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Mr. McShane is a professional engineer with thirty years of mechanical, nuclear, electrical and
controls systems experience in the commercial nuclear power industry. He has a demonstrated record
of high accountability leadership in the engineering, project management, academic and professional


Regulatory Compliance
      Reviewed plant design changes to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such
      as 10 CFR 50.59, Changes, Tests and Experiments, 10 CFR 50.49, Equipment
      Qualification, and 10 CFR 50.65, the Maintenance Rule.
      Conducted technical analyses to evaluate operability issues due to out of specification
      parameters such as fluid flows, equipment mechanical stresses, or high temperatures.
      Prepared and delivered presentation to ANS and to the NRC on the application of
      probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) to the impaired hazard barriers.

Engineering and Equipment Performance Evaluations
Conducted root cause investigation of deficient refueling outage work plan for RCP replacement.
      Organized and conducted Control System Digital Upgrades workshop at INPO.
      Participated as an engineering and equipment performance evaluator during four INPO
      plant evaluations including the H. B. Robinson Plant.
      Participated to two nuclear power plant assist visits for WANO.
      Prepared and presented SONGS management with a plant specific Engineering Design
      Margin Management Program based on INPO guidelines.

Project Management and Supervision
       Provided oversight and feedback to engineering technical teams during the preparation of
       design change documents, analyses, and procedures.
       Supervised two separate design engineering groups for over four years while meeting all
       project/department objectives.
       Prepared periodic budget, schedule and project technical status reports to senior
       management and client representatives.
       Over eight year of experience mentoring junior engineers on regulatory compliance,
       design reviews, technical document updates and project management skills.


M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1978, Catholic University of America
B.S. Physics, 1970, University of West Florida
Nuclear Utility Procurement Training Course, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), 2005
Risk Informed Operational Decision Making, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999
Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, California, 1993

Project Manager, Studsvik, Inc. Atlanta, GA (March 2009-August 2012)

Mr. McShane served as an Engineering Project Manager for Studsvik Inc., a radiation waste
management company. In addition to training and mentoring junior engineers, his project
management responsibilities included project scheduling, cost management, and technical
documentation reviews. His client interface responsibilities included invoicing, as well as preparing
and submitting monthly project cost, schedule and technical progress reports to international clients.

He prepared a Radiation Safety Manual for the Engineering Department and a detailed Operability
Evaluation for an ASME Section XIII, Pressure Vessel that had been operated outside of the code
allowable temperatures.

Mathematics Instructor, Southern Crescent Technical College, Griffin, GA (2007-2008)

Mr. McShane served as an Adjunct Mathematics instructor. In this capacity Mr. McShane was
responsible for developing lesson plans, delivering classroom lectures, assessing and reporting student
performance in several college mathematics courses. He transformed the traditional classroom lecture
based teaching methodology to a web based training program utilizing the CourseCompass™ and
MyMathLab™ software platforms which resulted in a substantial savings of time and resources for all

Senior Engineer, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, San Clemente, CA (2002-2006)

He served as the SONGS’ Senior Engineer in the Procurement Engineering Department. He was
responsible for the specification development, bid evaluations and procurement of safety related and
non safety related systems and components.

In addition, he developed and presented SONGS management with a plant specific Design and
Operations Margin Management Program that focused on managing and preserving the safety
margins established in the original plant design calculations.

Served as the On Shift Engineering Management Representative during plant refueling outages.

Senior Engineering and Equipment Performance Evaluator, Institute of Nuclear Power
Operations (INPO), Atlanta, GA (2001-2002)

Qualified as Senior Engineering Evaluator at INPO and served in that capacity from July 2001 to
October 2002. This included two assist visits to CANDU plants as well as four US plant evaluations.

Organized and conducted a Digital Controls System Upgrades Workshop at INPO for approximately
40 nuclear utility representatives and vendors. Workshop evaluation forms from the attendees
averaged 4.5 points out of a possible high score of 5.0.
Design Engineering Assistant Department Manager, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
San Clemente CA (1999-2001)

Served at the Assistant Design Engineering Department Manager and Supervisor of both the Nuclear
Steam Supply System Design and the Integrated Plant Review Engineering Groups. He developed
and presented the Nuclear Regulatory Commission a risk informed decision making process for the
management of plant hazard barriers such as and flood, missile or fire barriers that had to be breached
for maintenance purposes. The process was accepted by the NRC and is reflected in changes to 10
CFR 50.65, The Maintenance Rule, and 10 CFR 50.59, Changes, Tests and Experiments.

Participated in the development and implementation of the SONGS-1 Decommissioning Project Plan.
This included key schedule milestones for Cold and Dark, Security Boundary Relocation, Large
Component Removal and the development of an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI)
for the storage of Unit-1 spent fuel assemblies and of other Greater Than Class C Waste.

From 1983 to 1999, he served at the Lead Systems Engineer responsible for interfacing with the
Project Startup Organization during the successful startup testing and turnover of the Safety Injection,
Shutdown Cooling and Spent Fuel Cooling Systems.

Nuclear Licensing Engineer, Middle South Services, New Orleans, LA (1978-1983)

Mr. McShane served as a Nuclear Licensing Engineer at Middle South Services. He successfully
prepared and presented management with a comprehensive report explaining the requirements of
NUREG-0737, “Clarification of the TMI Action Plan Requirements” for the Waterford Unit 3 plant.


McShane, H., “Bolted Joint Evaluations in Critical Applications,” Pressure Vessels and Piping
Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois, 1986.

McShane, H., “Applications of Risk Informed Decision Making to Hazard Barrier Management,”
American Nuclear Society Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2001


References are available upon request.


Howard L McShane

Griffin, GA 30224
Home 678-688-1796
Mobile 678-983-7774

Description: Howard McShane is a professional engineer with thirty years of mechanical, nuclear, electrical and controls systems experience in the commercial nuclear power industry. He has a demonstrated record of high accountability leadership in the engineering, project management, academic and professional fields. He is open to opportunities throughout the Southeast USA.