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Investment                                                                Internal Audit

Banks                                             3 DAY COURSE:
Auditing FI, equities, corporate
broking and corporate finance
                                                  14 - 16 May 2012

                                                  Course Director

                                                  John Webb
                                                  Over 22 years he served as Head of
                                                  Internal Audit and Fraud Investigation
                                                  Officer in both the insurance and
 Delegate feedback from some                      securities sectors
 other MIS courses:

 ‘Very interesting with
 new perspectives, new                            You will gain a good understanding of the key controls
                                                  operating in an investment banking business and learn the
                                                  key techniques to audit each business with confidence:
 ideas and provoking
                                                  ■ The role of internal audit in investment banking
 statements’                                      ■ How to leverage market, credit and operational risk
                                                    metrics to plan and execute audits
 Internal Auditor, Juske Bank
                                                  ■ Key inherent risks, control processes and audit
                                                    approach in each of the business/product areas
 ‘It gave a good picture of                       ■ Regulatory expectations
 the big issues in banking
 audit’                                           Save up to
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 Internal Auditor,
                                                  50%           Training at
                                                                or call: +44 (0) 20 7779 8454
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NEW for 2012
                                                                               Course focus and features
Auditing                                                                       This course is designed to provide internal auditors with the
                                                                               key skills that they require prior to commencing internal

Investment                                                                     auditing assignments within an Investment Bank (financial
                                                                               institutions who are active in raising capital, trading

Banks                                                                          securities and managing mergers and acquisitions for their
                                                                               corporate and government clients). Analysing the various
                                                                               Investment Banking products and their risk profiles, the
                                                                               course considers the internal audit approaches that would be
Auditing FI, equities, corporate                                               appropriate and assists delegates in designing suitable
broking and corporate finance                                                  internal audit programmes.

                                                                               In the last decade or so, the line between investment banking and
                                                                               other forms of banking has blurred, as deregulation allowed
                                                                               banking institutions to take on more and more sectors. At the
                                                                               same time, sophistication and complexity in investment banking
                                                                               product offers has made it a specialist field with expectations for
                                                                               internal auditors to also mirror this speciality in their own skills
                                                                               base offering. The credit crisis highlighted deficiencies in risk
                                                                               assessment and management, as well as systemic weaknesses
                                                                               which increased risk and at the same time reduced the
                                                                               effectiveness of mitigation and response plans. It is also changing
                                                                               the business and regulatory environments.

                                                                               The course concentrates on identifying the key areas for control
                                                                               within each line of business.
Course Director

John Webb                                                                      Who Should Attend
John Webb is an experienced Head of Internal Audit in Financial                • Internal auditors new to investment banking, or those who
Services, an Accountant (FCCA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner.                   wish to broaden their knowledge base into other investment
Over 22 years he served as Head of Internal Audit and Fraud
Investigation Officer in both the insurance and securities sectors
                                                                                 banking products and areas
and was instrumental in his employer’s risk assurance
improvements and in designing their fraud prevention policies,                 • Line and risk managers wanting to gain an appreciation of the
procedures and plans. In addition to supplying material for the                  risk assurance role.
ACFE UK Fraud Manual, John assists in the editing of its
“Financial Transactions” Section.
He chaired the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Banking & Financial
Services Group and also served as a committee member, for varying              Methodology
periods, on the committees of both his professional bodies.
                                                                               A combination of classroom style presentations with additional
John is well known in City control assurance circles and has also
performed regulatory reviews in the US and Commonwealth countries.             case studies. Internal audit techniques will be considered at each
In recent years he was a speaker on various occasions that included:           stage of the course.
Speaking at various fraud conferences, most recently at the 28th
International Symposium on Economic Crime (September 2010 at the
University of Cambridge), directing a plenary workshop on protecting
the integrity and stability of financial institutions and systems, following   Prerequisite
the recent financial crisis.
                                                                               Some knowledge of basic audit techniques and also of the
John regularly contributes to the Association of Certified Fraud
Examiners’ UK Fraud Manual. In November 2010, he revised the                   financial market would be an advantage.
manual sections on:
• The Responsibility of Management and Others for Fraud
     (Fraud Risk Management and Corporate Governance)                          Advanced Preparation: None
• Financial Institution Fraud
• Insurance Fraud                                                              Training Type: Group-Live
• Solvency II for Insurance Companies
• Mortgage Market                                                              Learning Level: Basic
• Institute of Internal Auditors revised standards - January 2011
• Fraud Auditing.                                                              Price: GBP £2,395
John chairs seminars for the ACCA Internal Audit Panel over
many years.                                                                    CPEs: 22

Telephone:                                                                             Email:

