People's Agreement Parliamentary Acts, Laws, Judgements MUST Conform to Reason by GlynnePowell


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									People's Agreement Parliamentary Acts, Laws, Judgements MUST Conform to Reason.
1. That Four hundred of the Six hundred and Fifty members, and not less, shall be taken and esteemed for competent Representatives of the People with no ties
   to Lobbyists, Business, Banks or any other agency that would seek to influence above and beyond the wishes of the People. Their majority voice will
   always conform to ensure that all Acts of Parliament, Laws and Judgements shall conform to the Reason and Favour of People. There will be NO
   licence for any member to gain financially or in any other manner from their service to the Nation.

2. And to this end all Public Servants, Members of Parliament are forbidden any links (other than authorised working relationships - which are subject to
   Scrutiny) to Corporate Influence. Every Member shall be subject to Recall and independent Scrutiny at the wishes of TEN of their constituents, or charge by
   five Independent Colleagues. Members will certainly accountable and no factions made to maintain corrupt interests, no officer of any party, nor any
   treasurer or receiver of public monies, shall (while such) be elected a member for any Representative; shall be capable of practice as a Consultant, Advisor
   or any role that could be subverted for personal gain or profit. And for the same reason, and that all persons will be subject to scrutiny and supported and/or
   substantial concern of corruption or possibility thereof.

3. No member of parliament shall be capable of being elected to a constituency IF, they have not been resident for no less than Ten Years. NO member of shall
   be capable of being chosen for the Representative on any Committee that they have proven personal interests or historical links. No member with any such
   interests shall be able to Vote on any and every Act, Law, or Judgement that they have any past, present or future connections and financial interests. This
   includes any future role as an Advisor, a Consultant or any other such capacity that involves financial gain or any other such reward in kind for a period of
   twenty years. Any ONE found to have broken this Law will be imprisoned for not less than the period of gain All financial gain or otherwise will be the
   amount they shall repay to the Public Welfare Budget.

4. It is the Duty of Care of Every Member to ensure the Independence of the National Health Service and the Social Welfare of the People. This includes the
   Act of Parliament forbidding any Privatisation of any are of care of both The NHS and the Welfare State. Any move in this direction will be Guilty of
   Treason, and shall be subject to the full force of the Law - These areas are the Common Treasury of the People for ever generation and are not subject to
   any action that weakens this commitment - Any action considered to fall foul of this Act will be Treason, and the subjects involved will be charged as
   Quislings and Traitors of the Common People.

5. We therefore agree and declare that it shall not be in the power of any Representative in any wise to render up or give or take away any part of this
   Agreement, nor level men's estates, destroy propriety, or make all things common. And if any Representative shall endeavour, as a Representative, to
   destroy this Agreement, every member present in the House not entering or immediately publishing his dissent shall incur the pain due for high treason and
   be proceeded against accordingly; and if any person or persons shall by force endeavour or contrive the destruction thereof, each person so doing shall
   likewise be dealt withal as in cases of treason.

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