Advantages of Using EPOS Systems in Cashless Businesses

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					  Advantages of Using EPOS Systems in Cashless Businesses

EPOS systems are ones consisting of latest technology for recording, processing and completing all
types of retail and wholesale business transactions. These systems have revolutionized the way
businesses were used to be managed some years back. Now, management, monitoring and analysis
of business sales and performance have become much more convenient. With least resources used
businesses can be administered more effectively. dry cleaners software systems are great tools to
not only manage businesses efficiently but also save time and investment on its management.

One of the main advantages obtained from such electronic point of sales systems is that Restaurant
Point of sales systems are best devices for processing cashless transactions rapidly. Nowadays more
than 70% of business transactions have been carried out via cashless resources such as debit cards,
credit cards and online payment systems. Percentage of such transactions is also increasing day by
day as customers no more take cash with them for sales and purchases of products and services.
Also such systems provide facility to accept payments online and are a source for boosting sales
EPOS systems are available in a wide range with various pricing schemes and features to suit the
requirements of small, middle and large scale retail and wholesale businesses. EPOS systems are an
excellent source for effectively managing, recording and confirming business sales and purchase
transactions. All transactions can be instantly put into Till machine with the help of handheld
scanners. In this way, all information of products available at store and inventory are saved into
electronic point of sales system via barcode scanners and that information is conveniently accessible
and can be updated with the help of pharmacy stock control software. Also pricing of various
products can be done and orders sorted out through these systems. All cashless transactions are also
automatically saved which can be traced and confirmed later on if required.

The biggest advantage of such EPOS solutions is that these systems can be used to accept credit card
payments from clients. Payments made through third party processor can also be accepted. These
EPOS features offer customers flexibility to make payments in whatever mode they want. This
increases customer satisfaction and their loyalty and credibility on your business organization.
Obviously most of the customers do not take cash with them as caution especially when they go for
some impulsive purchases because in that situation customers would definitely prefer to shop from
such a store which readily accepts mode of payments other than cash.

Transactions carried out through EPOS systems also help in getting your payments transferred into
your account rapidly. Business owners do not need to bother to cash the checks gained from
customers and all that process of transferring cash from the customers’ account goes on very

EPOS systems also facilitate in performing calculation of sales tax, income tax and other payables.
Wholesale point of sales software owners do not need to hire dedicated human resources for
managing various financial, cost and taxation accounts of their company. Daily wages or salaries of
employees can also be calculated and traced on the basis of wage scales and labour hours through
this latest EPOS technology.

E-till Solutions has an expertise of 11 years of providing customized Pharmacy EPOS systems, Dry
Cleaners EPOS systems and Restaurant EPOS systems for retail businesses in UK.

Description: This article illustrates that how using EPOS systems can benefit those business that do not use cash as a primary medium for most of their business transactions. This article describes ways which can be used to enhance sales transactions of such business organizations.