+44 (0)20 7779 8454                                                          
    Audit principles, objectives and internal               Fixed Income – Research and sales                Market Making
    controls refresher
                                                        • Account opening process                        • Objectives
• Risk based audit approach                             • Importance of KYC and KYB checks               • Position reporting
• Use of internal risk measures to aid in planning                                                       • Front running controls
  and prioritisation
• Use of analytical techniques – daily and monthly          Derivatives – OTC Swaps and Options
  P&L’s                                                                                                      Commodity Derivatives
• Audit testing – sampling and whole population         •   Proprietary and client driven
• The relationship to external audit                    •   Strategies and pricing                       • Nature of the business
• Introduction to the Basel accord                      •   Dynamic hedging                              • Types of commodity derivatives e.g., oil, metals,
• Regulator’s view.                                     •   Booking trades                                 etc.
                                                        •   Valuation – DCF method                       • Margin call reporting and management
                                                        •   Confirmations
    General audit considerations                        •   Collateral Management
                                                                                                             Treasury Operations
•   Segregation of duties
•   Broking, trading and advisor intermediary roles         Derivatives – Exchange traded futures        •   Organisation – Front and back office
•   Traders mandates and authorities                                                                     •   Funding mechanisms, FX, Repos, Sale buy/back
                                                            and options
•   Risk limits and monitoring                                                                           •   Stock lending and borrowing
•   Customer/counterparty set up process                •   Exchange driven processes                    •   Nostro reconciliations
•   Trade Capture                                       •   Margin call reports and management
•   Trade confirmation or matching process              •   Option maturity reports
                                                                                                             Financial Crime
•   Settlements                                         •   Valuations of open positions
•   Mark-to-market
                                                                                                         •   Market Abuse
•   Approval of new products
                                                                                                         •   Insider Dealing
•   Approved brokers                                        Exotics & hybrids
                                                                                                         •   Fraud Risk Management
                                                        •   Example of an Exotic product                 •   Payment Fraud
                                                        •   Accounting treatment of fees                 •   Data interrogation and mining
    Auditing Equities – Agency brokerage
                                                        •   Differences from vanilla products            •   Fraud investigation
                                                        •   Model verification
•   Customer accounts and KYC rules                     •   Verification of valuations
                                                                                                             Risk Management and VaR
•   Receiving and booking of orders
•   Order execution                                                                                      •   ERM and the audit universe
•   Order allocations and confirmations                     Credit Derivatives
                                                                                                         •   VaR Models and the Greeks
•   Settlements                                                                                          •   Regulatory expectation of internal audit
                                                        •   CDS and CDO’s
•   Algorithmic Trading                                                                                  •   Role of the Audit Committee
                                                        •   Documentation and risk disclosures
                                                        •   Valuation                                    • Key audit considerations
    Auditing Equities – Trading                         •   Expected loss reporting

• Proprietary trading and conflicts of interest                                                              Compliance Department
• Timely booking of trades (late trades and                 Securitisation (intermediaries)
  cancellations)                                                                                         •   Compliance monitoring
• Risk limits and breaches                              •   Nature of the business                       •   Own account trading
• Automatic matching (Crest) or confirmations           •   Administration Agreement                     •   Record keeping
• Matched, unmatched and fail trades                    •   Due diligence                                •   KYC
• Credit and Limits Committee                           •   Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)              •   Politically exposed persons
• Valuations (bid/offer mark to market marking)                                                          •   Anti-money laundering
• Independent price verifications                                                                        •   Client assets and money
                                                            Corporate Broking and Corporate              •   Prudential regulations
• Corporate actions
                                                                                                             Course review and closure
    Research                                            •   The role of the Broker
                                                        •   Corporate finance and advice
•   The analysts role                                   •   Chinese walls and boxes
•   Independence of research from trading and sales     •   Data control (market side and client side)
•   Independence from corporate finance                 •   Compliance monitoring
•   The Control Room
                                                            New Issues and Syndication
•   Wall crossing
                                                        •   Equity Capital Markets
                                                        •   Debt Capital Markets
    Fixed Income – government and
                                                        •   Conflicts office
    corporate bonds                                     •   Deal control and blackout periods
                                                        •   Due diligence policy and process
• Illiquid bonds
                                                        •   Commitments Committee
• Settlement platforms (e.g., Euroclear for corporate
                                                        •   Prospectuses and road shows
                                                        •   Book building
• Review of matched, unmatched and failed trade
  reports                                               •   Stabilisation policy and support
• Government Bonds and Gilts
• Independent verification of prices

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                                                                                                                                                   NEW for 2012
                                                                                                                                                   Auditing FI, equities, corporate
                                                                                                                                                   broking and corporate finance

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