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					                               Leo Speaks
                           The Lions Club of Bowmanville

Issue: November 16. 2009

Bulletin Writer: Lion Doug Rutherford

Next Meeting:              Monday, November 23, 2009
                           Clarington Beech Centre
                           Catering: Clarington Older Adult Association
                           Attitude Adjustment 6:00 p.m.
                           Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Next Program:       Cheri Smith from the Clarington Project will be our guest speaker.

Last Meeting: This was our Remembrance meeting with members of the Royal Canadian
Legion Branch 178 Executive in attendance. John Greenfield played the Last Post and Lion
Steve Coles said grace.
Hampton UCW served up a great meal with one of my personal favorites, scalloped potatoes
(mmmmm), topped off with cake and ice cream for desert.

Guests: Legion Executive in attendance were Don Cooper (Branch President), Steve Jefferies
(2nd Vice), Rick Saunders (3rd Vice), Mary Wilson (Secretary), Cecile Bowers (Bursary & We
Remember Cross Chairman), Mary Mantle (Poppy Treasurer), Nyhl Sheehan (Executive), Al
Haward (Honours & Rewards), John Greenfield (Sgt. At Arms, Service Officer & rumour has it
one of the best huggers at Tuesday’s Older Adult Associations lunches) and Lion Moe’s guest
Angie Darlinson a member of some other service club which I think it starts with an R.

Awards: Perfect attendance awards were presented to Lions Peter Luckhardt (4 years), Steve
Coles (4 years) and Howard Wood (38 years).

Guest Speaker: Lion Robbie Montgomery introduced
Martha Rutherford Conrad. Martha grew up in Listowel,
Ontario but has deep roots within this community. She
lives on the family farm of her grandparents, Sid and Mary
Rutherford in Kirby. Sid Rutherford was the Vice Principal
at Clarke High School and Mary Rutherford worked for
many years as a nurse at Bowmanville Memorial Hospital.

Martha obtained her Bachelor of Arts Honours in History from Queens University. She holds a
Masters in Information Science from the University of Western Ontario. She worked for Imperial
Oil for 10 years within the Information Services department cataloguing archival materials,
documents, maps and data. When she left Imperial Oil in 2002, she was the Manager of the
eCommerce Division. Martha is currently the Executive Director with the Clarington Museums
and Archives where she manages special projects, museum staff and services on behalf of the
Clarington Museums and Archives Board. Martha is very active in the community serving and
participated on many area projects. Martha is married to Lt. Col John Conrad (who has spoken
to our club) and they have four children.

Martha spoke about the Bowmanville Training School which became Camp 30 from 1941 –
1945 and at the end off W.W.II was reopened as a boys Training School until it closed on
October 31, 1979.
Located at 2020 Lambs Road in Bowmanville this parcel of land holds a huge piece of our
history. The property was donated by John H.H. Jury a local pharmacist who at the time was
considered one of the wealthiest people in Bowmanville. He lived at Waverly Place which is
now the home of the Bowmanville Museum. The training school opened in 1926 and was
considered a show piece for the Provincial government. Although the boys came from troubled
backgrounds the school was ran very much like a private school, in fact the houses on the
property were the boys lived were called lodges. The school offered a wide range of options of
education for the boys from Academic, Arts, Music and Trades, sports were also a large part of
the schools activities. Lion Moe’s father taught a course at the school for many years. Lion Moe
also remembered going to the school for haircuts. In one of the pictures it showed the boys
cutting hair although we didn’t see Lion Moe in any of those pictures. The school also had a
strong tie to agriculture with the boys farming on the school grounds. The indoor pool at the
school built in 1927 is believed to be the 1st indoor swimming pool in Ontario. A few of our club
members remember swimming in the pool in their youth. The school opened with 16 boys and
hit a high of 300 boys before its closing.
During the war years the boys were moved to other locations and the property became Camp
30 were it housed the highest ranking German POW’s captured by the allied forces. The
POW”s were responsible for running the internal part of the camp and the Canadians guarded
the exterior portion of the property. There was never a successful escape from Camp 30,
although there was an attempted escape every week. Martha highlighted some of the attempts
the German Officers made to escape including digging elaborate tunnels. Getting rid of the dirt
proved to be a challenge and at one point the excavated dirt from one of the tunnels collapsed
part of the ceiling in a camp building where it was being hidden. These tunnels were part of the
plan of the “Great Escape” of Otto Kretschmer which was foiled by the Canadians.
Martha also highlighted the “Battle of Bowmanville” which involved 100 officers storming the
Mess Hall in attempt to shackle the POW’s. The guards were armed only with baseball bats to
keep the fight evenly matched. After several hours of brawling, the Canadians used high
pressure water hoses until the prisoners agreed to come out peacefully.

