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									      BULK SMS
Fast alerts for an emerging world
What you mean by BULK SMS
                          BULK SMS

 Bulk SMS is a Simple and an instant messaging solution
 It Allows a fast communication between individuals or groups
 Also provides solutions for sending and receiving single or bulk of
 Status report for all messages indicate the message is successfully
  delivered or not.
 Provides two-way messaging
 Messages are typically delivered within 1 or 2 minutes.
                          Used for:

 Alerts
 Marketing
 Reminders
 Information and communication between both customers and staff.
 Banks, media companies and large enterprises
                    Main Features:

 Fast and effective method of communication whole around the
 Single and Bulk text messaging.
 SMS delivery in a single click to thousands of devices.
 Scheduled SMS.
 SMS history with full sent report.

 Low coast.
 Timeless.
 Flexibility in the issues quantity, time, area and content.
 Unlimited SMS in a single click.
 More safe and secured.
 Short code services.

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