,
                                       tive director of the Texas De-          should have voted on such a rec-       spokeswoman for the Dallas
    DALLAS — Dallas has put a          partment of Housing and Com-            ommendation.                           Housing Authority. “There are a
hold on accepting tax credits for      munity Affairs that state                  “The mayor is certainly enti-       lot of low-income families we
low-income, multifamily housing        officials honor the request for a       tled to her opinion, but to me it      serve who are going to need hous-
projects pending an FBI investi-       “moratorium for an unspecified          would make more sense for the          ing. If this ends up being a fact,
gation into corruption at City Hall.   length” on the projects. A memo         council to convene and discuss it,”    we’re definitely concerned.”
    Last month FBI agents              of her recommendation was sent          Council Member Steve Salazar               Tax-credit projects reduce tax-
searched the home and offices of       out Tuesday.                            said. “I would prefer to look at ...   es for developers who build rental
Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill,            “I don’t know why anybody            tax-credit projects on a case-by-      units for low-income residents.
offices of Council Member James        would want to consider these proj-      case basis.”                               In the past Miller has criti-
Fantroy and the Southwest Hous-        ects at all for the time being,”           Developers with planned tax-        cized multifamily tax-credit proj-
ing Development Co. The FBI has        Miller said. “There are too many        credit projects said Tuesday that      ects, saying they create blight
yet to reveal the reason for the       questions about how these are be-       the moratorium could jeopardize        and crime problems especially
searches, but such development         ing approved.”                          their funding and threaten, short-     in south Dallas. However, she
projects seem to be the focus of          Some council members agreed          term, the availability of affordable   has supported such projects for
the federal inquiry.                   with Miller’s action, saying she        housing in Dallas.                     senior citizen and rehabilitation
    Dallas Mayor Laura Miller          was sending the right message.             “With tax credits, it’s all about   projects.

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