Launching a New Republic by yurtgc548


									   Launching a New Republic
            Main Idea:
The President and Congress begin
 to set up the new government.
      Why it Matters Now:
 The strength of the U.S. today is due
to the decisions of the founders about
   how to organize the government.
          Creating the Court System
 Federal Judiciary Act: (1789) The act gave
  the Supreme Court 6 members. ( Chief
  Justice and 5 Judges)
 Our current supreme court has 9 members.
 The act also established the lower, less
  powerful, federal courts.
            The President’s Cabinet
 Helps  the president lead the nation.
 Congress created 3 departments –
  Secretary of War, Secretary of State, and
  Secretary of Treasury.
 Attorney General- advises government on
  legal matters
 Presidential cabinets have increased to 14
 Each president uses their cabinets
    Economic Problems of the New Government

 National debt total $52 million dollars
 The money was borrowed from foreign
  nations and private citizens to finance the
 It was in the national interest to repay the
  debts in order to gain the respect of
  foreign nations and citizens.
        Hamilton’s Financial Plan

1. Paying off all war debts.
2. Raising government revenue.
3. Creating a national bank.
 Hamilton  and Jefferson argued over how
 to solve the nations economic troubles,
 eventually the national bank was
    Interpreting the Constitution
 The writers made it general enough so
  that it would be flexible.
 Strict construction – strict/narrow
 Loose construction- broad/flexible
 How do you view the constitution?

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