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									                           Muskoka Recovery Center: Now A Resort

(1888PressRelease) New Life Rejuvenation getaways now available at Muskoka Recovery Center.

Muskoka Recovery Center's Director says "We are now a Recreational Resort Getaway for recovered Addicts
and Alcoholics exclusively. We chose North Muskoka/Parry Sound as the location to launch this new concept
due to a variety of reasons", "In Muskoka we are able to provide a quality of environment and utilization of
the great programs already in place at our location".

John the Director boasts, "The location, recreational facilities and comfort along with some of the best
programs for those in recovery is what sets us apart for from any other, in fact there is nothing like us or what
we offer in all of Canada", Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort allows guests to spend time outdoors as
part of their private recovery resort getaway and to make use of the on-site private indoor pool, hot tub, sauna
and stunningly huge fitness facility as well as the many nature trails on the 140 acres, the stunning
picturesque view on the Lake and of course the Recovery Rejuvenation Program . In addition, they are better
able to provide Recreational Recovery Resort Program Guests with total confidentiality and discretion which
is guaranteed.
With the new Muskoka Recovery Center Program called "Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort", everyone
that attends for our "Rejuvenation Program" will get the utmost in recovery program rejuvenation and do it
with dignity and comfort in full serenity not to mention you are also away on private retreat. The Muskoka
Recovery Center started to offer this program to former clients and families and only as of now offers it to
anyone looking to "Revive and Re-vigor" their personal recovery program along with Comfort "Recreation"
and Resort like amenities all inclusive.
No more is it standard to have the only choice of a wellness center or resort getaway and worry about what
kind of program and the fact they even sell or provide alcohol, but rather get away to a private recreational
recovery retreat and rediscover and recover all over again in comfort and class and be assured its all in the
safety of an alcohol and drug free facility.

Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort programs are from 2 to 4 weeks in length and start at $3,500 all
inclusive. This exclusive program offered by Muskoka Recreational Recovery Resort will help you relax and
get back in touch with your inner spirit and to aid in your personal new life recovery rejuvenation program.
We will provide re-programming with the help of all our professionals and also you be able to get away and
relax with using any of our many amenities. We will provide private accommodations along with a schedule
that you choose and design while enjoying our great recreational programs and amenities and eat from our
exclusive healthy cuisine designed with the help of a nutritionist and our Red Seal certified culinary chef. Yes
being a guest at one of the only Recreational Recovery Resorts for addicts and alcoholics exclusively has its
many personal rewards.

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