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Dell rolls out Affordable Laptops for Designers

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					              Dell rolls out Affordable Laptops for Designers
Dell rolls out Affordable Laptops for Designers – Dell announced a pair of the latest generation of
precision business laptops mobile workstations are built to engineering and design professionals.
Rolled out two new OEM models, including precision M4700 and M6700, which it claims is the
world’s most Dell strong 15-inch and 17-inch mobile workstation, respectively.

Precision M4700 new and Precision M6700

come with respective 15.6 inch and 17.3-inch screen with impressive options to pre-load systems with
Windows 7 or Red Hat Linux 6. The second Laptop is designed for professional developers, offers
customized configurations with Intel Ivy bridge Core i5 or i7 extreme Edition Processor with
TurboBoost technology.


What’s more, both of which have up to 32 GB of system memory or 16 GB 1600MHz at 1866MHz
and solid state drive up to 512 GB. Dell provides a wide selection of offerings, including graphics
NVIDIA Quadro graphics K-series GPUS or AMD FirePro. They also show display options and IP
for WLED RGB clearer precision when dealing with critical color work.


They are also equipped with various expansion ports, including two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, eSATA
USB combo port, and integrated video port VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort 1.2. More powerful mobile
workstation. M6700 features a very unique customization options with the larger size. It offers a
choice of 10-finger multitouch display, NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro support, and option to complement
the powerful AMD FirePro M6000 GPU with PCIe x 16 Gen 3.

Dell call M6700 “the lightest 17-inch mobile workstation.” Warning mobile workstation is important
because it weighs 7.76 lb with the initial configuration, which includes a 9-cell battery. There will
also be wanting M6700 Edition, red lining on the chassis and screen Gorilla glass 2 surcharge.

Basic Price

While M6700 and offering specifications M4700 high after adjustment, their basic price is just $
1,649 and $ 2,199 respectively. M6700 will issue covet starts at $ 3,579. Precision M4700 and
Precision M6700 are available to order starting today through the Dell website.MUSB

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