This was a very informative presentation; she gave a great incite into the history of this property.
Martha’s use of video clips from a documentary aired on the History Channel called “Hitler’s
Canadians” was also very interesting. If you wish to see more of this documentary you can find
it on and enter Hitler’s Canadians in the search box.
Martha said significant steps have been made with the developer to preserve this historical sight
but there is still a long way to go. Unfortunately vandalism has been an ongoing problem with
the property.
Lion Bill Shackleton thanked Martha on behalf of the club.

BIA Tree Lighting: We have been asked once again to serve hot chocolate at the annual tree
lighting in downtown Bowmanville.        The tree lighting is on Friday, December 4th.    More
information in the next bulletin.

Donation: Our club donated $100.00 to the Bowmanville Legion Poppy Fund.

Santa Claus Parade: Lions Linda & Joseph need our help to get the Lion’s float ready for the
parade on the 21st of November. Please give Lion Linda or Lion Joseph a call if you can help

A Couple of Items I Missed In The Last Bulletin:
Lion Bill Huether has 2 Lions shirts-both XL-1 Beige & 1 Blue. Anyone interested in purchasing
them can speak to Lion Bill at the next meeting or give him a call. Cost is $26 each. They would
make a great Christmas gift to yourself.
The Lions Chefs were busy barbequing at Cowan Pontiac Buick for the dealerships 40th
anniversary. Cowan’s provided the food and the chef’s did the cooking and in turn Cowan’s
donated $300.00 to the club in appreciation. Nice work Lions!

Correspondence: Secretary Lion Steve Coles read a thank-you letter from a young man who was
the recipient of this year’s Lions Technology Award. I have scanned the letter in case you
missed the meeting. This definitely should make us all proud to be a Lion.

50/50 Draw: Well could it be that Lion Howard Wood’s winning ways have returned. Our guest
speaker drew Lion Howard’s number but the joker was no where to be seen. Lion Howard may
be just testing the waters and waiting for a larger pot. It currently sits at $210.00. Stay tuned.

                                   Coming Events
Monday, November 23/09            Regular Dinner Meeting 6:30 p.m. Beech Centre
Monday, December 7 /09            Please Note: This is the1st Monday of the month
Monday, December 14/09            Annual Christmas Party
Friday, January 1, 2010           New Years Day
April 16, 17&18, 2010             District A-3 Convention – Ambassador Hotel, Kingston
Saturday, May 15, 2010            Bowmanville Lions 75th Anniversary
June 3, 4 & 5, 2010               Multiple District “A” Convention - Ambassador Hotel, Kingston

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shivering with fear." Lion says: "if I roar in the jungle, the entire jungle is afraid of
me." Pig says: "big deal.... I only have to cough, and the entire planet goes into a

Stand proud you noble swingers of clubs and losers of balls... A recent study found the
average golfer walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found golfers drink,
on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means, on average, golfers get about 41
miles to the gallon.
Kind of makes you proud. Almost feels like a hybrid.

See you on the 23rd
Lion Doug Rutherford

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