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									Workstream: Procurement, Capital and Shared Assets                                             Sep to Oct 2010

Workstream Lead:           Andrew Smith
Project Manager:           Michael Lee

Workstream Status:           GREEN

 Workstream                 The Workstream scope is as outlined in the POD

 Overview                   The ambition of the Workstream needs to be discussed and agreed at the
                             Workstream meeting on 23 November. A proposed Ambition and Definition
                             document has been prepared to facilitate the discussion.
                            The Workstream now includes Waste.

 Major                      A response to the Spending Review in the form of a Quick Wins Strategy has
                             been delivered and has been well received (see attached). This will also feed
 Successes                   into the 100 Quick Wins for 3 December.
                            A Collaborative Education Partnership (CEP) proposal has been made to the
                             DfE James Review.
                            Due to the NIEP it has been possible to make quick progress on the Capital and
                             Asset Pathfinders in providing project support on behalf of CLG, including
                             LGI&D funded specialist support for the Wigan pathfinder.
                            The NIEP Conference on 28 September demonstrated CLG support for the
                             NIEP’s procurement improvements for the built environment.
                            Early contact has been made with the Member Peer and strong personal
                             support has been committed.

 Ref                    Description              Impact              Action being taken:               Owner

  1    The ability to shape the output of the    High                                             AS
       DfE James Review
  2    Defining the delivery architecture        Med      Suggest use of the NIEP approach as a   ML /
                                                          platform                                Workstream

  3    Managing cross-cutting issues with        Med      Agree links and leads                   ML
       other Workstreams

  4    Accessing resources of appropriate        High                                             AS
       scale and capability to meet ambition
       and pace

  5    Communications strategy                   Med                                              ML

  6    Difficulty in arranging first full        Med      Now arranged for 23 November; full      AS
       workshop                                           membership to be agreed following
                                                          initial meeting.

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 Ref                  Description:               Rating                 Action being taken:                    Owner

  1    Workstream delivery capacity and local     Poss                                                    AS

  2    Funding – sustaining the existing          Poss                                                    AS
       momentum through a major period of
       financial reduction
  3    Successful private sector involvement      Poss                                                    AS

 Workstream deliverables for the next 3 months
 Ref                            Description                             Owner             Planned start    Planned end
                                                                                              date             date

  1    Procurement framework for savings                           AL/ML                October 2010      December
  2    Agreeing delivery architecture                              ML                   October 2010      November
  3    Spending Review Quick Wins Strategy:                        AS                   September         October 2010
                                                                                        2010              (delivered)
           1. What to do
           2. Signposting to existing deals, arrangements
              and capacity
           3. The offer

  4    Capital and Assets Pathfinders (CAPs) Phase 1               ML/PB                September         December
       Submissions                                                                      2010              2010

  5    Identification of Wigan CAP as a national exemplar –        PB/RL                October 2010      December
       joint support package from NIEP / LGI&D – Phase 1                                                  2010
  6    Contribution to other Workstreams (particularly “Lifting    AS/ML                October 2010      December
       the Burdons”)                                                                                      2010
  7    Paper on Capital funding constraints (possibly as part of   AS                   November          January 2011
       the National Pathfinder submission)                                              2010

Attached – Quick Wins Strategy

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