How To Start A Garden From Seeds

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					How To Start A Garden From Seeds
Gardening is a very rewarding experience, especially if you start it from seeds or bulbs. This way, you
know you started out your plants from the very beginning and you can enjoy watching them grow and
flourish. If you are ready to start your gardening adventures, read the following article for some very
helpful tips.

The first thing you need to do is determine which planting zone you live in. You can find the
information in many places. It is usually listed on the back of seed packages as well as on the Internet
or in The Farmer's Almanac. Once you know your zone, you can start choosing your plants based on
where they grow best.

Once you have chosen your plants, you know want to make a layout. Where will you plant each
plant? When you do this, make sure that you give each plant adequate room to spread and grow. You
can find the information on spacing on the seed packets. If you put plants too close, they may not
have enough room for their roots to spread and grow to their full potential. You may even find that
some plants can cause a shadow over plants that need sun so making a good layout is crucial in
making sure your plants grow they way they should.

When planning your layout, space is the first thing you should consider, but you also need to take
color into consideration. What colors are the leaves and the flowers? Some variation in your area will
look best. Mix up the colors and your garden will give you a nice show once it starts blooming.

You also need to think about when each plant grows and blooms. Some plants like the summer,
some like the spring, fall or winter. You can plant plants that like all the different seasons so you
always have something blooming, or you can plant a summer bed, a winter bed, and so on. The time
that the plant grows best should be taken into consideration, as well.

Once your plan is made, the next thing you need to do is start purchasing the items for your new
venture. You will need pots to start your seeds in, potting mix, seeds and some way to label your
Now it is time to start planting your seeds. First, you can label your containers. You can write the
name on the pot (it will be much easier to do this before you put the soil in). Then, you need to put
some of your potting soil into each container, there are many options when it comes to soil or potting
mix, and you will find many different recommendations. Once your soil is in the pots, you should
dampen the soil, before putting the seeds in. Next is the fun part, planting the seeds. Each seed has
a different requirement as to how far it needs to go into the soil, follow the directions on the seed's

Now you have to practice patience. It takes each plant a different amount of time to start growing. It is
very exciting to see that first peek of green start to come through the soil. It may take a little bit of
time, but it will happen.

Growing plants from seeds is not always easy, but by following the advice offered in this article, you
can find success with your gardening plan.

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