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					Invites go out for new iPhone 5 Event for September 12th

It’s just got a bit more official, Apple has sent out invites for people (notably the media) to attend the media
event they have scheduled for September 12 this year. We have known for some time now that Apple has
had this date scheduled and we assumed it was to unveil the new iPhone 5. That is looking more and more
likely as the day draws closer.
The image above is courtesy of Apple, it’s an official image showing the date of the event – The 12 , and in the
shadow underneath it shows the figure ‘5’ – so, will the new iPhone be called the iPhone 5? That seems pretty
likely with the way Apple have created this picture for the event. Personally I thought it was just going to be
called ‘the new iPhone’, so it’s a bit of a shock to see the ‘5’ there, but really doesn’t matter either way I guess
as it’s only a name!

The new iPhone is the most anticipated iPhone from Apple yet. IT feels like the hype and anticipation grows
each year and with each new device, the popularity of the iPhone seems to continue to grow! We already
know quite a lot about this new iPhone device, thanks to so many leaked parts and leaked information from
various sources close to Apple.

We know that the new iPhone 5 will feature a different design from the iPhone 4S, although it’s similar, it has
some nice changes in material, it’s taller and it’s over a third slimmer than the 4S. The new iPhone is also
rumoured to be much improved in terms of specifications too, with a quicker CPU and 4G LTE Networking
capabilities for super-fast mobile broadband.

As well as the specification changes and design changes, the new iPhone is also going to bring us the new
firmware version – iOS 6, this in itself is an update worth looking forward too. It boasts some incredible new
features and even a couple of all new apps from Apple. The new iOS should be available to download
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sometime between the 12 September and 21 September, probably 21 September when the new iPhone 5
hits shelves for sale.

What do you think of the new iPhone? Will you be buying one? Share your thoughts in the comments section

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