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Windows Phone 8
The battle of releasing best
smartphone is turning
intense day by day.
Watching the battle is
exciting on its own.

Apple iPhone, Samsung
Galaxy, Blackberry and
Windows Phone are in the
arena of this battlefield.
The Operating System
Windows cannot be beaten by
other OS for now, or maybe for
few years from now.

They have taken the whole
computers by storm. So there
is no question of imagining a
new Operating System for now.
But how about Windows Phone 8?
This phone is currently on the
hot spot and technology
enthusiasts and gadget geeks
are eyeing on this piece of

The feature of Windows 8 is
something really fascinating.
Powered by many fascinating
features, this phone will be an
exciting product of this year.
The main features of
Windows Phone 8 are as follows

• Startup screen
• Data usage alerts
• News & Movies Updates
• Maps available offline
• Me Tile Functionality
• Local Deals by Bing
• E-Wallet
• Card Data Swapping feature
Windows Phone 7.5 was
thought to be successful
iPhone but it didn’t. It was the
black bar to the left which was
the main culprit.

There were other glitches
which made Windows Phone
7.5 not so popular, but rather a

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So now the strategy was meant
to change when Microsoft
learnt the lesson from their
mistake they made on their

After all these times, now we
are going to see a very best
Windows Phone and it surely
will be very popular.
Perhaps, the features like Support
for Native Coding, NFC
communication, Anti-phishing
encryption and BitLocker Drive
Encryption are the main upsides of
Windows Phone 8.

The only main and disturbing
downside of Windows Phone 8 is
that Windows Phone 7.5 won’t be
able to upgrade. But they can
upgrade to mini version. Looks like
Microsoft wants to forget their 7.5
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