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It was recently announced that the motion picture retirement home was going to be closed. All of
the people that had retired there from the motion picture industry were told that they would need to
find another place to live, and that they were all going to be required to move.

While the closing of the motion picture retirement home may not directly impact most retirees, it
does send a warning that you need to be prepared for any circumstances. You cannot
automatically assume that the retirement home you choose is where you will spend the rest of
your life.

With the current economic problems many retirement homes and patients are facing the same
issues as the motion picture retirement home. Money problems are forcing many retirees to make
drastic changes to their retirement plans.

Avoiding Negative Retirement Home Issues

The only real defense you have to secure your retirement is to make sure you have the financial
security to handle any changes that you face in the future. While having savings and investments
is important, recent history has proven that there's no guarantee that those investments are

A better option would be to find a way to build streams of income that make it possible for you to
keep adding to your nest egg so it never gets depleted.

When that happens you have the resources to handle any situation, even ones like the residents
of the motion picture retirement home.

Income Opportunities Available to You

Fortunately, there are options that make earning an income possible without being tied down with
another conventional job. If you have any computer abilities, you could quickly learn what it takes
to earn money on the Internet. It's a great way to earn an additional income.

The online opportunities could be opening an online store, or selling info-products that someone
else has written. If you have any technical knowledge or an area of expertise, you could charge
people who are looking for advice. There are countless ways to earn money online.

One of the big advantages of online businesses is that they can be automated. That means that
once the system is in place it continues to earn money even when you aren't actively working. As
long as you tend to your business you can be earning while you're on the golf course, or even
while you sleep.

Never Stop Securing a Better Financial Situation

The motion picture retirement home situation should provide an example that keeps you thinking
that once retired, you no longer have concerns. By taking steps now to secure your finances you
put yourself in a position to handle many of the money concerns you will face in the future.

Don't allow yourself to be caught unprepared. Make sure that your retirement is secure. It gives
you that extra peace of mind that makes enjoying your golden years more possible and enjoyable.

Mr. Clark is an authority on retirement issues and a contributing author to the Early Retirement
Secrets website, where he discusses topics such as retirement homes and retirement homes in

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For more information on Retirement Homes check this out;

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