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                          IFIs in Serbia

                        Belgrade, 22 March 2011

                         EIB activities in Serbia

                             Andreas Beikos
                              Head of Office
                        European Investment Bank
             Western Balkans Representative Office in Belgrade

16/09/2010                    European Investment Bank           1
           The EIB Group

       EIB - European Union’s financing institution:
       •     Created by the Treaty of Rome in 1958, to provide long-
             term finance for projects promoting European integration
       •     EIB shareholders: 27 Member States of the European
       •     Lending in 2008: EUR 57.6bn (EUR 51.4bn within the EU)
       •     Lending in 2009: EUR 79.1 bn (EUR 70.5 bn within the EU)
       •     Lending in 2010: EUR 72 bn, down by 9% from 2009 record
       •     The Bank active in lending outside EU since 1963

16/09/2010                     European Investment Bank                 2
     EIB Priority Objectives

             Outside the Union:
               Private sector development
               Infrastructure development
               Security of energy supply
               Environmental sustainability

             Western Balkans: EIB operates under the Pre-
             Accession EU Mandate and the Pre-Accession Facility
             (at EIB own risk)

16/09/2010                  European Investment Bank               3

             EIB active in the Western Balkans since 1977

             EIB is the largest lender in the Western Balkans
             and is committed to Serbia’s long term goal of
             integration with the EU

16/09/2010                  European Investment Bank            4
     Signatures by sector in Serbia 2001-2010


             49%                                        Global Loans
                                                        Health, Education
                                                        Water and sanitation

                      1%          12%

16/09/2010             European Investment Bank                                5
             EIB Products
    In the Western Balkans, the EIB operates primarily
  - Direct loans to projects generally with a cost above
  EUR 25 million
  - Intermediated loans channeled through intermediary
  banks (credit lines to banks), whereby the intermediary is
  obliged to transfer the financial benefits from EIB
  resources to SMEs and municipalities
  - Framework loans to central and local public authorities
  for projects of up to EUR 50 million
   Currently, the existing credit lines for SMEs and
  municipalities in the region amount to EUR 2 billion

16/09/2010                  European Investment Bank           6
             Priorities for 2011 and beyond

  Public sector (in line with government priorities)
  - Transport Infrastructure (Road and Rail)
  - Social infrastructure: School Modernization Programme, Municipal
  infrastructure, Urban Renewal and the likes
  - Integrated Solid Waste Management (through the Ministry of National
  Investment Plan), or direct operations with large municipalities
  Private sector
  - Identification and support of key Foreign Direct Investment (FIAT
  - SME investment thru the financial sector
  Support project implementation and acceleration of disbursements for public
  sector and Loan for SMEs

16/09/2010                       European Investment Bank                       7
       Western Balkans Investment Framework

    WBIF (EC, EIB, EBRD, CEB and EU Member states) created in Dec. 2009 to
    improve effectiveness of project assistance

    OBJECTIVE: to pool financing resources (grants and loans) on regional priority

    SECTORS: transport, energy, environment, social sectors, SMEs, energy

    INTEGRATED FINANCING PACKAGES: blending loans with grants; providing
    customised Technical Cooperation thru project cycle (e.g. identification, technical
    & management assistance, feasibility study, detailed design, assistance to
    tendering process, supervision of works, environmental impact assessment)

16/09/2010                      European Investment Bank                           8
                  THANK YOU

                     Andréas Beikos
                      Head of Office
               European Investment Bank
                38-40 Vladimira Popovića
                   11070 New Belgrade
              Loc. Tel: (+381) 63 213 7013
             Int’l GSM: (+352) 621 459 002

16/09/2010         European Investment Bank   9

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