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									The Social Network Google Plus

Google plus is a recently established social networking site. Its popularity is peaking high among the social networks.

Why Google plus is gaining quick popularity?

Google plus is a partner of Gmail. There are millions of accounts on Gmail and millions created daily. One can easily sign up on Google + while signing up
on Gmail.

One click makes us the user of Google plus.

So the existing people having a Gmail Id can easily get a Google + account and the new sign up’s it’s just more easier for them to sign up for Google plus.

Google making Blogger as a Partner

This is feature provided by blogger. We can upgrade our blogger profile to Google + profile. Even new users of blogger can create blogs with Google +
profile. This is making Google plus more popular as it is integrating blogger users to Google +

Good Features in Google Plus

Google + has a special and outstanding feature of making a hangout. Hangout is making a video conference with your Google + friends

You also have a option for Sharing an URL which will automatic generate a title keyword, image and description as well.

The chat option was later added after the site was setup and ready to use.

The Plus1 or +1 , most popular option in Google + which is also available while you use Google for searching anything. You have a +1 icon which helps
you to recommend any website over search engines.Its actually for liking any post on Google plus but also available on many places like Google search

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