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Golf History - Top Golf Tours


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									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                                     Top Golf Tours
                                                                  By James Rothaar

    Presenting championship-level golf courses throughout the world to our readers is not a task taken
lightly at LuxéMont. We know that our readers are luxury purists and demand only the best in all
pursuits and endeavors

The majority of recommended places are golf facilities, meaning that there are several great,
challenging championship golf courses on the premises such as the Carnoustie Hotel, Golf Resort &
Spa on the eastern coast of Scotland. The luxury resort's Championship Course will host the 2007
British Open. It is conveniently located near 200 (Yes, 200!) neighboring golf courses, including the
vaulted Old Course at St. Andrews and Kingsbarn. The Greenbrier of Sulphur Springs, West Virginia,
is a national landmark with its first course dating back to 1913, while the Broadmoor, which is located
in Colorado, Springs, Colorado, hosted the 1998 PGA Cup Matches and has a course with the highest
elevation in the U.S. at 6,800 feet.

There are seven participating luxury resorts surrounding Vista Vallerta, which is located in Puerto
Vallerta, Mexico. The courses, which were designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf, feature
grassy hillsides, dense forests of palm trees and natural creeks and arroyos. The Barefoot Resort &
Golf is located next to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway of South Carolina's North Myrtle Beach. It has
four championship-level courses that are highly ranked by Another great golf complex in
South Carolina is the Sea Pines Resort, having recently hosted the PGA's Verizon Heritage. And for
the extremist or purist at heart, there is the rugged Bandon Dunes, which is above the Pacific Ocean
along the coastal forest of Bandon, Oregon. Its courses rival those of 15th century Scotland.

The Midwest of the U.S. is represented well by the Treetops Resort. Its five-championship level
courses rank among the top three golf facilities of the U.S. A second Midwest recommendation is
Destination Kohler of Wisconsin. It has two separate golfing facilities with four championship courses
and a luxury resort. No list of great golf facilities is complete without including the site of the 2005 U.S.
Open Championship, Pinehurst. However, it is somewhat odd that this legendary site did not even
have a golf course on it originally. In 1895 it was a luxury health resort. The landscape architect,
Frederick Law Olmsted, also designed the landscape of NYC's Central Park.

Obviously there are some other courses that also could have made our list, but keeping the list at 10
only required discipline. It also serves as an indicator that more great golf facilities will be conveyed in

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

future reports. All of our recommendations provide luxury accommodations and a wide assortment of
amenities. Many of these facilities have more than one luxury hotel on their sprawling resorts.
Countless package deals are available for both vacationers and business travelers. A personal golf
event or tournament at most facilities can easily be arranged as well as social or business events.

The Luxé 10 Golf Tours is ready to tee-off. Fore!

James Rothaar writes articles on the Luxury Lifestyle for on topics such as
Golf and Exotic Luxury Cars.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                    Enjoy Different Tours In Galway
                                                              By Jessica Nielson

Planning a trip so you can visit other areas of the city during day trips is another way to enjoy your
holiday to Galway. You can take the private tours, cycle tours, golf tours, walking tours and scenic
drive tours. These tours are interesting because they take to areas that you might not see otherwise.
You can day a tour every day, see more, and learn more than just walking around without a clue where
you are going. You will enjoy the tours and afterwards, you can enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many
restaurants or lounges in the area.

 You can plan you trip to Galway and plan a private tour were a driver takes you to different areas of
Ireland. You can have Galway as your main destination and travel by car or even a mini bus to the
exciting areas of Ireland. You do not need to stay in one place when you plan your private tour. There
are so many different places to go and visit that you could plan this type of tour for more than a few
days. You could even plan you entire visit with a private tour guide. It is the greatest way to see

 Cycling around the area is another great way to spend your holiday in Galway. When you plan the
cycling tours, you will be exploring the land with the wind in your face and the sun warming your skin.
The experience is one that will stay with you forever. You are taken to areas of Ireland that you would
not see if you were in a car or if you stay in the city. The tours take different routes and take you to the
best areas around. You will have the guidance of a professional cyclist and guide all the way.

 The walking tours are an adventure all by themselves. You will explore some of the greenest country
in the world. The views are spectacular and where the skies meet the mountaintops is the most
satisfying memory one can have. You do need to be in shape to take the walking tours, but they are
not hard to walk and enjoy. You just need to be able to walk at a slow pace and take in everything you
are seeing. You have a guide that tells you about the area and is always willing to answer questions.

 Then you have the scenic tours and the golf tours, which is something that people really enjoy. The
idea of traveling to Galway and Ireland is simply rewarding in itself, but when you spend your time
doing the things that gives you satisfaction, the trip is so much more gratifying. You do not need to
spend a lot of money to explore Ireland and the towns and suburbs because the tours are very
affordable. Not only are they fun, you will see things that are only accessible when you take a tour. You
will not regret any of the fascinating tours that are available.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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