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									Earn more money with your SOFTWARE, PHOTOS, PDF, SWF and other files.

What is the best way to make money with Software, Games, Photos, PDF, SWF and other files?
Answer: Use a very good „Copy Protection“ Software.

There exists different ways to use insert a very good protection in your files. But you need a special
firm and lot of money. One way that I found is the professional software product WTM Copy
Protection (http://bit.ly/PyrWW0) or use ExeStealth (http://bit.ly/SdGVCJ). With this tools you can
insert a very good copy protection and you need a software only. Yes, you can generate with
standard computer and this software product a own copy protection for your files.

Math (no copy protection):
My earning without copy protection per month: about 1300$

Math (with copy protection from webtoolmaster.com):
Copy Protection Software cost: 90$ or 300$ for the better version
My earning with copy protection in the first month: about 4200$
So, I got 2900$ more in the first full month.

I earn with 90$ every month 2900$ more. I updated my standard license to a professional license for
300$. This have a much more better protection and support lot of more files. So here you can earn
much more with the professional version.

A good way is that you have workstation licenses or over the internet a activation key. So, this all
you can make with webtoolmaster.com software.

      So, I hope this help you to earn much more with the hard business of your digital work.

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