6th grade social studies will continue on the Arabian Peninsula by pptfiles


									The beginning of February social skills class will focus on Public vs. Private. Although
the lesson looks simple as it is outlined here many of the topics covered during this
section are critical for appropriate social interactions throughout life. As many
missteps in this area can and are viewed as rude/eccentric or even through
stereotypical prejudice. We typically try to cover this topic multiple times at the end
of the year and as the students advance in both physical and social maturity. Please
be advised that I always start with a SAFE person disclaimer and encourage each
child to seek explore difficult/unsure topics with their families. I try to stay clear of
giving advice or ethical education but no matter how well this is done an issue
usually will come up. If this does I will call home and discuss what confused the
students. Social skills is also the primary time to collect and teach IEP goals as well
as assist students with any difficulties they may have in their general
education/resource classes and provide related services with as little intrusion on the
school day as possible.

                           Social Skills Lesson Plans Feb 1-12
               Topic:    Public vs. Private

             Content: Topic maintenance, appropriate social settings, people

                      Distinguish what types of topics are safe and
                      appropriate in various settings and with different
                      categories of people.
               Goals: Discern what types of activities are safe and
                      appropriate in various settings and with different
                      categories of people.
                      Recognize places

          Objectives: See Goals

                       Daily Journals, Folders, Five Point Scale, Feeling cards,
            Materials: Graphic organizer, Social Times, Navigating The Social
                       World: A curriculum for Individuals etc.

                       Topic Chart
         Introduction: Setting Chart
                       Places Chart

                         Navigating the Social World Program 15 with Social
                         Times for literacy

             Practice:   Role play and Public/Private oral classroom game.

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